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Video! Flux Pavilion- Bass Cannon

bass cannon


Well, it’s Wednesday so most people in Orlando reading this are probably hungover from Smile for Camera’s Takeovr last night. For my dubheads out there, and those fans of Flux Pavilion, there is this new video out for his song, “Bass Cannon.” While the video is quite simplistic, the song itself has that classic dubstep sound; if I liked dubstep, I’d recommend it. As you know, Smile has been a fan of Flux for quite some time now, with a weekly favorite being his remix of “DJ Fresh- Gold Dust.” This dubstep DJ/producer from the UK is known for his awesome remixes and amazing original songs. Together, along with continued colleague Doctor P, Flux Pavilion founded Circus Records which supports well-known dubstep artists such as 12th Planet and Funtcase. Feel free to watch the video posted below. Also, I’ve included a link to the interview Smile For Camera’s mgap did with Flux back in March. Enjoy!



MUSIC! DJ Falcon + Thomas Bangalter Together (Le Castle Vania + Computer Club’s Summer Bootleg Mix)

Ok, I know this post is a little late. And there really is no excuse for it besides… well… I flat out partied and worked too hard last weekend. I had this post waiting for you, excited because everyone loves Le Castle Vania‘s free tracks, but I failed. I am sorry. So, I’d rather post this song late then not at all. This time LCV is teaming up with Computer Club to drop this tasty bootleg of DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter’s – ‘Together,’ just in time to kick off summer. Le Castle Vania describes the bootleg with “We went for a Summertime festival / beach party sort of vibe on this one just to do something a little different…” and in my opinion they did exactly what they set out to do. Check it out below.

DJ Falcon + Thomas Bangalter Together (Le Castle Vania + Computer Club’s Summer Bootleg Mix)

Video! Guapo feo feat Caballo – Itchy Gash

With less than 600 views, its a wonder why people are sleeping on this gem of a jam (see what i did there?!). Generation bass is calling this shit Coombiacore, and its basically the heaviest glitch moombahton, you can get. Ironically, The genre surfaced thanks to two dudes from Brooklyn, of all places and has over time grown to into a myriad of little subgenres including Coombiahton, Coombiacore and Dubstep Grillero (I don’t know either, but you need to click that link. trust).

To be honest tho, I’m pretty sure this video should have more hits than this, considering its a bunch of sexy ladies shaking their bodies and ripping off their little black dresses, what guy doesn’t like that?

Bonus Track!
Guapo Feo – Sinfonia del Diablo by barneyiller
This is an awesomely fun track. Kinda sounds like the score with a very very entertaining movie.

More Guapo Feo music.

Video! Demolition Disco – Big Mama EP (Free Music, Video, + Quick Interview!)

Demolition Disco isn’t exactly like every other DJ duo out there. You can tell that these two don’t exactly like being bored. Today they officially released their brand new EP ‘Big Mama’ on Riot Riot Records, with Remixes by Aerotronic, Stereoheroes, Junkietron, and more.

If that wasn’t enough, they made a music video which won first place in the Mexican International Film Fest 2011. The video was directed by KRONCK, who are two inspiring fresh and high talented filmmakers also from Munich, and produced by Ivory Productions and Voilá Film. They had a crew of about 60 people involved into this one, from cast, actors, visual & makeupartists, to lighting, camera, cutter and so on.. and reading most of the reviews people think it’s a little “weird.” I think it’s fucking awesome and it’s down below for your viewing pleasure, BUT FIRST, I was able to get a quick interview with Richard, one of Demolition Disco, so read below what he has to say about their new AWESOME EP and video.

SFC: Who is Demolition Disco?
Richard: Demolition Disco has been founded in 2008 by Paul and me. we are two music producers. we did a lot for advertising and we have produced other musicians. Paul is a good friend of mine since ten years. we are living in Munich.

SFC: Is ‘Big Mama’ your first EP?
Richard: Yes it is.

SFC: Your first release has two parts and 6 different remixes by 6 different artists, how does it feel to start off with something on such a grand scale?
Richard: it is a great feeling to know that other artists support your project. we really had not expected that. but obviously our project works and that is amazing! by the way, there are 8 different remixes ;) ;) Remix Artists: STEREOHEROES, AEROTRONIC, CAPTAIN FUNK, JUNKIETRON, ACCESS DENIED, B-PHREAK, HANUMAN TRIBE, SOLID FRAME

SFC: What was it like to shoot a video so awesome? I mean, it did win awards in Mexico.
Richard: fucking great! i can tell, the shooting has been as crazy as the video clip itself. we had so much fun, really everybody :) :)

Quick Questions!

SFC: How does sex work from start to finish?
Richard: with passion and belief! ;) ;)

Can blind people see their dreams?
Richard: dreams are in your mind and heart, not in your eyes. so i guess i would say yes they can!

