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We’ve all said, “If only I knew back then what I know now,” right? This is the concept that comes to mind when I heard the Hood Pakk for the first time. I can’t help but think of some old memories when the reworks of “Ass on Fire”, “Better Off Alone”, and “What’s Your Fantasy” come on, it is inevitable, as the original versions of these tracks constitute a small part of almost everyone’s past. BIGMAKK’s edits of these tracks, as well as bootleg’s of new tracks like Tyga’s “Faded” and Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire”, take the sounds of today to make the sounds of yesteryear relevant again. Worldly Kuduro percussion sounds and trap elements, which are currently gaining a lot of support in EDM realm give some of these classic hip-hop and electronic tracks a much needed face-lift. So, download the Hood Pakk and take a walk down Memory Lane reinvented.

- Emily @

Busta Rhymes – Ass On Fire ft. Pharrell (BIG MAKK BOOTLEG)
Childish Gambino – Bonfire (BIG MAKK IS BACK IN THE TRAP REMIX)
Ludacris – What’s Your Fantasy (BIG MAKK FUCKS WITH KUDURO REMIX)
BIG MAKK – Better Off Alone In The Hood (Dave Alberto Is A Trap Star)

Download the individual tracks above or the entire zipped up EP here!

Music! Tom Piper & Daniel Farley – L.G.F.U.

Since it’s such a lovely day outside here today in Orlando, I’ll post a nice, warm, feel-good-y track for you guys. I played this for the first time at Takeovr last night and the whole place lost their shit. Turns out the video is pretty funny too. Another classic sing-along banger from the Aussies Tom Piper and Daniel Farley. I think I’ll be airing this one out all summer.


Purchase Tom Piper & Daniel Farley – L.G.F.U on Beatport

Music! Justin Martin: Ghetto Booty Clappin’ All Up In Your Garden!

It’s been over a year since word of Justin Martin‘s impending debut album surfaced, and since then, Dirtybirds around the globe have been waiting patiently for its arrival. The Dirtybird aesthetic has always been one based on quality-over-quantity (and in this case speed), so faith and confidence in the release being worth the wait has never been in short supply. Now, the first two singles have hit and are definitely living up to the hype. The title track, ‘Ghettos and Gardens’, as well as ‘Hood Rich’ landed on Beatport on April 18th, just two days before Justin’s birthday, and the critical acclaim surely made a nice present.

If you frequent our events, you may not be as familiar with the Dirtybird sound as other styles and EDM subgenres. At SFC, a majority of our shows tend to favor the harder, more aggressive factions of dance, something Dirtybird is arguably not. That’s not to say that the ‘Birds can’t hang with the hard stuff, as evidenced by Justin’s performance at Takeovr last summer. But, every yin needs a yang, and you can only rage so long and hard before the wheels fall off, and you need a little ‘back-to-mine’ tunage to sooth the savage beast. That’s where Dirtybird and Justin Martin come in. Variety is the spice of life, and Justin’s tunes have always been a beautiful, melodic contrast to some of the epic banger stuff we’ve become so accustomed to, with zero sacrifice of bass or boom. Tracks from the past like Mr. Spock and Get Low are shining examples of this, and the new joints carry on this legacy, and maybe even up the ante.

Descriptive words from the label itself peg these tunes to a T:

“‘Ghettos and Gardens’ rises up with beautiful sweeping melodies, almost to the point where you want to kiss the person next to you. It peaks with a bassline so tough, it’ll push you down a staircase, and then steal your bus pass. ‘Hood Rich’ starts with a cascade of voices tumbling over each other, clamoring for attention. After the buildup, a hive of bass bees smashes against the far wall and explodes, leaving no doubt that every booty will be dropping like DAMN.”

Looks like I need to brush up on my creative writing! All kidding aside, it’s a killer release stemming from a killer album, made by one of the coolest and most humble men in dance music. The full album drops May 22nd, and hopefully a return by Mr. Martin to Takeovr or another SFC event won’t be far behind!


