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Terravita will instruct us how to Douglas tonight @ OVRKILL 04.16.12!

Alright people. If your liver for some reason actually HAS a seatbelt, it should already be fastened. Terravita, the dub alias of Hot Pink Delorean, has touched down in Orlando and is set to wreak absolute havoc on our fair city tonight at SFC’s Ovrkill, and the only things on earth known to go harder than their tunes AT the club, are, well, the guys of Terravita themselves AFTER. Their party status has steadily transcended “Wow”, past “Holy Shit”, and into “WTF” territory.

All kidding aside, these guys know how to get down, both behind the mixer and after the party, and tonight will be all the proof anyone in Orlando needs. Ovrkill returns especially for them, on a special day and date, and everyone with a love for dub or a bassplace in their hearts should be there. With dub (dare i say it) ‘anthems’ like the chronically-catchy “Up In The Club” lighting their way, these dudes have been tearing it up all across the map since their last Orlando appearance last year at Electric Daisy Carnival. Drop your usual Monday night agenda, set your alarm for the morning (to call in sick nice ‘n’ early, of course) and make your way downtown to The Social… Tonight’s gonna get messy and you’re going to want to be a part of it.



Terravita - Up In The Club

Zedd - Stars Come Out (Terravita Remix)

California Swag District - Terravita Teach Me How To Dougie (Terravita Remix)

Music! Headliners Galore @ Smog vs. Basshead

smog vs basshead
Last year, SFC was honored to be invited to photograph both Smog vs. Basshead and FSOB. What we learned is that packed between the two events is every single powerhouse dj who has either already made their mark on the scene, is trending now or that will be blowing up soon in almost every electronic bass heavy genre (read: not too many house or trance headliners, sorry guys, but you will always have Club Space).

This year will be nsmog basshead 2012o different, and as FSOB gears up to celebrate its 10th anniversary on Friday, Smog and Basshead have teamed up for the third time to bring miami the biggest collection of heavy hitters of bass under one roof. Low-end afficionados will find themselves right at home in Mekka’s many cavernous rooms.

The event will bring together the biggest artists from national labels and recording crews UKF, Smog Records, Basshead, Metalheadz Music, Trouble & Bass, with some of the best local talent from crews hailing from NYC, WPB and Miami’s bass scene.

To get you psyched and ready for Thursday, check out some songs from some of the artists performing below, and make sure you check out photos from last year’s madness.

Tickets are still available for the event, and can be copped thru wanttickets for $30 for general admission. So break open your piggy bank, die hard bassheads, this is where you’re going to want to be come Thursday night.

Pro Tip: Mekka is HUGE and this place gets packed. Make sure you designate a meeting spot as it is somewhat easy to lose people and hard to hear cell phone calls in there.

Moombahwhat?! 12

Yo yo yo. We’re in mid-March which means the countdown to this years Winter Music Conference is becoming intense. With just another few days before shit hits the fan, all DJ’s, producers, labels and even party goers are getting prepped and stepping their game up. I’m not going to be too wordy with this post because I have my own game to continue to step up, so here’s some music for you to listen to. Hopefully I’ll see you on the streets and on the dancefloor sometime in the coming weeks!

I originally had a Mos Def song at the beginning but SoundCloud wouldn’t allow me to upload it. Recorded live at The Vagabond in downtown Miami on Thursday February 23rd, 2012 at Moombahton Over Miami 5.

I am still pretty stoked about this set, about a third of it is all original from yours truly and you can download it by clicking here. Make sure you check out some of my other mixes as well as my original music here.


Right now some big things are happening for Bro Safari. Probably my favorite producer in the moombahcore genre, the dude’s latest EP, hilariously entitled “Bros Gone Wild”, has been climbing the charts on Beatport. Released by T&A, BGW boasts original production from Bro Safari and remixes from ETC! ETC!, Le Doom, Jay Fay, Sazon Booya and Codes that almost out do the originals. Buy the release here and support the bros!


