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Get intimate with Dave Seaman – 02.28.13

Facebook Event page with full details!

$10 General Admission before midnight
$15 General Admission after midnight

VIP Table Reservations: 407-456-1391

Due to the VERY limited capacity of Backroom, we strongly advise you arrive early to guarantee admission.

33 W. Pine Street (directly behind Native Social Bar. Either enter via Native on 27 W. Church Street or on Pine Street down the end of the parking lot directly across the street from Liquid.

Doors: 9pm-2:30am

Backroom features a VERY powerful EAW Avalon Series sound system making this the perfect venue for you to get up close and personal with the music.

Photos! [fuK'd] @ Vain Nightclub – Orlando 05.04.12




Photos! SMILEFORCAMERA INVADES IGNITION @ Firestone Live – Orlando 03.15.12




News! John Debo ’bout to Fuk it up!

Dance music mack-of-all-trades John Debo will be playing at Fuk’d this Friday night. The role is a departure from his normal behind-the-scenes position at VAiN, but one he’s infinitely qualified for. No stranger to almost every facet of the dance music industry, Debo was good enough to sit down and chat with us recently about his beginnings, current projects, and the future of an ever-changing scene. For entirely secular reasons, I’ve dubbed this the “WWJD” interview.

WW: You’ve got quite a past in regards to dance music and the nightclub scene. Tell us a little about your days with Avalon. Embellish us with the insanity.

JD: Avalon was epic. Big room. Big sound. Big lights. Incredibly diverse talent. Hands down one of THE best venues in the history of venues, and a pioneer with regard to creating the blueprint that many venues follow today. A typical month in 2003 might include the likes of Armand Van Helden, Laurent Garnier, Tiesto and Fat Boy Slim in one room, and Kevin Saunderson, Dubfire, Roger Sanchez and Carl Cox in the other. The growth was so incredibly organic. Music was the product, pure and simple. Talent LOVED playing there. And it’s crazy to think it all started in Boston, a city with a 2am curfew.

WW: In addition to being an accomplished DJ and artist, you’ve taken several management/director roles in the club biz. How do those two paths intersect and affect each other for you?

JD: The first club night I started in Boston was called Culture at Avalon’s sister venue Axis. It was a very intimate, dark room with a MASSIVE sound system. I was the DJ, the graphic designer, the marketing director, talent buyer and the street team. I would design flyers at Kinkos, have them printed there, pack up my backpack and head out to flyer. The evolution into the directorial roles was natural as I had a visceral knowledge of the product, and direct access to my fellow DJ peers, which most clubs at the time were clueless to. It was a culture, not very different than that of the Woodstock generation. It was very exciting to be a part of nurturing the growth of something from a single cell to a nation of millions. The rub comes in the right brain/left brain conflict. Business and Art rarely intersect, and clearly there is no logical understanding between either. A complete paradox. The key for me lies in never forgetting who I am or why it is I do what I do.

WW: You’ve also got a label, Ego Lab Music. Tell us more. Who are the big dogs on there (besides yourself, obviously)?

JD: Ego Lab is a project between co-collaborator Mezo Riccio and myself. Mezo and I have an uncanny chemistry in the studio. The process is effortless. With the state of the industry, we decided to take the entire process into our own hands. Having been an integral part of Caffeine Recordings success in the 90s, it only seemed natural. Artists who have touched the label thus far are Morgan Page, Manufactured Superstars, Jquintel, Jeziel Quintela, DJ Kue, Lenny B, Sylvane, Joman, Kid Judah and many more to come. We are looking forward to collaborating with quite a few like minded artists in 2012.

WW: You’ll be taking a more hands-on approach at VAiN this weekend, so to speak, when you step behind the decks in the main room. What should we expect? Or are you all surprises?

JD: I CAN’T WAIT!!! Being on the decks is what I live for. Take that away and there would be no labels, there would be no club nights, there would be nothing.

WW: We’re approaching music March here in Florida, with WMC/Ultra week looming and a slew of other events in the works. What do you think of the current state of dance music here in Florida? In general? Is it just going to keep growing?

JD: Florida was at one point was a proverbial mecca for dance music in the US. After more than two decades, it is very exciting to witness the rebirth first hand. In my opinion, dance music in the US is still in it’s infancy. Only satellite radio and a handful of club nights have truly embraced it. I get very excited when I see a random MTV special on Kaskade, or hear Skrillex was nominated for as many Grammy awards as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry combined – these are milestones. Hip hop at one point was very underground and now it’s pop music. It took over three decades for it to emerge as part of pop culture – and in my opinion, dance music is following right behind it.

WW: Any other big plans for the year or inside scoops we should know about?

JD: 2012 sees me taking a step back from my directorial role at VAiN to focus on music full time. This year it is all about the music. I have finally become a living, breathing component of my studio, and have no plans on leaving this chair anytime soon, unless it’s to be behind the decks, of course!

Remember, John Debo, Joey Paranoia, and Nicademass all get down in the mainroom tomorrow night, and Dr. Khan and Ma-LESS will be joined by the one and only Quantum Theory in the Moombaroom! See you there!


Smile for Camera Presents: [fuK'd] @ VAiN | 02.03.12 FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE
John Debo’s Soundcloud

Photos! SFC:NYE – Ovrkill @ The Social 12.31.11

w/ Somejerk, Killagraham, Joey Paranoia, Winston Wolfe, Cliff Tangredi, Blood Eagle, Dr. Khan, ma-LESS, John Debo, and Quantum Theory

Music & News! SFC Presents N.Y.E. 2011 @ OVRKILL!

If it turns out there’s actually SOMETHING to this 2012 Mayan end-time bologna, this coming Saturday could quite possibly be our last New Years Eve EVER! This means the last weird midnight P.D.A., the last soon-to-be-broken resolution, the last January 1st early-morning D.U.I.-checkpoint dodge. At least there are upsides to the apocalypse!

Ahhhhh, but what ELSE does this mean? It means it’s time to go HAM AND F**KING EGGS and party like it’s aaaallllll over, that’s what it means, because THIS might be IT. THIS obviously calls for a party of cataclysmic proportions. And if anyone knows about end-of-the-world -level partying, it’s Smile.

That’s why they’ve moved their Sunday bass monster Ovrkill to Saturday (because, let’s face it, January 1st is always a bit rough for everyone involved), stacked the lineup with SFC’s heaviest-hitting DJs, extended both opening and closing hours, and put together drink specials designed to have your liver singing Auld Lang Syne to itself off in the corner.

DJs for the evening will be Takeovr residents Joey Paranoia, Cliff Tangredi, and Winston Wolfe, up-and-coming Maximal/Trash duo Blood Eagle, Miami’s own bass hero, Somejerk, Dub don Quantum Theory, and Moombahtonistas Dr. Khan and Ma-LESS. [***THIS JUST IN: John Debo and Killagraham added to the bill! Holiest of shits!***]

Of course, the venue is still The Social in downtown Orlando, and the bass is still the same gut-wrenching Dual 18″ EAW rig your nostril hairs have come to know and love, except our sound guys have added 2 more cabinets. For those of you keeping score, that’s now 10 (yes, TEN) dual 18′s. Doors are at 9, and will be staying open till 3:30. There’s also a complimentary Jack Daniels or Champagne toast at midnight and plenty of drink specials. Be sure to check out the linked Facebook event page for the full scoop.

So, with doomsday on the doorstep, and that much DJ juice in one spot at one time, the night’s sure to be a beast. Smile-induced blackout mode: engage.


Smile for Camera Presents: OVRKILL NYE @ the social | 12.31.11 FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE