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News! 7-Year Anniversary of Crush Orlando this MONDAY!

The 7- year Anniversary of Crush is THIS Monday and I want everyone to think about what has happened in the past 7 years. Really, think back. Arnold was elected Governor of Califonia, we have our first black president, ‘Lost’ both started and ended, and we watched multiple dance parties be born and fizzle away… Sad right? I mean right now we’re on the 5th Final Destination movie AND the 5th Fast and Furious. Throughout all of this, no matter what, every single Monday, rain or shine, Crush Orlando at Backbooth in has opened it’s doors to the thirsty crowd ready for that free keg at 10pm. I think DJ Pauly Crush said it best, “Let’s rewind to the Friday afternoon before. I walked into Backbooth. Aaron’s band was practicing. Yeah, he was in a band. I was like, “you guys want to party on Monday?” and he was like “what’s it gonna cost me?” and I was like “every last shred of your dignity for the next decade” and he was like “okay.” Crush was born.”

In honor of the special day on Monday, Pauly Crush has lifted the normal $5 cover charge and is letting everyone in for free before midnight. There will still be the keg of PBR that is free until its gone — and it goes fast. There will also be $3 select shots and two-for-$5 PBR Tall Boys which obviously means we at Smileforcamera will be there… so you should too. See you Monday.

For pictures check out our recent galleries or and here is a free download for you guys… remember this one?

Sugarbabes – About You Now (About The Videoband Remix)

News! Dillon Francis: If “Takeovr” was his middle name, he’d be “DTF”

The sound that Moombahton artist Dillon Francis makes is truly amazing. At ease behind the turntables and in the studio, in the electro world and in dubstep, Dillon is what you would call an open-format electronic dj who sees no delineation between making music and playing it. With the support of artists such as Steve Aoki, Diplo, Will I. Am, Drop The Lime, Sinden, and Tittsworth he is sure to have nothing short of a bright future. Many electronic artists dream about being on the Mad Decent label, but he managed to achieve this feat barely a year into his producing career.

So with all that said, if you look up the word “moombahton” on urbandictionary the first definition sums it up in just four words; Music to fuck too. So, on THIS Tuesday in Orlando, to celebrate our 100th Takeovr…the last one before school is back in session…we are bringing you Dillon Francis to play that music you need to fuck too. Is this safe? Probably not. Will you have to get there early to beat the massive crowd? Absolutely. Will children be conceived? Si. Will this be the best Takeovr in the history of Takeovrs? Fuck. Yesss. So pack your condoms, glow sticks, and whatever supplies you usually bring to Takeovr and let’s show Dillon what we have done EVERY Tuesday for the past 100 weeks. Kevin and Jason…. how did you do it?

Below I prepared you a quick way to pregame your ears for Tuesday night. Ladies when you’re getting ready, push play on Dillon’s mix to start warming up those dance skills. Gents make sure you ‘take it back’ AND everyone check out the new remix of the Kissy Sell Out song ‘Turn it On’ that Dillon posted yesterday! I also gave you a video interview he did where he explains what goes on in his head and what moombahton actually is….

Tuesday is going to be NUTS people. Bonkers. I can’t fucking wait. I once again suggest that you arrive there early!!!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. For ticket, location, and time information check out the EVENT PAGE on Facebook. DON’T MISS OUT.

Dillon Francis – HARD Summer 2011 Mix – by DILLONFRANCIS

Kissy Sellout – Turn It On (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS

Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS

Toddla T – Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix) by DILLONFRANCIS

Wanna Stalk Dillon Francis?
Dillon Francis – Mad Decent

News! Sh!t Robot @ Firestone Live – FREE SHOW TOMORROW!!

According to legend, DJ Marcus Lambkin adopted the name Sh!t Robot as a playful poke at LCD Soundsystem founder James Murphy’s inability to draw. Regardless, both Murphy and Lambkin have worked together as DJs and DFA Records cohorts. Now, Lambkin brings his left-field electro and acid house beats to Orlando tomorrow night at Firestone Live and guess what?! Today we officially announced that it is ZERO DOLLARS TO ENTER as long as you RSVP to the event page. Now you can save that money for an extra drink or two at the bar or whatever your little heart desires.

