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Check out the not so subtle shout out to friends of Smile for Camera, TEAM JAGUAR on the recent episode of KEY AND PEELE on Comedy Central:


Photos! BFM:Brooklyn ft. Mensah & DJ Take @ Public Assemby (Brooklyn) 01.13.12

News and Music! Lazy Rich Does Work TONIGHT!

Lazy Rich comes to Takeovr tonight! The UK-born Canadian resident and owner of Big Fish Recordings is on tour this month and next, hitting up San Fransisco, Denver, and even Seoul, Korea, and his Orlando stop promises to be dope. Lazy Rich already has a sort of intimate connection to Orlando, in that local bass champ Killagraham had his More Than Anything and Silence (with Henry Fong) EPs released on Rich’s Big Fish label recently (Beatport it up HERE!).

Rich’s sound is reflected in the content of his record label, the songs he produces, and his DJ sets. It’s one of those big, sexy, glitchy, grindy, yet remarkably polished, sounds. Think Porter Robinson, Felguk, or Dirtyloud, and you’re getting close. Thick, deep bass, nasty wobble, and intelligent melodies run the show. Should sit quite nicely with the Takeovr bass-junkies.

Rich’s tracks (things like Hello with porter Robinson and Sue Cho, his remix of Weapon Of Choice by Fatboy Slim, and Better Wipe That Up on his own label) have helped propel him from hard-working, grind-it-out DJ to international star and label honcho. He also has The Lazy Rich Show, which has brought many a rising star into the limelight. I’m thinking that this man must receive and have access to an ungodly amount of good music, which means Tuesday should be an excellent opportunity to hear a lot of unreleased material. Hope to see you all there!


Lazy Rich Soundcloud

Never Say Die Mix Series, Volume 14 (Lazy Rich)

Fatboy Slim – Gangster Trippin (Lazy Rich Remix)

Deastineak – Just The Music (Lazy Rich Remix)

Photos! Darkroom Ft. 6BLOCC @ Public Assembly (New York) 10-28-11

News & Music! Young Gunz Tour blasting Takeovr this Tuesday!

Guess what Dub fans! Crizzly is coming back to Orlando! The original crunk-step Jedi devastated Bassmelt (now OVRKILL) last time he was in town (Jump to the pics HERE), and he’s coming back to wreak more havoc on our dancefloors! This time, he’s got his homie Protohype in tow, and an entire tour behind him! Even Orlando’s own DallasK joins him on a few stops! The Young Gunz Tour is an exhibition of the best and brightest of the ‘post-dance-music-explosion’ crop of talent emanating from the South and Southeast. It seems the area is a veritable hotbed of up-and-coming producers, and is showing zero signs of slowing. It must be something in the air or water, because the appetite for new, quality dance music is more fervent here than anywhere. Crizzly’s own custon brand of Dirty South/Crunk/Dubstep has been making quite an impression around the States, with his sound landing him numerous high-profile gigs, like two separate Electric Daisy Carnival appearances, and even a spot on the creme-de-la-creme of dubstep management rosters, Circle Management.

Here are a few whistle-whetters straight from the Crizzl Nizzl to you. Expect these and more to be dropped with a vengance next Tuesday! Crizz does not dissapoint! And, of course, your local yokels Cliff Tangredi, Joey Paranoia, and myself will be masters of the opening ceremonines! See you on the dancefloor!


AJ Hernz – Snap Back Swag (Crizzly Remix)
Waka Flocka Flame – Hard In Da Paint (Bellizio Remix) (Crizzly Edit)
Crizzly – Bust It Wide Open (Crizzly Remix)
Crizzly – Big Booty Bitchezz
Crizzly & Kids At The Bar – Like Dat
Crizzly – Lifted

Crizzly’s Soundcloud
Crizzly’s YouTube

Photos! BFM Presents Metropolis ft. Loadstar and Sigma @ Highline Ballroom (New York) 09.25.11

Music! ThreEPs & a weird-ass Skrillex video

I love Tuesdays… so many good tracks! I have three completely mental ones to share with you, two of which came out today and the other yesterday. They’re the kind of tracks that, if you’re a DJ and the DJ right before you plays them as their last track, you’re probably completely f**ked. Also, Skrillex’s new promo video for his forthcoming “OWSLA” project. Here we go:

Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork (Fly Eye Records)

This EP (released 08-01-11 on Calvin Harris’s imprint) and its title track are just ridiculous. Old-school acid squeltch everywhere, massive, grimey bass, wicked vocal, deadly drums… It’s the peak-time, on-a-couple type stuff Bart B More is becoming famous for. Collabs like this (made with Brooklyn dance legend Tommie Sunshine) and his upcoming EP with Drop the Lime and AC Slater on Trouble & Bass (previews here and here) are solidifying B More’s presence and permanence in the American scene as well. We’re going to be hearing this track, and this man, out in clubland for a while.

