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Surkin – Next of Kin (Todd Edwards Re-Kindled Mix)

It’s very hard to come out with a mix originally made by Surkin (Institubes) that surpasses the young French native/prodigy. But Todd Edwards did just that. Surkin has produced hit after hit such as; Radio Fireworks, White Night Two, Hoes Get down, just to name a few. But this remix of “Next of Kin” serves justice without sacrificing the naturalness of the song. I recommend this to anyone, regardless of mood.

[audio: |titles= Next of Kin (Todd Edwards Re-Kindled Mix) |artists= Surkin ]
Surkin – Next of Kin (Todd Edwards Re-Kindled Mix) (direct download)

Music! New Designer Drugs remix of Cross the Dancefloor!

(courtesy of: ME! and smileforcamera)

So, I was just searching out that A-Trak shoe contest post that my gal mgap mentioned (but selfishly didn’t link to, hahaha) in the previous post about those super-exclusive Nikes and I hit up the Fool’s Gold blog and came across a hot new remix of Treasure Fingers “Cross the Dancefloor” by another beloved DJ, Designer Drugs, courtesy of RCRD LBL!

So listen to it in their nifty audio player, then go here to download it directly!

Cryptonites – Cant Give You Up (Headshotboyz Remix)

It’s hard to come across a good club-banger on the daily or weekly, but I feel this song will put Headshot Boyz on the map. If not, it’ll at least be played on your itunes or mp3 player of choice. Have fun with this one, I can’t help but to not listen to it on repeat.

[audio: |titles= Cant Give You Up (Headshotboyz Remix) |artists= Cryptonites ]
Cryptonites- Cant Give You Up (Headshotboyz Remix) (direct download)

DJ Mehdi – Breakaway and B1 Tunisia Bambaata (NEW TRACK!!!)

This song just hit the Blog market yesterday. It has a very funky fresh vibe to it and is definitely great to jam in your car while in traffic or on your way to the supermarket. Hell, you might even hear it out. Luckily for you, you got your dirty lil paws on this one before anyone else. Enjoy! More Mehdi? Coming right up!
ALSO! This just in, a Brodinski Remix of B2 Pocket Piano! Can’t wait. This song takes away the Mehdi funk and replaces it with a more House beat type feel. With ups and downs and all arounds. It’s a more upbeat and a Must Have without being too much. Includes a dope piano solo at the 3:11 mark which I love. Enjoy!

[audio: |titles=B2 Pocket Piano (Brodinski Remix) |artists= DJ Mehdi ]
DJ Mehdi – B2 Pocket Piano (Brodinski Remix) (direct download)

[audio: |titles= Breakaway |artists= DJ Mehdi ]
DJ Mehdi – Breakaway (direct download)

Also another track thats a bit more upbeat while still keeping the “Mehdi funk.”

[audio: |titles= B1 Tunisia Bambaata |artists= DJ Mehdi ]
DJ Mehdi – B1 Tunisia Bambaata (direct download)

Kid Cudi feat. Crookers – Day & Night (Jokers of the Scene Remix)

Yeah, this song is old in blog terms, but here’s a remix you may not have heard yet!

It gets dope around the 4:00 mark!

[audio: |titles=Day & Night (Jokers of The Scene Remix) |artists=Kid Cudi ]
Kid Cudi – Day N Night (Jokers of the Scene Remix) (direct download)

Franki Chan, Toxic Avenger, + Crookers this weekend in Miami!

Two amazing events coming up this tonight and tomorrow (Friday/Saturday) in Miami.

IHEARTCOMIX Tour with Franki Chan and Toxic Avenger
@ The Vagabond – Doors​ open at 10pm
Free Admis​sion befor​e 11pm and $1 Stell​a and PBR befor​e midni​ght.