When Lambkin made his Miami debut during this year’s Miami Music Week, he wowed audiences with his lo-fi, Daft Punk-esque stage show. And for his set in Orlando, the live performance promises to be bigger and better. You shouldn’t expect any less from someone with almost three decades of music experience. There is definitely nothing shitty about Shit Robot. Make sure you get there early because playing alongside the duo is Galactique and Adam Wright and they’re both known to blow you away and since it’s free… you never know what’s gonna happen. ;)

For more information on the event, check out the Facebook Event Page. REMEMBER YOU MUST RSVP TO THE EVENT PAGE OR HAVE A FREE COMPLEMENTARY TICKET TO ENTER. Don’t have a Facebook? Why the hell not?! Get free tickets TONIGHT (08.09.11) @ Smile for Camera’s takeovr! See ya there.

Need more Sh!t Robot?

NEWS! Dirt Nasty to Perform at EVE on Saturday!!!

Dirt Nasty @ EVE on Sat July 30 2011

A little less than a year ago, we told you to get your nice panties on and head to LIV for a chance to put yourself in the same room at teen-idol-cum-white-boy-rap-sensation Dirt Nasty.

If you missed it, the good folks over at EVE (formerly the white room) are giving you the chance to make up for your ridiculously shitty judgement call and catch him again, this Saturday. Yes, that’s right ladies, America’s favorite Cracker Ass Fantastic rapper is comin back for round 2. Now some of you are sitting there thinking, “what the shit is this one talking about? I was TOTALLY there!” for you, I know there is little convincing needed, you know first hand that Dirt Nasty is just hilarious dirty fun.

Now you’re probably going to want to sit down for this next part.
Are you sitting yet?
To add to the excitement, we will be premiering the first ever Smile for Camera Photobooth to snap red carpet shots of your beautiful mugs, with props to make you feel like it was 1980 (Please note, The coke will NOT be real, so please don’t steal our props).

We’re going to go ahead and warn you, things may get cheesy. But if you need more reasons, here are a few:
a) You get to see what the street looks like when its been littered with Tom Cruise’s Money (you’ll see)
b) You get to pose for photos while we yell ridiculous orders and throw a variety of things at you (in a fun, non-aggressive way, of course)
c) It’s Dirt Nasty. It’s like getting a strip tease, a comedy show, and a rap performance in one. (And I know you’re as broke as I am)

In the Meantime, here are some videos to whet your appetites (and wet your panties – yeah I said it.)

Cost: $12 (tickets)
Time: Saturday at 10:00pm
Location: Eve
1306 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL

News! Feels So Close: Calvin Harris @ Vain!

I was discussing the topic of “famous Calvins” with a friend. We came up with 4:

Calvin Coolige
Calvin from “Calvin and Hobbs
Calvin Klein
Calvin Harris

This would be a completely arbitrary and irrelevant list, if not for the fact that the last gentlemen is DJing at Vain nightclub in Orlando this Labor Day, and is a f**king boss.

Committee Entertainment is bringing Calvin Harris, the Scottish electropop wonder who went from Myspace DJ to headlining mainstager in a shorter period of time than most trance songs, to throw down 09.05.11 at Vain 3D nightclub, along with Dayglow DJ David Solano. Hometown party rockers and Riot! legends DEFEP will be churning out their signature big-room sound as well. What better way to end to the holiday weekend in Orlando than watching some of the best DJs from Electric Daisy Carnival, both homegrown and international, kill it under one roof?!

About Mr. Harris: if you’ve been to a club or EDM show since 2007, you’ve heard him in some form or another. Well known on the electro-dance circuit for his Myspace-to-outer-space career path, and with a slew of albums, remixes, and big singles like You Used to Hold Me, Awooga, and Feel So Close, Mr. Harris also generates less obvious music, like his collab with British rapper Dizzee Rascal, Dance wiv Me feat. Chrome, and a bunch of Kylie Minogue’s, er, stuff. Much of his notoriety comes not only from his backstory, impeccable production, and intelligent associations, but from the prevalence of his own vocals in his tracks, a rarity in the EDM world and signature of the artist producer elite.

Tickets for the event are available at Ticketfly, and be sure to click ‘attending’ on the Facebook event page. See you all there! I’ll be the drunk one that likes the “pew-pew-pew pewpew pew-pew-pew” track.

And if you can think of any more famous Calvins, please comment. We didn’t get much past four.


Some tracks and a video by Mr. Harris to whet your appetite. Yes, I know one of them is a Nero remix, but it’s damn good and you need it in your life:

Calvin Harris – Neon Rocks

Calvin Harris – Awooga

Calvin Harris – Feel So Close (Nero Dub)

Interview! Blatta and Inesha: Respect their Authoritah!


