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Video! Natalia Kills – Controversy (by CONT20V325yK1LLS)

Natalia Kills Controversy HQ full (by CONT20V325yK1LLS)
The teaser video for Natalia Kills’ sophomore release (due early 2013) leaked late last night and is already whipping up quite an excitable frenzy amongst her fans. The only information Natalia…

Video! MONSTA (owsla) – Holdin On

Posted August 31st, 2012 by mtvU

MONSTA is a trio who is pushing the EDM envelope through their instrument-based sound and the unique vocal style of their singer. Per the groups website:

“I was at South by Southwest with my manager Tim [Smith] an…

Video! Kill The Noise – Kill the Noise Pt. I (by OWSLAofficial)

Kill The Noise – Kill the Noise Pt. I (by OWSLAofficial)

Music! DELECT – Love Songs EP

DELECT – LOVE SONG from Yamamura on Vimeo.

So, I know I’ve been in hiding for a good bit, but how can you blame me when Nero is one of the openers on Madonna’s next tour, Pendulum is playing gigs where they try to be Skrillex, A-Trak, Diplo, Skrillex and Deadmau5 are on the cover of Rolling Stones Magazine, and Miami is birthing zombies…. or are they? Just because I haven’t been around doesn’t mean that I haven’t kept in touch with my friends in the music scene and it definitely doesn’t mean I haven’t had the chance to observe the way EDM is becoming more and more mainstream, day by day. All I have to say is WOO, 2012.

A few days ago my friend Leonard from Berlin contacted me with information about the new EP that is being released on his label that Smile already is familiar with, Leonizer Records. A Neapolitan-Bavarian, Christopher de Luca, and the Parisian-Berliner, Leonard de Leonard, decided to join forces in 2011 and create their own melting pot. The result of this culture clash is officially called DELECT. It looks like only the highest quality organic ingredients go into their delicious, aromatic creations. Freshly imported Neapolitan espresso fuels the duo as they develop new sound forms. Their complex arrangements elegantly flow on each of their high tech productions. This synthesis of cultures and genres will surprise you with its innovation and diverse offerings. With all this talk about ‘bath salts’ and zombies, I was very intrigued to see what he was showing me when the promo email had basically nothing in it besides a video, a link to the EP on soundcloud, and the following sentences,

“Please get the kids and sensitive souls out of the room. This video is not very family-friendly. We swear we have nothing to do with the Zombie Apocalypse making its way in the US. Cross my heart and hope to die. hugs, kisses and checks from Berlin under heatwave attack.”

Don’t watch the video below on a full stomach but definitely check it out. Make sure you get the children out of the room first and watch out for the full EP release next week on Itunes and Beatport with a remix and two other original songs; it’s definitely one to be excited for! Have a great Thursday. – Kegger

Video! Major Lazer – Original Don ft. The Partysquad

NEW VIDEO. NEW VIDEO. NEW VIDEO! The video for Major Lazer fans new favorite song, ‘Original Don’, was released just hours ago and we here at smile want you to see it. It’s a great day when it’s finally cold in December in Florida AND when a brand new Major Lazer video is released, especially when it makes you laugh! I sure hope that the Grandma in this video is Diplo‘s; he is one funny dude. Don’t try to do the knife dance at home. Or do… Check it out below and have a fancy Thursday! – Kegg

Music! Porterhouse! Porter Robinson’s ‘Spitfire’ EP Drops!

Porter Robinson’s Spitfire came out today. Technically an “extended EP”, this is the first release on Skrillex’s new OWSLA and listens more like an album. It’s electro, dubstep, progressive, trance, and even moombahton. It’s insane. Insomniac and Smile For Camera are bringing him to Takeovr next month (EVENT PAGE HERE). (PRESALE TICKETS HERE). That is all.


Spitfire by Porter Robinson

VIDEO!: Skrillex – “First of the Year (Equinox)

Pedophile – 0
Dubstep – 1

This little girl in this video for the recently released Skrillex track “First of the Year (Equinox)” off his More Monsters and Sprites EP, is the definition of badass. Her light shows are so intense, you might have to call 9-1-1 for yourself. The combination of this song and the creative mind of director Tony Truand is so powerful, your goosebumps will have goosebumps. Listen, watch, and beware of kids these days. Some now possess the power of dubstep.

Video!: Chromeo – “When the Night Falls”

Chromeo can get women pregnant without even touching them. What’s your super power?

Something about this video for “When the Night Falls” off of Chromeo’s ‘Business Casual’ album, makes being pregnant at the club seem slightly.. classy. Featuring some foxy vocals from Solange Knowles, this track makes me want to lace up my roller skates and do some fancy footwork out on the roller rink. Do those even exist anymore? Oh well, impregnate your ears and eyes all the way to the ‘C’est Fini!’ (aka, till the end) ;) AND make sure you look out for the upcoming interview that Smileforcamera has with Chromeo himself within the next month. Big things, big things. lesssgo.

Need more Chromeo for your music collection?

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