Wolfgang Gartner – Menage A Trois (Ultra Records)

Another stoopid-good banger (released 08-02-11). This track screams from the start, as do many of Mr. Gartner’s productions. None quite like this though. It sounds like every game inside a Dave and Buster’s came alive, took drugs, and formed some kind of rave music ragtime band. Just ping-y, splashy arcade-like synths, big-room kick-snare combos, and gated white noise. Pretty gnarly. And the breakdown… wow. Not really like anything I’ve heard before (always a plus). Get it now, but skip everything else Ultra put out that day… trust me.

Crizzly – Lifted (Killpop Records)

Number 3 is a brand new crunkstep gem from our homie Crizzly, the Texas Bass wonder who went hard in the paint last month at Bassmelt. This track samples a bit of classic Wu Tang Clan, truly dangerous territory for any artist. The threat of an army of Wu-purists descending upon you, shanking the credibility out of your track with dis after dis should you do anything but the most honorable of justice to the original, is very, very real. But the Crizzl nizzle comes thru with a summer party crunk bomb. This track makes me wanna pour an Orange Four Loko over a hot girl in a bikini (in slow motion) while smoking a blunt, saggin’ my pants, ghostriding my whip, with my dawgs and my dogs chillin’ in the background. It’s that hood.

And finally, this weirdness from King Skrillex:

What’s it mean, MAAANNNN?!

So that’s it. There are a bunch of other tunes that came out today (and recently), and I’ll get to them as well. But these are the big boys I wanted to share, because I plan on dropping each of them at Takeovr tonight and i want you to come! It’s always fun to hear these over a nice club P.A. instead of computer speakers…


Music! Shoulda Listened to Derek Allen

It’s not often that DJs (or anyone) buy entire EPs anymore. Sources like Beatport, iTunes, and Trackitdown have given both DJs and casual listeners the ability to pick and choose and select the cream of the musical crop, while leaving the curdled milk they know might be ‘one and done’ behind.

That being said, buy Derek Allen’s ENTIRE new “DJA” EP. Released 07-05-2011 on Mad Decent, Allen’s 5
-tracker is a glitterball, panty-dropper of a release. It’s not so much ‘filth’ as it is ‘silk’. It’s more akin to the sound of Skream’s treatment of La Roux’s ‘In For the Kill’ One could argue that it also contains some elements of Skrillex’s patented staccato vocal pitch-roll cut-ups, but without the dinosaur-vs-robot bass and squeltch. The tracks are simultaneously uplifting and forceful, in that they make you want to hit someone, but like, with a rainbow.

Track one is ‘Shoulda Listened’, and is my favorite. It’s the track you hope is the DJ’s last if you’re just about to seal the deal with that ‘special someone’ you met over Patron shots an hour ago. If this comes on, it’s already to late to go get condoms, so don’t forget to pack.

Track two is “We are Gone”. This is the one that reminds me of Skrillex’s chopped-up re-pitched vocal stabs that appear in a lot of his tracks. Don’t let that turn you off though if you don’t like Skrillex. If I hadn’t said anything you wouldn’t have noticed. They’re so camouflaged in swirling leads and sparkling melody that even the most ardent of anti-Skrillites can acknowledge their intelligence and quality without feeling hypocritical . Amazing synth and melody work on this one.

Describing track three, “Trying To Come Alive”, words like “booty-bass rhythm section”, “909”, “piano”, “buttery vocals” and “make-out music” come to mind. The combination of elements seems unlikely, but it works.

Track four, “Spirit In The Material World”, is a reboot of the opening track off The Police’s 1981 album “Ghost In The Machine”. It’s alright, probably more for the pop-step set, but it still does have it’s time and place in a DJ’s crate, and most certainly in your iPod.

The last track, “Suspiria”, is a little bit more non-descript, which explains its placement on the release, but it still contains some nice high-rev snyths and the same solid production signature of the rest of this EP. Quality stuff nonetheless.

So that’s Derek Allen’s new EP. Not sure why I’ve never heard of him before as Mad Decent lists him as one of Diplo’s oldest and most dear collaborators. Regardless, if the sonics of his future releases mirror this one, I hope I’ll be hearing a lot more. Stay out of trouble you crazy kids.


Derek Allen – Shoulda Listened

Derek Allen – Spirits in the Material World