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Music! Horsepower & Teki Latex: All I Want For Christmas is Techno!

Bart B More has always been one of our favorites at Smile For Camera. So has Tommie Sunshine. Luckily for us, they’ve been bumpin’ out tracks together lately (along with RipTide) under the moniker Horsepower. Familiarize yourself with that name, you should be hearing quite a bit of it in 2012. As a sort of precursor/X-mas present, Horsepower has a holiday tune for us with vocals by none other than Teki Latex. In the spirit of the holiday, this track is a gift. The Horsepower crew asks only that you consider donating to the two very worthy causes they’ve linked on their Soundcloud, should your means allow. The links to Unicef and Dance4Life are just below the song jump. Please consider donating if you can! It’ll make you feel as good as the song sounds!

Horsepower and Teki Latex – All I Want For Christmas is Techno

Music! We Wish You A Very Telephoned Christmas!

It’s December in Florida and of course it’s hot. We wanted to make sure everyone in the EDM scene was getting ready for the holidays with the right type of holiday music. Instead of having to get into the spirit by listening the same Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson and boy band Christmas cover songs, why not download and listen to something more your style? Fool’s Gold posted a quick EP by Telephoned, who were able to cover 3 of my favorite Christmas songs and lucky for everyone they’re free for download!

“We love cover songs, so its natural that we love the holiday season. This year we’re overjoyed to give you the gift of our holiday EP, A Very Telephoned Christmas, which presents 3 xmas favs in a covered-up Telephoned stylee. We’re excited about doing something a bit different with the classics, but also looking forward to finally having some music our moms will like.”

Preview and Download the songs below. Blast your air conditioning and buy a snow cone while you listen in your car and on the go. Make sure you’re nice to the everyone this month, ESPECIALLY the people who work in retail! Have patience, don’t forget to smile, and have a very happy holidays! – Kegger

A Very Telephoned Christmas by Telephoned

Moombahwhat?! 8

Welcome to the 8th installment of Moombahwhat!?

Before I delve into my picks from the last two weeks I’d like to share a remix that I’ve done of the classic Beastie Boys tune “Slow and Low”.


I will be releasing a slew of remixes of classic dancehall, drumnbass and dubstep tunes in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow me on SoundCloud, Twitter and like me on Facebook to get the goods.


Click here to download the tune.


Mendez’s “Adventures In Ultracore” EP has been released and it’s currently climbing the charts on Beatport, currently in the top 20 Dubstep releases! That’s a good look for the movement and a clear indication of the continual rise of moombahton.

Make sure you get your hands on this banging EP from the head of El Cuco Recorings. Also from El Cuco recordings is the heavy “Respect Mine” EP from Richie August, who is one half of the dubstep duo Hulk (along with Claw) and of course my favorite EP from the last 6 months, “Future Primitive” from Bro Safari and UFO!.

Download Mendez’s remix of Villains – “Control the Future” for free!


Up next we’ve got a mix from Pickster, part of the Arizona Gunslingaz.

“I feel like Moombahton is gonna help Bridge the gap for EDM and Club/Dance Hip-Hop,” says Pickster. “With new artists like “Wale & Big Sean” already working with Diplo on Moombahton tunes (Slight Work), Add to that the surplus of Hip-Hop infused Moombahton Remixes coming out, And I feel we could very easily see some Moombahton tunes in the Hip-Hop clubs & Top 40 Charts in the near future, weather you like it or not.”

Download this mix and if you’d like to see the tracklisting and hear more from Pickster go to his Soundcloud page. The dude Pickster is also giving away a remix of J. Cole’s “Work Out” so hit this download link too!

Pickster – They Playin My Shit (Moombahton Mix 2011) by PicksterOne


…and as usual, here’s a bunch of free tunes!


Multiplier – Wah Wah (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Multiplier

Radiola vs SaBBo “Respire….. Tempo de Rubbin” (Telefunksoul Moombahshup 2011) by M.Telefunksoul

Play Button – Sooner or Later (Original Mix) [Free Download] by Play Bu††on

Dev – In The Dark (KRAYMER & TIGRE HOODS Remix) by Tigre Hoods

Hijo De Puta (Original Mix) (Moombahton) DL in Description by AreHouse

Mikix The Cat (Creampie Moombahton Edit) – Deep Down by Creampie44

News! Five Dollar Mustard Pimp! Thursday 11/10 at The Beacham!

Uh-oh, looks like a feud’s a-brewin’ between Dim Mak‘s Mustard Pimp and Fool’s Gold‘s Duck Sauce! Some consider it the first (and hopefully last) East Coast/West Coast dance music record label “beef”, a la 90′s Hip-Hop. Mustard Pimp said on their Facebook page in late October:

“It’s us or that latest Duck Sauce video makes us think of our “ZHM” vid released 3 months ago?”