Heartsrevolution – Switchblade (Toxic Avenger Remix) (courtesy of IHEARTCOMIX)

Toxic Avenger – IHEARTCOMIX Tour 2008 Mixtape (courtesy of IHEARTCOMIX)

CROOKERS w/ Pauly Crush, Danny Daze & Jessica Who?
@ Heathrow – Doors at 10pm
BUY TICKETS $15 today, $35 day of show


Pauly Crush – TECO Mix (40 min Teaser of 140 min Mix)

And now, a word about Crookers from contributing writer, Vegas…

Aside from being one of the many homes of the four C diet (Champagne, Cigarettes, Cocaine, and Coffee), Miami has a reputation for having some of the craziest parties, the most amazing beaches, and an insane nightlife.  South Beach especially, is riddled with the rich, the crazy, and the drunk after dark. And on Saturday night, a little place on the corner of Washington and 7th, Heathrow Lounge, will be no different.  For those of you who have never been, the best way to describe Heathrow would be if the insanity of Carnival in its early days and the debauchery of Firestone’s Saturday/Thursday (the old good ole Saturday/Thursday) had a love child with the infamous Fabric nightclub in London.  In laymens terms, it’s balls to the wall destruction.

This up and coming nightclub has established itself with the electro/indie/dance crowd by bringing in acts like Chromeo, offering an upscale atmosphere and being well poised in Miami’s most popular zip code. This Saturday, November 8th, the club presents DJ team Crookers and for you Orlando-ites, this would be a perfect time as ever to come check out what you’ve been missing.  With tickets on sale now at, Crookers at Heathrow will be one of those nights to tell you grandchildren about around a fire, when they’re older, of course.

Come out in support of Orlando’s own, Pauly Crush, who will be spinning with Danny Daze, and meet the host of the party “Bronques” from (NYC).  Not to mention ::Shameless plug:: it’s my 22nd birthday party.  Smile for Camera will of course be there to capture the night in photos, but they won’t be the only Orlando locals there.  It seems like every day I hear of more and more people coming from the Orlando area to see Crookers.  Just be ready for one hell of a night.

Personally, I’m excited for this night, I’m honestly banking on it to get me out of this early quarter life crisis I seem to be suffering due to a diminishing economy and a dying scene.  Could Heathrow Lounge be the cure?  Or will our scene continue to be “MIA?” Not if Owner Sam Baum has anything to say about it. Check out his write up…

Before anyone panic​s I would​ like to personally address the rumor​s spreading based​ on the press​ release (​copied below​)​ currently circulating​ on the internet and in the tabloids :

Breaking news flash via MIAMI​NEWSM​EDIAC​ENTER​.​ORG

Effective this Saturday, Nov 8, Miami Beach Police Department has issues a warning for all Miami residents stating that Heathrow Lounge will be designated as a potential threat to your morals and general health. Symptoms being reported include nymphomania, sensitive hearing, sexual outbursts Disappearing pants disorder, and pimpitis, all considered serious issues by the board of health in Wacksonville, FL. Woman are strongly advised to caution as the phenomenon is most strongly affecting females. Any person to come in contact with a Mr. Samuel Baum,​ AKA Samuel Baumel,​ AKA Slam Baum,​ AKA Simon Wise N Tall,​ AKA The Bull,​ AKA Fat Sam, is advised to immediately consult their physician, priest rabbi and/or sponsor, as he believed to be patient zero.

Unfortunately,​it’s all true.

Note:​ Sam Baum is not to be held responsible for any post parte​m depression​,​ addictions​,​ medic​al expenses,​ suicidal tendencies​,​ helicopter​ crashes,​ natural and/​or unnatural disasters,​ the apocalypse,​ infestations,​ infections​,​ riots​,​ crime​ spree​s,​ spill​s,​ sexual misconduct​,​ sexual explorations,​ orginless hickeys,​ missing jewelry,​missing under​wear,​ or missing moral​s that may result as the direct or indirect attendance​ of this event​.

Also DJing​ are literally some of Florida​’s finest spinsters:

DJ Danny​ Daze:

Jessica Who?,​ our resident Sound​ Sister and everyone in Miami’s secret crush:

DJ DS of The Deuce​ Crew:​

DJ Strav​inksy :​

Pauly ​Crush:​

Co-​produced by a true homie​ and President of Miami’s Tire Iron Club,​ Xavier Burt: ​

So now, what’s your excuse?

