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09.18.12 | Takeovr w/ DROP THE LIME @ Roxy



“I was a Bat Whisperer”: Smile for Camera’s DROP THE LIME Interview + Exclusive Mix!

Over here @ Smile for Camera we have had the opportunity to interview some of the best talent in music, (particularly “EDM” or what ever the hell you want to call it). In honor of our flagship weekly event in Orlando, takeovr – celebrating 3 years this Tuesday @ Roxy, we caught up with TROUBLE & BASS founder DROP THE LIME for an interview.

Lucky us, he also gave us an exclusive Smile for Camera mix:

Drop the Lime – SFC Exclusive Mix 



“I was a Bat Whisperer”: Smile for Camera’s DROP THE LIME INTERVIEW



First things first: Obama or Romney? Just Kidding! Let’s talk about music.

Alec Baldwin.


Trouble & Bass recently went thru a metamorphosis of sorts. It’s always been a source of dark dancey-ness, but what lies ahead now that the label has died and come back to life?

We are expanding our musical releases beyond strictly club/ dj oriented sounds. Doing a lot of collaborations with live acts in NYC – Hussle Club, CREEP, Jail Bait to name a few. We are also expanding our merchandise into shirts, Jackets, and T-shirts with prints that revolve beyond our logo. Everything is still dark and dangerous of course.


Any new artists coming to the roster or big projects on the horizon for the core crew?

Besides the collaborations, we are releasing a lot of new up and coming guys like DAMN KIDS, TONY QUATTRO, and a cinematic space soundtrack by this young kid, LAST DEFENDER. Star Eyes has a new EP dropping end of the next month which is also something creepy yet romantically strong.


This is your 2nd time in Orlando, the first as Drop The Lime. What do you want us to know about the set you’re about to drop?

Last time I played I DJ’d as Curses! with the Institubes french house crew. So this time around Expect me to go all over the place genre wise. My dj sets are always a mixture of everything bass heavy, techy, housy, trappy, and then even some rockabilly. just a rowdy time.


You’ve exposed some great music and artists thru TROUBLE & BASS, as well as put out a bunch of your own great tracks. What are you most proud of?

We have always caught an early ear on talent.. did boy 8 bit’s first US release with a Jack Beats remix, Samo Sound Boy, Zombies For Money… all great acts that have grown to do big things now.


You’ll be strictly DJing at Takeovr here in Orlando Tuesday, but you have an extensive live show now as well. What was it like getting all that together?

The full live band is a lot to bring on the road, but so much fun. We have been getting local burlesque and go-go dancers in each city worldwide to keep a different and exciting pace. The full live band show is still evolving, and probably still will continue to through to the next album.


What was the most interesting job you had before you became a DJ/artist?

I was a Bat Whisperer.


Everyone’s a DJ now, we’re sure you got the memo. Any sage advice for those just getting into it?

Don’t imitate whats popular. find a path thats original and stick to your guns. timeless is key if youre truly passionate about being in music. a flash in the pan can only last so long.


What are your thoughts on music blogs and the free promo game? It seems to be becoming standard for a lot of artists to just give away their tunes and try to get gigs based on those.

I’m all for sharing. more exposure means more appreciation, which leads to rowdier partying.


What are the three most messed up things you’ve seen from behind the decks during your illustrious DJing career?

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll.


The dance festival scene has really exploded in America in the past year. Who would play mainstage for your own, fantasy dance festival?

Aphex Twin vs John Carpenter.


They only serve one alcoholic drink at the festival, what is it?

Rye Whiskey.


Thoughts on the button-pushing debate?

Obama or Romney?


You’re in the electric chair, about to be executed for a crime you may or may not have commited. Any final words?

See you soon.


Smile for Camera’s takeovr:  The 3 Year Anniversary w/ DROP THE LIME | 09.18.12 @ Roxy


3 Years of Smile for Camera's takeovr w/ DROP THE LIME

3 Years of Smile for Camera's takeovr w/ DROP THE LIME

Music! AC Slater – Sidewinder EP

AC Slater‘s Sidewinder EP has just been released worldwide on Trouble & Bass! The title track is an absolute bassbanger that never slows down. Little Chronic keeps the party rockin’ pace going. T&B bossman/bassman Drop the Lime takes his signature rockabilly/western style and slaps Sidewinder across the face with it, turning it into a slow-winding, stuttering bass jam.

The 4 track EP also includes a remix by UK dubstep producer RacknRuin, who adds that UK wobble to Little Chronic.

Purchase the full EP over at beatport and itunes! It’s also available for streaming on T&B’s soundcloud.

1. Sidewinder
2. Little Chronic
3. Sidewinder (Drop The Lime Remix)
4. Little Chronic (RacknRuin Remix)

Here’s a free download of the Sidewinder Drop the Lime remix.

AC Slater – Sidewinder (Drop The Lime Remix)

MUSIC! Drop The Lime & Bart B More – The Bass!

drop the lime

This is based on personal opinion, since the first time seeing Drop The Lime perform live about a year ago, & nearly catching all of Luca’s show’s in the Tri-State NYC, it is without a doubt in my mind that he is THE best performer I have ever seen on stage. Period.

