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Photos! Dancegiving Music Festival – Ft. Lauderdale – 11.26.11

Photos! Digital:Insight @ Original Fat Cat’s – Ft. Lauderdale 01.05.09

Digital:Insight 01.05.09

Video Interview with Ant from Atmosphere

Melanie had a chance to “sit down” with Ant, the DJ for hiphop group, Atmosphere. Really nice guy! He said he likes to go backstage as little as possible, so the interview was conducted on the trunk of her car, haha.

There’s a lot of background noise, since it was outside, but still easy to hear.

Also, listen for the best answer ever at the 1:38 mark!

Interview with Ant from Atmosphere from Smile for Camera on Vimeo.

Review! Atmosphere @ Revolution Live (Ft. Lauderdale) 10.03.08

Atmosphere w/ Blueprint, Abstract Rude, and DJ Pure Groove
@ Revolution Live (Ft. Lauderdale) 10.03.08

It’s hard to explain what happens at an Atmosphere show. It is a hip-hop show, at its purest essence, complete with hip hop classic medleys, break dancing circles and freestyle ciphers, and cardboard boomboxes that serve as relics of the past.

It has been ten years. Ten years since the inception of the band that’s made history. There have since been new artists that have risen to glory and old groups that have fallen from grace, but Atmosphere, and a couple other crews from their time, has stuck around, and almost singlehandedly shaped the underground hip hop scene. I mean, when did anyone ever expect to see two skinny little white kids out of Minnesota make a difference in hip hop?

Opening first for the band is abstract rude, a man who, along with the Hieroglyphics crew and Pigeon John spearheaded the LA hip hop scene. With DJ Pure Groove behind him, Ab performed a great little set, hitting on both new songs, off his upcoming album, Dear Abbey. Quick and entertaining, Abstract Rude is sort of the perfect opener for this show. Oozing California cool, Ab led the audience through Sublime tributes, urged them to register to vote, and showcased a little something for everyone.

If Blueprint had failed as a rapper, he could’ve most likely created for himself a successful career in comedy. His side project with former Def Jukie Rjd2, Soul Position, earned him national recognition amongst hip hop enthusiasts. Hailing from Colombia, Ohio, his goofy toothy smile and stories make his performance almost feel as if you’re simply just participating in story telling time with just a lot of your good friends.

Throughout the opening performances, DJ Pure Groove expertly maintained the crowd. Backing each artist with both beats and vocals, Groove even kept it going while there was no one performing at all, making sure heads were always bobbing.

When you’re surrounded by what seems like at least a thousand people, the underground aspect of Atmosphere’s popularity can be argued, doubted, and disputed. With kids shouting song lyrics at the top of their lungs, there is a definitive grimy, down home feel to an Atmosphere performance, and while the Paint the Nation tour is in support of Atmosphere’s latest album, When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint that Shit Gold, the band still performed their old school hits. Accompanied by a live band, which includes Sean (Slug)’s little brother Nate on the guitar, there is a new dynamic and depth to their live performance. The band performed for over an hour, making up for the 3 years they missed since the last time they came to Florida.

I remember ten years ago, I was a little git growing up in Miami. I remember forming memories out of these songs, forming my identity. I remember three years ago, having to miss Atmosphere the first time they came. It’s needless to say that I went to their Ft. Lauderdale performance with very high expectations. It’s now safe to say that everything I wanted was given to me, and then some. In fact, the performance was so engrossing I seriously didn’t even notice a girl having a diabetic seizure right behind me (for real, I’m serious, RIGHT behind me).

Atmosphere will be performing tonight at Club Firestone, here in Orlando, and even though Slug assures the fans that it won’t be another three years before they return here again, you can never really tell. Missing them, even if you only have an inkling of an idea of who they are, is inadvisable for anyone who misses a true hip hop show.

Concert photos, performance videos, and video of my interview with A.N.T. on the trunk of my car coming soon!

But, just a small photographical taste:

Atmoshere @ Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale TONIGHT!

We have an interview with Ant from Atmosphere tonight at Revolution before the show. Got a photopass set up, too, woo!

For all those going to their show at Firestone tomorrow night, check back here for a photo preview, interview, and show review and see what you’re in for!

Also, since we’ll be in Miami for the weekend, we’re probably hitting up POPLIFE at the White Room. Maaaaybe even Heathrow tonight after Atmosphere!