Interview with Totally Michael, an MP3, + info about his show tonight

Orlando, are you ready for the return of Totally Michael?? Smile for Camera is! If you saw one of his many Orlando performances the last time he was here, then I’m sure you’ll be super ready for some good ole dorky, witty pop music! Unfortunately, we missed him last time, but can’t wait for tonight when he opens up for MC Chris. Michael took a few minutes out of his lovely day here in Orlando to answer a few fun questions via email.

Be on the look out for multiple penises(?), his love for Orlando, a city that runs on weed, what Totally Michaels reeeeal name is, and more fun answers! (free mp3, Winona, and concert info after the interview)

SFC: Why not “100% Michael” or “Completely Michael” or even “Michael Like Whoa”? :)

TM: Well, those are all equally as bad so I don’t know. “Michael Like Whoa” sounds the best.

SFC: So, what makes you special? What makes you different from every other Pop musician out there?

TM: I have three and a half penises. Also I’m probably dorkier than any other pop musician out there. Is that special?

SFC: Your song “Casual Satisfaction” has gotten some buzz. Yet you’re pushing “Winona” as your first single (I think), what’s behind that decision?

TM: Well, if you’ve heard the lyrics to Casual Satisfaction you know it’s not very kid friendly. “Winona” doesn’t mention ding dongs so we figured it was the next best choice.

SFC: Are you excited to play Orlando again?

TM: Hell yes!

SFC: The last time you came down here you played Crush @ Backbooth and wound up staying for a week or so, played Crush again, and even played a house party or two (from what I heard unfortunately I missed all 27 shows you played, haha). Was that planned or did you get down here and love it so much you decided to stay longer?

TM: The truth is I loved it. I was supposed to play some shows elsewhere, but cancelled them to hang out in Orlando a bit longer. Orlando parties hard. Really hard. It’s amazing. I’m glad to be back!

SFC: Are you gonna miss not getting to hang out again and play some more random house parties and chill with the friends you made last time?

TM: Definitely. If it were my choice I would have booked about a week of off-day’s to chill out here. We’re going to have to just party extra hard.

SFC: I read your Myspace bulletins and blog concerning the untimely demise of your Nissan Stanza. Is it fixed yet? How’s your 89 Chevy Celebrity Albuquerque purchase doing on the road up to this point?

TM: It’s definitely not fixed. We ditched it in Quemada, NM with no plan of picking it back up. The Celebrity is somehow still running. I have no idea how. I honestly didn’t expect it to make the first seventeen hour drive from Albuquerque to Baton Rouge. Other than the tires sucking, it’s been a champ.

SFC: Do you get to go home often? What’s your favorite thing about Bloomington?

TM: I normally like to stay out on tour, but with all the car trouble I had this Summer I was home for a pretty long time. Bloomington’s pretty awesome. I’ve got some rad friends there. The Winter’s are horrible though. I always try to tour my ass off during the Winter to get out of the snow. My favorite thing about Bloomington is definitely my friends there. Oh, and Nutty Noodles from Cafe D’Jango. Best peanut noodle dish ever!

SFC: I noticed something weird. You don’t have a wikipedia page! Even my left shoe has a wikipedia page. What’s up with that? Gimme $20 bucks and i’ll make one for you!

TM: I know. What’s up with that? I should make one myself. I’ll write about how I’m always saving babies from fires and cats from trees and stuff. And how my real name is actually Brad Pitt.

SFC: What is…

…the most annoying thing about touring (besides car trouble, of course)?

TM: Parking in big cities. Having to wake up at 8am just to move my car across the street. Waking up early always sucks. Pretty much the only annoying stuff that happens has to do with the car.

…the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the road?

TM: Well, it’s different every tour. But we were in Denver a few weeks ago and some interesting stuff happened. Our friend took us to this “party” that was in a crazy chop shop kind of place. It looked like the place they take stolen cars and repaint them and all that. So we go in and everybody’s on opium and stuff. Our friend is like “Duuude! You’ve gotta come in this other room. It’s crazy.” We follow him into this room with a wall and really long horizontal window with bar stools. Everybody’s sitting on barstools looking into this window and inside the window is a jazz band playing in a practice space. It was really bizarre. Then my friend disappeared and within a few minutes we noticed that he was inside this room with the jazz band just chillin’. Like seriously three guys playing jazz and our friend standing there in the middle. He found his way out and was freaking out. He had no idea how he got in there. There were also a couple of the sketchiest drug dealers I’ve ever seen there. Complete with sketchy sunglasses and trenchcoats. Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Then this random guy walks in carrying like 6 big fat burritos. My friend was like “Oh there’s Jon!” So apparently this middle aged guy always shows up at random parties knowing people are going to be high and real hungry and he sells them burritos. After my mind was done being blown I realized I was indeed pretty hungry, but the burritos were all gone.

