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Music! Headliners Galore @ Smog vs. Basshead

smog vs basshead
Last year, SFC was honored to be invited to photograph both Smog vs. Basshead and FSOB. What we learned is that packed between the two events is every single powerhouse dj who has either already made their mark on the scene, is trending now or that will be blowing up soon in almost every electronic bass heavy genre (read: not too many house or trance headliners, sorry guys, but you will always have Club Space).

This year will be nsmog basshead 2012o different, and as FSOB gears up to celebrate its 10th anniversary on Friday, Smog and Basshead have teamed up for the third time to bring miami the biggest collection of heavy hitters of bass under one roof. Low-end afficionados will find themselves right at home in Mekka’s many cavernous rooms.

The event will bring together the biggest artists from national labels and recording crews UKF, Smog Records, Basshead, Metalheadz Music, Trouble & Bass, with some of the best local talent from crews hailing from NYC, WPB and Miami’s bass scene.

To get you psyched and ready for Thursday, check out some songs from some of the artists performing below, and make sure you check out photos from last year’s madness.

Tickets are still available for the event, and can be copped thru wanttickets for $30 for general admission. So break open your piggy bank, die hard bassheads, this is where you’re going to want to be come Thursday night.

Pro Tip: Mekka is HUGE and this place gets packed. Make sure you designate a meeting spot as it is somewhat easy to lose people and hard to hear cell phone calls in there.

News! Calvertron comes to Bassmelt! (MUSIC, INFO, and FUN THINGS)

CALVERTRON IS COMING TO BASSMELT! Following a string of kick-ass reworkings and awesome productions, his tracks became consistently featured on the UK’s national radio stations and are spreading like a pandemic. His unique sound gained support from a diverse selection of the world’s most influential DJs, including the likes of Fatboy Slim, Tiesto, Busy P, Benny Benassi, Eric Morrillo, Roger Sanchez, Diplo, and John Digweed. But these are all things that you could have found out if you read the Facebook Event Page announcing that Calvertron will be a guest for our weekly Sunday party Bassmelt. Not excited yet? Check out this video.

What you wouldn’t have read on the EVENT PAGE is that Alex Calver, aka Calvertron has been a full-time musician, music producer, and international DJ since 2002. He has gone under many alais’s such as Kalva, Max Payne, D-Generate, and was 1 half of the UK duo “Twocker.” He also runs his own Techno label Glitch Recordings, as well as is the front man for the Honey Pot Recordings Techno offshoot, Subsonix.

Alex has numerous record releases lined up over the coming months; dirty, gritty underground vibes and filthy basslines are what to expect from this exciting new venture and what better place to melt the crowd and test out these tunes than Orlando’s Bassmelt?! Calvertron will be playing Sunday, October 23rd alongside your favorite residents Blood Eagle and Winston Wolfe. Get ready to be wow’d. Oh yeah, and you may want to bring those ear plugs you always forget at home this time. ;) STILL NOT EXCITED?!!!

We believe that it’s not really what you read that matters when it comes to EDM, it’s really what you hear. How can we convince you with words that someone is such an BAMF because of the awesome music he/she produces without actually giving you the awesome music to spoil your ears with? Lucky for you, Winston Wolfe gathered a few tracks to add to your IPod for that drive downtown. YAY, right? – Kegg.

Calvertron – Raw 2 Da Floor
FS and Reid Speed – Bass Monster (Calvertron Remix)
Hostage – Witches (Calvertron Remix)
Nicki Minaj – Shitted On ‘Em (Calvertron Bootleg)
Figure – Retarded Shit (Calvertron Remix)
Ed Solo and Deekline – Shake The Pressure feat Splack Pack Kidd Money (Calvertron Remix)

Rednek – Game Over (Calvertron Remix) – August 2011
Jack Knife Records

Figure and Sleepy T – Its Only Love

If you’ve been liking my posts lately, then I hope I can continue pleasing you with all these funky fresh beats that are out of the norm of club music (but are still acceptable of course, I actually prefer it). Our friend Figure and Sleepy T collaborated on this finely tuned disco track and since I first received this gem, I’ve been listening to it nonstop.

Also, big ups to Figure who recently signed under Tommie Sunshine’s new label, Brooklyn Fire Records. Doin’ it big Josh. Show him and Sleepy T some love by getting this track.


check out the video HERE via youtube AND as an extra bonus, I also included a Le Principle track which is a collab with Figure and Adulture. Great tune.

Figure and Sleepy T – Its Only Love (Original Mix)


Le Principle – Ever Since (Original Mix)

Don’t Tell Me To Slow Down…

Since I’ve stepped off the banger kick to expand my palate of musical genres, mainly because I feel like “dance music” has hit some kind of wall and seldom break through them. It’s a dime a dozen in the blog market, but let’s step back in time for a bit. History always repeats itself sooner or later and house music is slowly working it’s way back on the dance floor (well at least it should be). So here is a change of pace for you, if you consider yourself music savvy and love great production, inquire below. (editors note: rumor has it that Buckmaster is gonna be remixing a house friendly remix of “Late Nights” Stay tuned.)