Both videos are absolutely hysterical/borderline disturbing, and are definitely some of the more creative EDM videos to come out lately, but there IS a similarity.

Mustard Pimp “ZHM” (Official Video) from Dim Mak on Vimeo.

ZHM is one of the standout tracks of their new album, No Title or Purpose (available on iTunes and Beatport, and in my opinion does very well on its own, even without the eye-melting video. The video(s) may not have become the hot-button issues they now are, but since the Duck Sauce video and the Mustard Pimp album were released on the same day, the Pimps of said Mustard seems to have taken it a bit more personal. Perhaps they should have? If it was indeed done maliciously, the similarity of the video and corresponding release date would be somewhat of a slap in the face. Duck Sauce has yet to comment on the issue directly, but did say this:

“When Keith [Schofield] came up with this idea of ‘crotchfaces,’ we just thought it was hilarious. He started coming up with all these gags and describing the characters living in this sort of parallel world, and we were sold.”

So, apparently, the director (Schofeild, who’s directed videos for Cut Copy, Chromeo, and CSS) claims originality on the ‘crotchface’ concept, even though an arguably similar scene plays out ZHM, released 3 months prior. Either way, the two are definitely #1 and #2 in the “most-fucked-up-video” category. What do YOU think of the tiff? Is the Duck Sauce video a ripoff? Are they totally different? Is it all just manufactured drama to sell records and get hits?

Whatever you decide when it comes to the videos, good music is good music and both camps are obviously incredibly talented. Duck Sauce has always been great at the big, crowd-pleasing sing-a-longs, and Big Bad Wolf (and it’s corresponding remixes) are no exception. MP’s brand of nasty French-lectro and new live show make their album and the music on it some of the most unique and memorable of 2011 for myself. Not many dance/EDM albums work like an album should in the classical sense, but this one does. First track to last, you just want to sit and LISTEN to it. Well, maybe ‘sit’ isn’t the best choice of words, but you will want to pay closer attention than you might normally with dance tunes. The Illuminati cover art and dark imagery are very well done and lend an excellent hard asthetic to the album as well. Instant classic.

Fortunately for you, Orlando, Mustard Pimp will be performing at The Beacham THIS THURSDAY and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to take in their new sounds. Blood Eagle, Joey Paranoia, and myself will be opening up. The best part, it’s only $5! That deal’s like a sore dick: hard to beat. See ya there.



Mustard Pimp – ZHM
Alec Empire & Mustard Pimp – Catch Me
Mustard Pimp – Figaro Fist Pump (Jersey Shore S4 Theme)

NEWS! Spank Rock to close out the Check Yo Ponytail tour in Miami!

check yo ponytail with spank rock

Tomorrow night, its time to Check Yo Ponytail. The banging LA party was squashed for a little while, but returned earlier this year, making waves nationwide with stories of crazy debauchery. On Saturday at Grand Central, Iheartcomix and Media Contender invite you to take part of the fun when the Check yo Ponytail Tour makes its final stop in lovely Miami.

The line up includes some of the best names in the game, you may wanna get your tickets while you still can.

Spank Rock
BNR065: SPANK ROCK – ENERGY (PREVIEW) by Boysnoize Records

Big Freedia

Big Freedia Hitz Vol. 1 by Big Freedia

Franki Chan

Here’s a clip of what’s in store:

2011 Check Yo Ponytail Tour: The Mayan – Los Angeles, CA from Check Yo Ponytail on Vimeo.

More info available on the FB Event Page

Moombahwhat?! part 7

Hello party people, I hope you’re all doing well. The seasons have started changing here in Miami, which really means it’s not hot as fuck all the time any more. With the changing of the weather also comes my changing of age; this week I celebrate my birthday and my friends at The Vagabond / (((SHAKE))) were awesome enough to let me throw a shindig in their back patio area!

Sharing the line up with me are my drum and bass family Methodus, AlphaXero, Sopheye and Disidente. Jungillshadow will also be throwing down some jams as well. You can peep the soulful moombahton set that he recorded this past weekend at Something Wicked Comes This Way.

Live @ Revolution Live! #somethingwickedthiswaycomes by Jungillshadow


Now before I delve into the music, I’d like to provide a little bit of history for those that are not in the know. Depending on what country you’re in, today is the Day of the Dead, which many people simply think of as being a Latin Halloween. The sugar skulls that represent this holiday have become the visual representation for moombahton. Today is November 1st, which is “Día de los Inocentes” meaning the day of the children. Tomorrow, which is my birthday, is ironically the “Día de los Muertos”. This holiday may appear to be morbid, you know, with all the skulls and shit, but really it’s a about honoring those that have passed on and appreciating being alive. Read more about the Day of the Dead here.