Blatta & Inesha have been churning out techno & bassline hits from their studio in Sicily since 2004. Their odd and opposite musical backgrounds have been the fuel for creating what is today Blatta & Inesha. The Italian duo have come a long way from the days when one half of B&I was one of the biggest Italian hip hop djs in the ‘90s. Dirty suspicious techno and electro house is what exudes from their sound, spawning releases on Kitsune, Mental Groove, Dim Mak, Lektroluv, Warehouse, Crux etc… and the Orlando electroheads finally have the chance to hear them in person.

Originally, Smile for Camera decided that their eclectic style would be perfect for playing our weekly masquerade night, Battyfang. Although they still would be perfect for playing to the half-naked girls that inhabit Battyfang, we were sure the club just wasn’t big enough. So, SURPRISE!!! We made the decision to move Blatta and Inesha to the party that takes a doucher of a club and turns it into something fucking awesome, Takeovr.

On July 26th, 2011, that’s right, THIS TUESDAY!!!!, Blatta and Inesha AND of course, the Takeovr residents, Joey Paranoia, Cliff T, and Winston Wolfe will WOW you like you have never been WOW‘d before.

For more information on a night you probably won’t remember, check out the event page.

I was fortunate enough to have an interview with Inesha and he said he will be bringing “tons of new tracks, so get ready to bounce… and ladies don’t put too much clothes on please,” their “stickers will cover you up!” Read the rest of the interview below AND…

Prepare yourself with their music, watch this video, and check out how cute the guys are right here. ;)

Blatta & Inesha – Senegal by BLATTA-INESHA

StereoHeroes – Night Hawk – B&I rmx by BLATTA-INESHA

Pink Is Punk – Club Sandwich – Blatta & Inesha rmx by BLATTA-INESHA

SFC: I bet a lot of your interviews start with this question, Why the name Blatta & Inesha?

Inesha: :) Blatta means cockroach in italian…you make your own conclusion! Inesha is just my nickname i have had since i was a teenager…it’s just a twist of my real name, it doesn’t mean anything…and anglophone people don’t know how to pronounce it…

SFC: For new listeners, what does your music sound like or relate too?

Inesha: Electro-Techno! right now we are so into this new wave of techno that is growing in europe made by “electro” producer like us who can’t stand that trash-dutch-fidget-dubstep sound anymore.

SFC: Is being a DJ as magnificent as everyone makes it out to be?

Inesha: It’s super fun but in my personal experience I’ve learned that if you aren’t David Guetta or Bob Sinclair, it’s definitely not what people expect and it’s not the vicious glam world everybody imagines…it’s great but it’s not a lot of money and when you get to go to an exciting new city most of the time you don’t even have the time to check it out because you are in the club or hotel the entire 16 hours you are there. Also during the week, you spend your whole day in the studio and sometimes you don’t see the sun for days and on the weekend, your ass is constantly on an airplane, shitty sandwiches at the airport and when you finish your set, most of the time it’s too late and you gotta run to get your flight to the next city with 2, 1 or zero hours of sleep. So, despite what people think it means no girls or crazy sex and drugs after parties.

Btw I’m just saying that because my girl might read this…

SFC: What lies in the future of Blatta & Inesha?

Inesha: We are working on our album…very loooong process! :)

SFC: What is your favorite part about touring?

Inesha: I love to try new food… I would love to make one of those culinary-world traveling tv shows like Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain one day but with a dj point of view. The dance music world is a crazy world…imagine how many weirdos we get to know and how many crazy things we hear or see during our tours that those “normal” tv guys don’t get to see…

SFC: You’ve played a wide variety of venues and festivals, What was one of your most memorable gigs and why?

Inesha: It’s so difficult to answer to this one…Marsatac festival in Marseille – France last year was great, World dj festival in Korea this year was great too even if after 30 minutes into our set it started raining like a muthafucker and the stage was uncovered…you can image the mess!

Festivals in general are fun for the big number of people and healthy for your ego! LoL but personally I’m more a small club person, so every time the sound system is good, the air is moist and smokey, people are jumping to our music and girls are sweaty is my favorite gig!

SFC: There is now a Blatta & Inesha blog/website running, can you tell us a bit about what you will be doing with this?

I wish I had more time to take care of it…but check it out if you have a minute … basically we give away tracks, mixtapes, pics, etc…soon you’ll also be able to buy our t-shirts and merchandising in general.