While you’re shopping on Beatport you should also purchase the latest offering from Munchi, his “Moombahtonista EP” released via Mad Decent. You can catch Munchi at Smile For Camera’s Saturday, March 24th poolside event! RSVP here.


I forgot to mention that El Cuco Recordings had a couple of new releases out – make sure you snatch them up at Beatport or via your favorite online moombah peddler. My favorite moombahton released this year comes from the mysterious Santeron:

“Imagine how surprised we were when this CDR arrived in the mail all the way from Cuba. He has dial up and found a way to us, so big the fuck up! Shit was even written in pencil. We look forward to releasing many of this man’s productions. Thank you all so much for the love and continual support.”

Also recently released are the heavy moombahcore tune “Bullfighter” and polar opposite, smooth-as-fuck “Too Soon Too Forget”. According to Mendez, the head of El Cuco Recordings, “This song is what inspired me to form El Cuco Recordings with Sluggo & Nerd Rage. When I first heard it I was completely taken over by the tempo and overall vibe. Watching all the beautful people around me dancing, the lights, the sound….I fell in love and never looked back.”


Here’s a couple of new mixes:


And a bunch of free tunes!


That’s it for now. Tune in next time for more Moombahwhat. If you’ve got content you’d like me to push, please send to patternawareness at gmail dot com. Please keep in mind I can’t post everything but I will do my best.

MUSIC! Transvestite Fistfight by SFC’s Blood Eagle is out on Beatport Now!

As a huge supporter of local music here in Orlando, I always take the time to listen check out other local artists in the area. Blood Eagle is this amazingly talented duo that I personally feel, like many artists here in town, are immensely under-rated. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Blood Eagle is this duo, Ivar The-Boneless and Lucy Vardøgr from Orlando, Florida who formed in 2009 out of mutual love for synthesizers, grindcore and obscure dance music. Every time I check out one of their sets, which is pretty often, I get the aural pleasure of listening to the dirtiest, filthiest, most insanely heavy music, that ISN’T dubstep. It’s insanely refreshing, because I feel there’s this huge misconception that you can’t go hard unless you play dubstep, and I feel Blood Eagle crushes that misconception and leaves people wanting more (don’t get me wrong, I enjoy dubstep, but it’s always nice to step outside of the box). One of the things I enjoy about Blood Eagle and their sets is that there’s this heaviness to their music, and yet, it’s so danceable. You can rage out with your friends, or you can shake your ass, either way it’s always a kick ass time.

As a music lover, one of the most fascinating things about music is watching how an artist’s DJ sets and their original productions match on the same level of intensity or energy. Once I heard “Transvestite Fistfight” it just screamed Blood Eagle to me, and I knew they were well on their way to creating a signature sound. The song’s title is quite fitting, the song has this crazy build and then, when it drops, it’s like you’re being punched in the face with lasers and these crazy and unique synths that I can only assume are coming from a badass transvestite who doesn’t take shit from nobody! I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this track and I always notice something different each and every time I hear it, needless to say it never gets old.

If you’re pulling a Walking Dead and awakening from a coma, and have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, educate yourself:

Need to see it in action? Here’s “Transvestite Fistfight” being played at where else but the renowned Takeovr:

I have witnessed time and time again, people lose their shit to this track and I HAD to have it. I begged and prodded to snag a copy of this song, with no such luck, I was told I had to wait until it was released to the masses. After what felt like years of waiting for this song to be released, the time has come:

Mähtrasher Records (Stuttgart, Germany) has just released the “Harvester” EP. I’m not sure if German Wheaties are served with a dose of “We like shit heavy” but the whole compilation is an absolute rage-fest from start to finish. #5 on this insanely heavy compilation, none other than Orlando’s own Blood Eagle’s “Transvestite Fistfight” So what the hell you waiting for?

>Oh the link to purchase to this amazing track?