Demolition Disco – Big Mama (Solid Frame Remix)

They’re Big Mama EP Part I and II are available now on Beatport and lucky for you there is a free dupstep remix of the ‘Big Mama’ track by Solid Frame above and this weird/amazing video below. :P


MUSIC! New – thebloodybeetroots DeathCrew 77

It is INSANELY hard not to notice Sir Bob & Cornelius Rifo completely MASHING every city, tearing it up all over the world. Yes that’s right, we bow down to thebloodybeetroots. Just released are two new tunes; THE WHIP – Muzzle #1 (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) & GOOSE – Can’t Stop Me Now (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

As usual you should expect nothing but filthy sounds & noises within Muzzle #1. Even rumors jumping around with more works with Aoki. Can it be true? Only time will tell. Happy listening!

THE WHIP – Muzzle #1 (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) by thebloodybeetroots

GOOSE – Can’t Stop Me Now (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) by thebloodybeetroots

More Beetroots:
On Smile!
On Beatport

News! Stereoheroes Return…AGAIN! Free music!

I would start this post off with “The Stereoheroes are back!!” but they never really left now did they? Stereoheroes have kept in touch and have been posted on our site month after month with all their new original tracks, remixes, and even last February, they did an Exclusive Conspiracy Mix for us here at Smile. They’ve been keeping busy over in France and now, over a year later, they’re going to back stateside and of course they’re going to be stopping in Orlando for a visit.

When I was doing some quick organizing; finding all the links and videos etc. that smile has on the Stereoheroes already, I stumbled across the video from the first time the Stereoheroes played Takeovr. Check it out directly below and then imagine what type of mindfuck-party it’s going to be, only a little more than year later, with a completely different set of resident DJ’s, new crowd, new vibe and the new and old Stereoheroes sound… Let’s just hope someone doesn’t die and that the fat girls keep their clothes on.

Takeovr Facebook Event

Here’s all the money details you’ll need: 21+ $5; 18+ Chicks: $10; 18+ Dudes: $15
No Guestlist for this special event

TakeOvr – Stereoheroes from Jared Serfozo on Vimeo.

I wasn’t joking when I said the boys were busy. Recently finding a perfect home with the louder than hell label Freakz Me Out, the StereoHeroes are about to unleash their latest audacity ‘Exiles’ on the German based banger electro haven. In the past two weeks alone the Stereoheroes have released 3 new remixes which I have for you to preview below. Each one has a different type of awesome sound. If that wasn’t enough, SH have given me the permission to post their Amp Live – “Hot Right Now” remixes for free download below. I hope to see all of you, not remember you on yet another Tuesday night in Orlando on May 17th, 2011.

Amp Live – Hot Right Now (Stereoheroes Club Remix)
Amp Live – Hot Right Now (Stereoheroes go Dubstep Remix)

DEMOLITION DISCO – “Big Mama” (StereoHeroes Remix) – out 2011/04/22 by riotriotrecords

Nasser – Marseille And Anywhere (StereoHeroes Remix) by stereoheroes

UTOK2ME? – Volodia (StereoHeroes ‘Punisher’ Remix) by stereoheroes

They come from France.


Intereview: Your hero, my hero…Stereoheroes. (August 2009 *old school*)
Stereoheroes – The Lost Generation EP (October 2010)
Stereoheroes – Flash in Punk Mixtape (June 2010)
The Hijack Brothers – Vengeance (StereoHeroes Remix) (June 2010)
StereoHeroes feat. Da Chick – Action Pack (Laser Trip) (April 2010)
Photos: Stereoheroes @ Takeovr (March 2010)
Photos: Stereoheroes @ Takeovr (February 2010)

Music! Kid Cudi – Marijuana (Chubby Fingers Dubstep Remix)

chubby fingers marijuana kid cudi

Keeping up with the theme for the day, here is a slick little Chubby Fingers Remix of Kid Cudi. The vibe in this one is so laid back, in a way reminiscent of old school Bone Thug tracks, with almost rolling bass lines and melodies.

Kinda makes you just want to sit back and watch the clouds move across the sky.

Kid Cudi – Marijuana (Chubby Fingers Dubstep Remix)

MUSIC! BONG Dubstep does Damage (Raw)

What better day to share with you the Appropriately named producer known as: Bong. Popping onto the scene in 2010, Romanian Producer, Bong Dubstep began his production carrer coming out the gate with some very heavy Dubstep. With respect given by Borgore & Reid Speed and many more artists in the books, it’s no joke that he’s definitely one to look out for. Having previously worked with artists such as, Funtcase, Datsik, Downlink & the list goes on, the young dude is laying it down heavier than ever in his remix to EXCISIONS own track

Excision – Subsonic [ BONG REMIX ] [ DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION !!! ] by BongDubstep

Bong – Blood Vessel [ ULTRAGORE ] by BongDubstep

Bong – Fallen Angels [ DUBWAR CLIP ] by BongDubstep

You can Follow:!/bongmusic?sk=wall