Shazalakazoo (say sha-ah-la-ka-zoo) are from Serbia and make some radical music that combines elements of balkatan and other “ethnic” sounds with the moombah rhythm we’re familiar with, creating something new and fun! Their latest offering is a 6 track EP called Bang! Bang!, being released via Generation Bass.

“The band plays danceable electronic bass music spiced with the sounds originating mostly from their own region – the Balkans. Their interpretation of Balkan melodies, harmonies and rhythm patterns are often intertwined with the influences that come mostly from Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, creating the unique musical blend which they call the Folkstep. These guys are on the forefront of the dance floor and have shifted slowly into Moombahton territory, blending their trusted organic sound with the hard hitting slow beats of the moombah movement!” 


In New York lives a dude named Cody Murray that’s been releasing all sorts of crazy house music for years now. Recently he’s begun releasing music via Craze’s Slow Roast Records imprint and the guy is blowing up. I’ve been pestering him on the internet to make more moombahton music and he’s finally released a new edit! I dunno how much of an effect my annoying encouragements have made, but here’s the tune anyways. “His sound is a little cut n’ paste, a little production wizardry, and a lot of love.”

Make sure you check out Codes music via his SoundCloud.


The crew at Generation Bass have been busy as shit apparently, also this week releasing Moombahluv Volume 2, stating:

“Moombahluv is not really a sub-genre BUT it can be if you so will it to be. It’s for that rainy windswept day when you’ve been blown out or feeling down or are just in the need for some luv & a hug. This compilation is a hug from me to you :-) It’s for loners, just like me, who dream fantastic dreams and feel that anything is possible but always with a sense of vulnerability and humility.”

With edits and originals from David Heartbreak, Direct Feed, Big Makk, Le Doom and many more, you can download the whole thing for free at this link and listen to a mix of the tunes below.


El Cuco Recordings is raising the bar for producers across the globe – every tune, whether they’re from a free release or something you’re buying off of Beatport, is quality from start to finish, content and audio quality wise. This free release of 19 moombahton tunes showcases this standard of quality elegantly, boasting sounds from DJ Melo, LeDoom, Sluggo, UFO!, Teen Wolf, Pickster and many more.

“Tradition and family run deep in the Moombahton scene. The seasonal Moombahton compilations started by Munchi in the Summer of 2010 kicked off a tradition. As the seasons change a different Moombahtonista curates a compilation that takes a snap shot of the scene and the producers making noise at that time. David Heartbreak followed with the Fall Of Moombahton in 2010, DJ Melo with the Winter Of Moombahton in 2010, Lightning Eyez with the Spring Of Moombahton in 2011, and Munchi with Verano Del Moombahton in the summer of 2011. Pickster from Phoenix, Arizona has taken the baton and put together the Fall compilation for 2011.”

You can download the whole shabang here, and you can listen to and download individual tunes below.

Pickster presents The Rise Of Moombahton Compilation by El Cuco Recordings


One of my favorite producer/DJ dudes at the moment is UFO! from San Francisco, who I’ve written extensively about before. The EP that he did with Bro Safari called “Future Primitive” – mentioned in a previous Moombahwhat?! – is a game changer and seemingly everything UFO! rubs his magic on is extraordinary.

This mix, hilariously entitled “I don’t know what to call it”, starts out with some moombahton and moombahcore, making it’s way into dubstep and drum and bass music. In my not so humble and often obnoxious opinion, this is how DJ sets SHOULD be – sonically diverse and interesting, not the same fucking sounds over and over again for 45 minutes. All of you new to the movement take notes once you’ve downloaded the mix and hit up his SoundCloud for more goodies.


That’s it for now! As always if you’re a producer, DJ or label and want me to cover your stuff, hit me up, follow me on Twitter and send me your music via SoundCloud.

Music! Bats – Prolonged Exposure, An SFC Exclusive Mix

bats prolonged exposure smile for camera mix

For Miami based DJ/producer, Ryan Daniel, aka Bats, music isn’t just a game, or a thing to do to pass the time. Its not a ploy to make a lot of money, its a language that speaks to him on a level unlike any other. Music makes sense when all other things don’t. Much like the masked crusader credited with his name-sake, Bats seeks to find redemption through his work. His signature brand of dark, throbbing bass is as well thought out and intelligent in its approach as Mr. Bruce Wayne’s is when he dons the bat suit. A testament to his skill, Bats’ much anticipated debut release will be available on Basshead music before the end of the year.