Well, you can buy “Transvestite Fistfight” individually here:

OR you can check out and purchase the entire compilation here:

Already, “Transvestite Fistfight” has garnered support from: Gtronic, aUtOdiDakT, Distrakt, Sawgood, Hanuman Tribe, Killagraham, DallasK, Bankai, Stereoliez, David Heartbreak, Street Lurkin, Devin Martin, Heavygrinder, Defep, Henry Fong, Cahill, & SlaminA. Fuck Yesss (Le Castle Vania & Street Lurkin’s residential party in ATL) even included the track in their March 2012 recap video:

As people begin to discover who Blood Eagle is, and they hear the sounds of “Transvestite Fistfight” I can only see this list continue to grow.

Feening for some more Blood Eagle action? Well you’re in luck, this Thursday, all of the Smile for Camera artists, which so happens to include Blood Eagle, will be “Taking Ovr” (see what we did there?) Ignition at Firestone.

Consider this a pre-game to the pool party in Miami. Be sure to come to the event and check out Blood Eagle drop “Transvestite Fistfight,” you can thank me for the aural orgasm later ;) Check out the event invite here:

Smile for Camera Showcase @ IGNITION – Firestone Live 03.15.12 FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

Want to learn more about Blood Eagle? Find out here!


Music! Brazzabelle – Unicorn Tears Mixtape!

Greetings fellow Smile followers! I have been M.I.A. for a long while and have not posted anything lately, but that is going to change. I have a nice treat for you all today. Remember my first post I ever did for Smileforcamera back in 2011? Brazzabelle Double Rainbows Mixtape Well, it’s 2012 and its my first post of the year and I am posting about her once more! She just released her new mix called “Unicorn Tears” on January 4, 2012 and let me tell you, it is enriched with tasty tunes for all of us to enjoy. She blessed us with her summer appearance in 2011 at takeovr, and let’s just hope she’s coming back this year because she still has bodies to break :) . I will be definitely be excited to see her DJ again.

Robin Osgood

Brazzabelle – Unicorn Tears Mixtape.mp3

Evil Nine – Auto
Prok & Fitch vs Juan Kidd – Star Guitar
Digitalism – Circles (Eric Prydz Remix)
Autokratz – Heart Attack Man
Umek & Beltek – Let The Bass Kick
Bart B More & Harvard Bass – The Funky One
Brazzabelle – Elevator [Going Up] (Original Mix) NEW!!
Martin Solveig Feat. Kele – Ready To Go (Hardwell Remix)
Brazzabelle – (Preview – Coming Soon!!)
Funkin’ Matt – Bobler
TWR72 – Summer of 91 (Acid Version
The Good Men – Give it Up (Chocolate Puma 2011 Edit)
Brazzabelle – Break Your Body (Original Mix)
Fedde Le Grand – Metrum
Bart B More – Traction (Funkin’ Matt Remix)
Alan Fitzpatrick – Blixx
Sneaky Sound System – Big (John Dahlback Remix)
Tiesto – Lethal Industry (Van Toth Bootleg)
Loops Of Fury – I Need
Rogerseventytwo – You Take Me Higher
Surkin – Ultra Light
Unicorn Kid – True Love Fantasy

Music! Smile For Camera’s FIRST Beatport Release is HERE, and IT’S SONIC!

Drum roll please……

Smile For Camera is proud to present It’s Sonic by Nicademass and Joey Paranoia as its premier release into the Beatport cosmos! This track’s been dropped, to epic reactions, several times recently by it’s creators. If you’re in regular attendance at any SFC event, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of it’s firepower. This is a big step for SFC, and comes in direct prelude to the two massive parties we’re about to bomb your heads with (Kalcyum and The WMC Pool Party). Go check out the Beatport page, purchase it if you can, and even pass the link along to friends with good music taste. Also, stay trained on this spot, and Beatport, for future SFC releases. We promise you won’t be waiting long… ;)



Music! Munchi – 3Ball Dub EP!

All i can say is just click the link, and download the tracks. This guys is about to flip it all.


Original Munchi 3Ball Dub EP Direct Link

Chase & Status – Smash TV (Munchi’s ‘Shoryuken’ 3Skull Rmx)
Munchi – Skrillex Es Un Montro
Noah D – Seeerrrious (Munchi 3Ball Dub Rmx)

Moombahwhat!? 11

What’s good moombah fans.

