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Purchase a print!

Hey, just to let everyone know, SFC is now offering prints of the photos we take of you! Click the link below to go to the purchase info page for pricing and all that kind of info. Basically just email me which pics you want, I upload them to the print service I use, and in about a week you’ll get your photo prints in the mail! Please email me if you have any more questions.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays y’allz!

It’s a holiday! You know what that means…more silly smiles!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Smile crew!

SmilePets! Say hello to Mel’s cat, Ninja.

So I think we’re gonna start a new section here on Smile for Camera called SmilePets…a ripoff of LOLcats, of course.

Ninja is a huge cat and finds himself in the oddest sleeping positions. Here he is, wedged between the back cushion of the couch.

Aww, tired kitty.

President B.A. Barackus Obama!