Justin Martin – Ghettos & Gardens (preview)
Justin Martin – Hood Rich (Preview)

Check out this mix Justin did for Gina Turners “Below the Bassline” radio show on Scion AV

1. the martin brothers- moon pizza (intro)
2. justin martin vs leroy peppers- riding spaceships- dirtybird
3. eats everything- food
4. french fries- yo vogue (claude vonstroke remix)- dirtybird
5. catz n dogz- mass confusion- pets recordings
6. catz n dogz- jon bovi- dirtybird
7. adam f- circles (eats everything rework)
8. catz n dogz- bring me that water (bass version)- dirtybird
9. wildkats- perpetrating- hot waves
10. christian martin- waiting- dirtybird
11. chris james- play with me- anabatic
12. bazar- hard to find (danny daze love dub)- ellum audio
13. odd parents- fame (catz n dogz & mark dawson sweet saturday mix)- ellum audio

Music! Flosstradamas – Rollup (free download)

In honor of 4/20, Flosstradamus released ‘Rollup’ as a special preview to their upcoming follow-up EP, Jubilation 2.0. The EP drops on Fool’s Gold on May 8th.

Music! The M Machine – Faces

The M Machine is dropping a new concept EP, Metropolis Pt. 1, on Skrillex’s OWSLA. Track number 4, Faces, has been described as subdued, shimmering electro-pop. While Faces is a very chill, smooth, vocally-driven track, there will indeed be some electro bangers on the EP.

The long-awaited EP finally drops everywhere on April 24th…unfortunately it’s just the first half!

Metropolis Pt. I Tracklist:
01. Immigrants
02. Deep Search
03. A King Alone
04. Faces
05. Black
06. Shadow In The Rose Garden

While you listen, check out the photos from when SFC brought M Machine to [fuK'd] back in February! Hi Ben!

The M Machine – Faces

Bonus Track from OWSLA Presents Free Treats Vol. 2. The whole compilation is available for free on beatport.

The M Machine – No Fun Intended

Music! Eva Simons – I Don’t Like You (Nick Thayer Remix)

Throw your hands in the air, and wave em if you like Nick Thayer!

Nick Thayer, one of the newcomers out of Skrillex’s OWSLA camp, calls this Eva Simons remix one of his favorite things he’s done, and I may have to agree. Don’t know who Eva Simons is? I can assure you that you do. Know that little track from Afrojack called Take Over Control? Yep, that’s her. Interesting tidbit, the original was produced by Zedd, another on-fire producer on the OWSLA label.

Technically, I think this falls under in the dubstep category, but it has more of that sub-ripping electro sound to it. Eh, who cares, genres are bending more and more as time flies by. As long as it’s a killer track and incites mass dancefloor grinding, right?

Follow Mr. Thayer and get to know him. Who knows, maybe you’ll be seeing him soon? :)


In case you were one of the few that hasn’t yet taken advantage of the FREEEEEEE “OWSLA Presents Free Treats Vol. 2″ download on Beatport, here’s Nicks selection from the 19 track compilation. I highly suggest you download the whole comp here.

Nick Thayer – Wake Up Call

Here’s a bonus track for you guys I stumbled across recently. It’s ripped from something on Sirius XM, so it has one of those annoying “you are listening to” voice overs. Hopefully a legit version will be officially released because this track is pretty bangin’.

MIA – Bad Girls (Nick Thayer Remix)

Music! Ladyhawke – Black White and Blue (Treasure Fingers Remix)

A new bubbly nu disco remix by Treasure Fingers. Check out two other remixes as well as the original version of Ladyhawke’s Black White & Blue.

LADYHAWK FB fan page
LADYHAWK Soundcloud

Here’s a classic Ladyhawke track remixed by Fred Falke and Miami Horror!

PNAU & Ladyhawke – Embrace (Fred Falke & Miami Horror Remix)

Here’s a couple of slightly older Treasure Fingers tracks I dig, one of them courtesy of our buds over at Vacay Vitamins!

Follow Treasure Fingers on FACEBOOK and SOUNDCLOUD.

Foster the People – Call It What You Want (Treasure Fingers Pre-Party Remix Radio Edit)

Treasure Fingers – Take My Hand

Music! E4RTH – It’s Where We Live (Sazon Booya Remix)

featuring Amy Douglas, Amaze, and White Lion

“In a time when many believe the planet may be in danger, E4RTH is here to party until the very end. Produced by Alan Astor (whose remixes have been #1 in Hype Machine twice and was the producer for PUNCHES) and featuring the contributions of artists from around the planet, E4RTH’s sound is big like the world and fun loving like everyone in it. The Sazon Booya Remix of E4RTH’s first single, “It’s Where We Live”, is being released in recognition of Earth Day 2012. The track features vocals from Boston’s Amy Douglas (Treasure Fingers, Codes), as well as verses from Delaware’s Amaze and additional vocals from South Africa’s White Lion. Look for more tracks and the first E4RTH video coming soon.”