This edition is the 11th of Moombahwhat. As we approach what is essentially Christmas to dance music fanatics, people from across the world are gearing up for Miami Music Week. MMW is the “fancy” way of saying Miami Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival with just a small mouth full of words. We’re not waiting for MMW though – as indicated by this coming Thursday’s Moombahton Over Miami.

The Thursday downtown Miami staple party known as (((SHAKE))) presents the 5th installment of Moombahton Over Miami. As per usual we will be rocking tropical vibrations via the patio of The Vagabond, with selectors somejerk, Chismosa (Gooddroid), Mango Troops and Sonic Relief.

There’s going to be three areas of music this night; Miami rap and bass groups O’Grime, Metro Zu and Lower Case, and resident DJ’s Rob Riggs, A-Train and Ashworth do their thing in the side room.

No cover with rsvp to, $1 Colt 45 Tallboys 10-Midnight! $5 Rum+Coke all night!
I’ve been hard at work finishing a lot of music and getting my new label going. Signaflo will serve as an outlet for my audio production as well as my friends. The first release is a moombahton EP produced by myself, somejerk, and it is called “Tropikilla”.

“Tropkilla” is set to be released sometime in mid-March, via all major digital distribution channels. More information and a song give away will be included in the next Moombahwhat post.

Speaking of Miami and MMW, today the bros at Ultragore and El Cuco Recordings put up a teaser event invite for their event on Friday the 23rd. So far there’s not much information but knowing the artists associated with the label, it’s sure to be one of the heaviest events of MMW.

To get an idea of what to expect from this party, check out the labels’ sounds:

El Cuco Recordings on Soundcloud
UltraGore on Soundcloud


Released January 17th, Jon Kwest‘ – “The Last Don EP” is a staple in my slower tempo sets. The title track encompasses Kwest’s signature sound – tribal drums, trancey lead synths and sporadic bits of sampling that push the tune along. Tactic’s remix picks up the pace a bit, speeding things up for any dance floor that loves house music. “Scratch Riddim” kinda threw me off at first in the way it just drops into the song without a typical overextended intro for DJ’s. The minimalism of this tune makes it fun to mix. The Jay Fay remix certainly compensates for the spaciousness of the original – the first drop is so tense I thought I was having an anxiety attack waiting for the beat to come in.

“Stabbin Cabin” rounds out the EP with a smoothed out run through various jazzy pieces of sound. The Gulls remix of “Stabbin Cabin” focuses on pounding drums and a vaguely tropical melody, with visions of the beach and sugary rum beverages.

My pick of the release is the dark drum and bass inspired “Whaddatt”, recalling the days of dark tearing synths and the ubiquitos “yea / uh” vocals. Often utilizing elements of sound from jungle/DNB, this is Kwest’s signature sound. Guapo Feo’s remix takes the tune into moombahcore territory with the lead synth crunched out and battling sirens.

You can download Omar Comin’s remix of “The Whiste” for free here and purchase the EP via iTunes, Juno DownloadAmazon and all fine digital retailers.


Two of the original moombahton bad boys – Pickster & Melo – have released their classic “Too Soon To Forget” via El Cuco Recordings, who both describe and forewarn “a smooth vibe before all the forthcoming heavy tunes.” You can purchase the tune via Beatport. The tune is receiving support from Nadastrom, Munchi, Bro Safari, David Heartbreak, DJ Sabo and more so you know it’s quality.


Bombaman has been on my map for a minute, I’ve been playing a ton of his bitcrunched dubstep tunes for years now really. Recently it seems he’s decided to slow down the pace a little bit and have his own take on the slower side of the bass spectrum. Listen to these couple of tunes from the Canadian bass maker and note that the mix, “Bombaman Mix for 106 FM Isreal”, runs through a few genres in it so be ready for anything!


Check out Vicious Viv’s submission to the SMOG Versus Basshead mix contest – “Gotta keep it @ 110bpm! MOOMBAH!” she notes.

Lastly, here’s a couple of my favorite moombahton tunes at the moment.