So dark is his style that we could think of no one more appropriate to make us an exclusive mix for the Month of October. Featuring two of his own tracks, he age a mix that isn’t “necessarily [just] an hour of the newest hottest sounds in dubstep, but a fun eclectic mix people can leave in the cd player of their car or jam to during pregames that would last some time.”

So, as the temperatures begin to drop, as the days continue to go on dark and rainy, don’t run and hide, instead, embrace your inner monster and turn up the volume. Love what you hear? Come show love! Bats will be playing Miami’s most popular bass night, Get Low, on the 27th of October. Its the Halloween edition, so you know you can expect something crazy, especially from someone that lives in the dark.

Anyways, without further ado we present to you Bats’ exclusive mix for Smile for Camera “Prolonged Exposure”

Bats – Prolonged Exposure ( Exclusive Mix) by BATS (Official)

1. Alex Clare – Up All Night (Skream Remix)
2. Nero – In The Way
3. Requake – Blinking Idiot
4. Mike Jones – Still Tippin (Chimpo Remix)
5. Run DMT – Throw Some G’s
6. D-Jahsta – Slug Bass
7. Requake – Duo Flex
8. KT – The Moment (ENiGMA Remix)
9. Animal Krackerz – Rhino
10. p0gman – DSFG
11. Bats – Alter Ego
12. Breton – RDI (Girl Unit Remix)
13. Zeds Dead ft. The Killabits – Bassmentality
14. Hollywood Undead – I Don’t Wanna Die (Borgore Remix)
15. 16 Bit – Boston Cream
16. Bats – Fly By Knight
17. Everything But The Girl – Missing (Coven Remix)
18. Tinie Tempah – Pass Out
19. Zeds Dead ft. Mavado – Undah Yuh Skirt

For More on Bats, Check out his
Basshead Music

Moombahwhat?! part 6

A couple of Thursdays ago, at what has become home for many of us Miami bass lovers, the Vagabond held Moombahton Over Miami, packing people into the outside of the club, inciting massive amounts of hip shaking, booty gyrating and introducing a lot of new ears to the sounds of moombahton. Smile For Camera was there snapping photos, here’s some of what we saw! You can see the rest here.

I recorded my set during Moombahton Over Miami, which includes some edits and originals from myself. Listen to it and download via the link below. A full track listing is detailed via my SoundCloud.

somejerk live at moombahton over miami by somejerk

Here’s a chilled out but kinda dark moombahton tune I’ve beek working on. It’s not up for public download as it’s in the process of being signed but if you ask me nicely I’ll probably send you a WAV or 320!

uh huh (clip) by somejerk

Today DJ Melo, from Arizona, releases his Star Time EP via Think2wice, which is available for purchase on Beatport and contains 6 originals and remixes from Sazon Booya, Boyfriend and Fellow. You can download Melo’s remix of Mexicans With Guns “Me Gusto” for free here, but please support the moombahton movement and buy the tunes!

Here’s a preview mix for the Star Time EP:

Dj Melo – Star Time EP Promo Mix by azdjmelo

…and a mix!

Throbcast019 – DJ Melo by Dirty Sweaty Nasty

El Cuco Recordings continues to lead the wave of Stateside producers creating aggressive moombahton and the second installment of their podcast series, mixed by label head Mendez features a fuck ton of exclusives from producers such as Uman & Vegas, J-Rabbit and many more.

Download it here and listen to it below.

Moombahton | Moombahcore Podcast 002 – Mendez by El Cuco Recordings

A Tribe Called Red are giving away a free EP of hiphop edits that they’ve done, download the full EP here. I can’t find any of the tunes on the EP hosted on SoundCloud, but here’s a few other things they’ve done that are pretty cool:

Tequila moombahton by A Tribe Called Red

Caetano Veloso – Tropicalia (ATCR Remix) by A Tribe Called Red

Shottas (A Tribe Called Red Soca Core remix) by A Tribe Called Red

And now, an assortment of the best free moombahton, moombahsoul and moombahcore tunes I’ve heard in the last two weeks, which is more than likely what you’re here for.

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now (Wick-it Moombahton Remix) by Wick-it the Instigator

Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix) (J-Trick Edit) by J-TRICK

Caballo & Chong X – Whoomp, Como Va by chong-x

Zedd – Shave It (Neki Mix) by NEKI STRANAC

100% In The Bitch (Korova & The KiD Edit) by Korov∆

Já é Sensação Moombahton by CoreyCoreyHaim

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf (Super De Mario Remix) by >Super_Mario^