Having been on tour recently with his Trouble & Bass crew, Drop The Lime never ceases to impress. With recent collaboration with Bart B More & AC Slater, this time the trio brings together the appropriately titled ‘The Bass’ which is soon to be released sometime in August. It definitely sounds like an upcoming club banger to close out the summer.

If you haven’t already, here it is. Turn up the BASS on your WOOFERS!

Drop The Lime & Bart B More – The Bass by Bart B More

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Music! ThreEPs & a weird-ass Skrillex video

I love Tuesdays… so many good tracks! I have three completely mental ones to share with you, two of which came out today and the other yesterday. They’re the kind of tracks that, if you’re a DJ and the DJ right before you plays them as their last track, you’re probably completely f**ked. Also, Skrillex’s new promo video for his forthcoming “OWSLA” project. Here we go:

Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork (Fly Eye Records)

This EP (released 08-01-11 on Calvin Harris’s imprint) and its title track are just ridiculous. Old-school acid squeltch everywhere, massive, grimey bass, wicked vocal, deadly drums… It’s the peak-time, on-a-couple type stuff Bart B More is becoming famous for. Collabs like this (made with Brooklyn dance legend Tommie Sunshine) and his upcoming EP with Drop the Lime and AC Slater on Trouble & Bass (previews here and here) are solidifying B More’s presence and permanence in the American scene as well. We’re going to be hearing this track, and this man, out in clubland for a while.

Wolfgang Gartner – Menage A Trois (Ultra Records)

Another stoopid-good banger (released 08-02-11). This track screams from the start, as do many of Mr. Gartner’s productions. None quite like this though. It sounds like every game inside a Dave and Buster’s came alive, took drugs, and formed some kind of rave music ragtime band. Just ping-y, splashy arcade-like synths, big-room kick-snare combos, and gated white noise. Pretty gnarly. And the breakdown… wow. Not really like anything I’ve heard before (always a plus). Get it now, but skip everything else Ultra put out that day… trust me.

Crizzly – Lifted (Killpop Records)

Number 3 is a brand new crunkstep gem from our homie Crizzly, the Texas Bass wonder who went hard in the paint last month at Bassmelt. This track samples a bit of classic Wu Tang Clan, truly dangerous territory for any artist. The threat of an army of Wu-purists descending upon you, shanking the credibility out of your track with dis after dis should you do anything but the most honorable of justice to the original, is very, very real. But the Crizzl nizzle comes thru with a summer party crunk bomb. This track makes me wanna pour an Orange Four Loko over a hot girl in a bikini (in slow motion) while smoking a blunt, saggin’ my pants, ghostriding my whip, with my dawgs and my dogs chillin’ in the background. It’s that hood.

And finally, this weirdness from King Skrillex:

What’s it mean, MAAANNNN?!

So that’s it. There are a bunch of other tunes that came out today (and recently), and I’ll get to them as well. But these are the big boys I wanted to share, because I plan on dropping each of them at Takeovr tonight and i want you to come! It’s always fun to hear these over a nice club P.A. instead of computer speakers…


Photos! MMW 2011: Day 4 – Trouble & Bass @ The Castle – Miami 03.25.11

Photos! MMW 2011: Day 2 – Beatport Beach Party + Belvedere Party – MIami 03.24.11

Beatport Beach Party @ The Gansevoort w/ Adrian Lux, Sub Focus, Harvard Bass, Dada Life
Exclusive Belvedere Party @ The W w/ Drop the Lime

Drop the Lime Bugged Out Promo Mix!

Oh my God Drop the Lime! Those should be the exact words coming out of your mouth when seeing this.
This lovely post will get you geared up for Drop The Lime’s new single “Hot as Hell” releasing on the 30th of January, and for his new album dropping this spring!
Special Thanks to Bugged Out for the mix!

Smileforcamera loves Drop the Lime :)

Here’s to the Bugged Out Promo Mix Enjoy!

Drop the Lime – Bugged Out Promo Mix


1. Hasil Adkins – High School Confidential
2. Drop The Lime – Dusty Roads (Club VIP)
3. Steve Starks – Git Em
4. Zombies For Money – Sururumba (Caribe Version)
5. Da Fresh – Once Again
6. Mikix The Cat – Deep Down
7. Jay Robinson & Supabeatz – Screech
8. Drop The Lime – Hot As Hell (Club Mix)
9. Drop The Lime – Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)
10. Drop The Lime – Sex Sax (Original)
11. Drop The Lime – Sex Sax (TAI Remix)
12. Marc Remillard – Downtown
13. PIatto – MC202
14. Hasil Adkins – Chicken Walk (Drop The Lime Bootleg)
15. The Coasters – Turtle Dovin (Drop The Lime Bootleg)

Check out the the video too!

Robin Osgood

ps: Special thanks to Aleem aka Rikki Bobby for the heads up on this mix!