…the most interesting city (say Orlando if you want to kiss some ass)?

TM: Almost every city has some interesting stuff about it, but this tour I’d have to say Arcata, CA. Weed runs that place. The chief of police smokes it. We met a few people who work on weed fields either trimming the plants or guarding the fields with guns. The city apparently knows that marijuana is what runs the economy there so they’re pretty chill about it. I’d say that’s pretty interesting. But Orlando is definitely a close second place for most interesting. Wink, Wink.

Download mp3: Totally Michael – Winona (courtesy of IHEARTCOMIX)

Show info:
MC Chris w/ Totally Michael and Whole Wheat Bread
Doors at 8:00PM, $12.00, All Ages.

Tickets available at the Social Box Office, the door, and Ticketmaster locations.
DRINK SPECIALS: $3.50 Sierra Nevada $3.00 Abita Turbo Dog
The Social is located Downtown at 54 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801, Telephone: 407.246.1419

New Tracks and Mix from LA’s Nate Day!

California’s own Nate Day is no stranger to showing sunny ol’ Florida some love, and today, he’s blessed my inbox with a few new tracks and a bangin new mix. So here they are for you to listen to in all their digital glory.

“Buzzclaw is a 4×4 stormer with wobbling bass and driving synth stabs, while ’83 Down is based in baltimore club with twisting automated bass synths inspired by Pendelums remix of the Ed Rush and Optical killer “Bacteria”.”

[audio: Day - Buzzclaw.mp3 |titles=Buzzclaw |artists=Nate Day ]
Download mp3: Nate Day –Buzzclaw

[audio: Day - 83 Down.mp3 |titles=83 Down |artists=Nate Day ]
Download mp3: Nate Day – ’83 Down

“Welcome To the Turbodome is my first full length non-drum and bass mix. However it still delivers the low end punch with tunes from Drop The Lime, Wideboys, Boy 8 Bit, Fake Blood, Rico Tubbs, Crookers and a host of other heavy hitters.”

Download mp3 on Zippy Share (way better than zshare!):
Nate Day Welcome To The Turbodome (66 min.)

1. Decoy–Proxy
2. Touch (AC Slater Remix)– Trash Yourself
3. I Like It Raw–Rico Tubbs
4. ?–Wideboys
5.I t’s Time For The Perculator (Jon Kennedy & J. Ibarra Redub)–Cajmere
6. Moving it Over Here–Foamo
7. On A Roll Man–Machines Don’t Care
8. Bulbs Burn Out–Boy 8-Bit
9. Ugodzilla (Yuksek Remix)–Ugod
10. Mars (Original Mix)–Fake Blood
11. Din Dah (Original Mix)–Proxy
12. Shake It–Trevor Loveys
13. Jump Up And Down ft: Serocee–Detboi
14. What I Need (Dexplicit Remix)–Curses!
15. Gangsters–Rico Tubbs
16. I LOVE NY–Drop The Lime
17. Buzzclaw–Nate Day
18. Dominator (Bassline Rmx)–Human Resource vs. 808 State
19. Lavorare (Crookers Crunk)–Diabolico Coupè
20. Put Your Hands Up (Wideboys Mix)–Fedde Le Grande
21. The Cricket Scores (Original Mix)–Boy 8-Bit
22. Secousse (Mumdance Remix)–Radioclit
23. Hoy!–Duke Dumont
24. A Millie (Nadastrom Remix)–Lil Wayne
25. Be (Laidback Luke Rave Edit)–Steve Angello & Laidback Luke
26. Pulp Fiction (Foamo Remix)–Alex Reece
27. White Night Two–Surkin