O’Spada – Time

Le Principle is a new moniker that contains two great DJ’s that produce two different sounds, Adulture and Figure. Put the two together and this is what you get. The freshest Disco House since studio54. Follow them on twitter: Le Principle

Le Principle – You Cant Fake it

This is what modern R&B SHOULD sound like. Just wait for the beat to drop. ‘if you like treasure fingers you will probably like this even though it isn’t house/bloghouse/whatever’


Pryda is an alias of the Swedish musician Eric Prydz. Other aliases used by Prydz include Cirez D, Moo and Sheridan. The production behind this song is so crisp it will bring tears to your eyes.

Pryda – Melo


Now, we all know Hallcall for his wreckless antics and gut punching bangers from Carnival. But that’s not the case today. Ryan Hall has moved onto a production level and recently released a single on the Cobra Krames EP, “Chief Is Getting High” (Goldwhistle Records).This is Hallcalls new mix in which the title explains it all. Very Minimal/Tech house, overall organic.

Hallcall – Organic Panic Mix

Figure – June Mix!

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Photos! Oaks 3D Party @ Fuzion Nightclub (Louisville KY) 05.01.09

Oaks 3D Party 05.01.09

I’ve been loving you more every day, cant stop! no!

Lets face it, this has been a great year. For smileforcamera and for YOU! Why? because we spend every day providing you with fresh/great tunes, great photos, and all the music info we can wrap our minds around. So as a thank you, we have a few tricks up our sleeves and a great year awaiting us all! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on twitter for daily updates or even become a fan on facebook and whatever marketing tool you may use. We love hearing feedback, so tell us how much you love and or hate us. Either way, Enjoy these tunes.

You can’t go wrong with Vanshe.
[audio: |titles=Alone Again (VanShe Technologic Remix) |artists=Teenagers ]
Teenagers – Alone Again (VanShe Technologic Remix) (direct download)

[audio: |titles=How I Like It (Main Mix) |artists=Diplo and Afrojack ]
Diplo and Afrojack – How I Like It (Main Mix) (direct download)

I still think the original is better but this is a pretty good twist on a classic jam.
[audio: |titles=Waters of Nazareth (Justice Remix) |artists=Justice ]
Justice – Waters of Nazareth (Justice Remix) (direct download)

[audio: |titles=Let Love Rule (Justice Remix) |artists=Lenny Kravitz ]
Lenny Kravitz – Let Love Rule (Justice Remix) (direct download)

[audio: |titles=Lazer Boom 1 |artists=Major Lazer ]
Major Lazer – Lazer Boom 1 (direct download)

[audio: |titles=Pump Up The Jam (John Roman Remix) |artists=Technotronic ]
Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (John Roman Remix) (direct download)

[audio: |titles=Township Funk (Diplo Remix) |artists=Mujava ]
Mujava – Township Funk (Diplo Remix) (direct download)

SRLY WTF! Roids + Roids = ?
[audio: |titles=Raven (Crookers Remix) |artists=Proxy ]
Proxy – Raven (Crookers Remix) (direct download)

A new track from Figure, BADASS! What did I say Charlotte? He’ll be here next month!
[audio: |titles=Aura (Final Mixdown) |artists=Figure ]
Figure – Aura (Final Mixdown) (direct download)

RULE 4: Always REMEMBER the music

FIGURE decided to stop yanking our teeth (for now) and began to change it up a bit from his usual wobble and grind. Releasing these two tracks with a more housey vibe, both are very dynamic and also carry’s a bit of that raw and dirty bass you would expect from FIGURE while still keeping the essence of the song. It will soon become your most favorite singalong and will remain in your head when you fall asleep. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you find yourself listening to these on repeat. I’m still undecided on which one I love more, you can decide for me.

P.S. Charlotte residents, keep your eyes peeled and your ears clean. That’s all I gotsta say!

[audio: |titles=Going Back To My Roots (FIGURE Remix) |artists=FPI ]
FPI – Going Back To My Roots (FIGURE Remix) (direct download)

[audio: |titles=Day Dreaming (FIGURE Remix) |artists=Baby D ]
Baby D – Day Dreaming (FIGURE Remix) (direct download)


Such different material from the first two, but they still present the FIGURE “touch.” If you like The Bloody Beetroots, then you’ll love this! “pitchy grind saw” g-g-g-G-griiiind!

[audio: |titles=THE DOSES (original mix) |artists=FIGURE ]
FIGURE – THE DOSES (original mix) (direct download)

[audio: |titles=WAR FAIR (Original premix) |artists=FIGURE ]
FIGURE – WAR FAIR (Original premix) (direct download)