SFC: What is your worst “while-on-tour” horror story?

Inesha: every time there is a train strike in France we have a new horror story…and it happens very often or at least every time we play there…which it happens very often as well! LOL

SFC: If not this, what would you be doing?

Inesha: i would be a chef, a beer brewer, a secret agent, a professional tennis player or a porn actor. Or if it would be possible I’d love to be Eric Cartman from South Park.

SFC: How has your American tour been going? Favorite experience?

Inesha: So far very good! Definitely the best American tour we ever done…we are playing in bigger venues compared to the past tours and I can see our name has gotten more popular in the US, also it is always a pleasure to see friends that we don’t get to see very often…and I’m very glad to see how good people respond to our sound!

SFC: Any specific things you want to do that you haven’t been able to do in the US?

Inesha: I’d like to change this stupid rule that make clubs shut down at 2am!!!

SFC: What’s in store for the people of Orlando when you come to Takeovr next week?

Inesha: We have tons of new tracks so get ready to bounce…and ladies don’t put too much clothes on please, our stickers will cover you up!

SFC: What keeps you going?

Inesha: Coffee and cigarettes!

SFC: Any Last Words?

Inesha: Kids: there is life after dubstep!

Quick Questions:

During performance, Boxers or Brief?

Inesha: Dude we are Italian…boxers don’t exist!

SFC: Whats in your wallet?

Inesha: I don’t use wallets anymore…I’ve lost too many of them.

SFC: How many times have you been naked in public?

Do people in group-sex count as public?
SFC: Did you ever sleep over at a girls house, and wake up and find you were actually sleeping with your mother?

Nope, but I woke up a couple of time with somebody else’s mom!

2012, what’s going to happen?

Hopefully we’ll be rich!

Want more Blatta and Inesha?!
My Lady Don’t Mind EP (March 2011)
Burn Paris, Burn Mixtape #3 (May 2010)
Blatta & Inesha

News! D.A.N.C.E. launch party with Heartbreak at BOSS on August 1st!

Moombahton is a new and growing genre that fuses Dutch house music and reggaeton and was born by accident, probably like most of you. (no matter what your parents have told you) Producer of all genres, and jack of all trades, Heartbreak’s current involvement with the Moombahton movement has him touring the globe and garnering attention from the most elite. More than six free EPs deep, his production, performance, and charming affect has started an onslaught of followers. With this newest genre in electronic music being embraced by partygoers and dirty dancers worldwide, what better way to start off the 1st night of August during the newest electronic weekly to hit Orlando, with a Brooklyn-born, Charlotte Native and Moombahton Idol, Heartbreak. He will be playing his booty-shaking tracks at BOSS Ultra Lounge in Downtown at the launch of D.A.N.C.E!

For more information check out the eventpage HERE. I, Kegger, will definitely be there taking pictures of your pretty, messed-up faces and bad dance moves. If that wasn’t enough awesomeness for you, opening for him are local DJ’s, Frizz, Dr. Khan and BIGMAKK, so make sure you get their early to hear all types of electronic music from all over the globe. Moombahton is still young, and like a child trying to find its way in the electronic-dance music world. So, come out, drink, dance, bring your friends and show your support on Monday, August 1st while we TURN UP THE BASS and get down with our friends.

We also prepared you some pregame tunes, so check them out below! Muah.

Heartbreak & Toddla T Blaze up ( That Jeffrey ) by David Heartbreak

Heartbreak – King Kong
Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o Não (Moombahton Remix)
Heartbreak w/ Munchi – Boneknuckles (Moombahton Remix)
Emalkay – When I Look At You (Heartbreak’s I ♥ Moombahcore Remix)



Dr. Khan


News! Zedd & Porter Robinson LIVE from Beatport on Ustream Friday!

If you haven’t noticed all the changes Beatport has been going through lately, now is the time to check it out. Come celebrate the evolution of Beatport and the new HTML5 site with a special Ustream event featuring back-to-back sets from rising stars Zedd and Porter Robinson on Friday, July 15th!

Both will be broadcasting live from Beatport headquarters in Denver at 1pm mountain time. For the people who can’t figure out time zones, that is 3pm for Florida, New York, and the entire east coast (because thats how times zones work, dur). ;) Video stream will be on their Ustream channel and if you happen to actually live in Colorado, make sure you follow beatport on twitter for your chance to win tickets to attend the show in person! If you need more information check out the event HERE. Happy listening. – Kegg