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Moombahwhat? Part 4

Hey hey hey! Hope you had a great weekend and that you’re hungry for some new moombah-bits, ’cause I’m packing some pretty tasty portions in this fourth edition of Moombahwhat?! But before I get to the auditory delights, I’d like to mention Moomba+, an online radio station focusing on all things moombah. I had the honor of playing last Thursday, with Mendez, Carrier and Market Price on before me. Make sure you check out Moomba+ next time you’re looking to stream audio.

I’m going to focus a little on this dude J-Trick that I came across a few days ago. Barely into his twenties, this Australian producer and DJ is making big moves and it’s no wonder, with big production and crowd moving rhythms. While keeping in the current vein of what makes moombahton mooombahton, he’s able to inject his own distinct club flavor into the music. Besides producing dope moombahton with some of the biggest names in the game, he also produces some pretty good electro house, so check his Soundcloud for the full menu of his flavors.

Here’s what I’m feeling the most from him:

Heartbreak & J-Trick – Valley Girls (Original Mix) by J-TRICK

Lil Wayne – Up Up & Away (J-Trick Moombahcore Remix) by J-TRICK

David Heartbreak & Toddla T – Blaze Up (J-Trick Remix) by J-TRICK

Lil Wayne – Up Up & Away (J-Trick Moombahcore Remix) by J-TRICK

J-Trick – Bandido (Original Mix) by J-TRICK

J-Trick – Heat Up (Original Mix) by J-TRICK

Carrier is Ryan Meblin from the San Francisco dubstep production outfit NTRLD. Check out his Soundcloud page – he’s got a bunch of really good non-moombahton tune for download.

We Bang – Smash The Floor (Carrier’s Moombahcore Remix) *DOWNLOADS ENABLED – 1000 FOLLOWERS!* by CARRIER

Dev – Bass Down Low (Carrier Remix) by CARRIER

Bigmakk it’s from Orlando so some of you may already be acquainted with this dude. Nice to hear some stuff coming out of Florida!

Heartbreak & Toddla T – Blaze Up (BIGMAKK REMIX) by BIGMAKK

BIGMAKK & Heartbreak – Beautiful Noize DL LINK IN DESCRIPTION by BIGMAKKDownload

And here are some random tunes that I’ve been digging:

Freestyle – It’s Automatic (La Bombacion Moombahton Rmx) by La Bombacion

Nader – Bass (Sam Clayden Remix) by Sam Clayden

Duck Sauce – Barbra Streishand (Super De Mario Moombahton) by >Super_Mario^

Autumn Blues by DJ THEORY

Reservoir Dogz (FREE 320kbps Download) by Sam Clayden

Paradigm Shift (Free 320kbps DL) (see buy link for FREE download) by Sam Clayden

And last, and definitely not least, is this tune from Bro Safari aka Knick from Evol Intent and Ludachrist. This dude is the ONE right now. I love how seamlessly he integrates so many styles!

Bro Safari – 5150 [Free Download] by KNICK_EVOL_BROSAFARI

Until next, time feel free to hit me up on Soundcloud, Twitter or Facebook with material that you’d like covered.

Music! Moombahmakk Attack!

Unless you’ve been living under the same rock as the people who still use landline phones and Internet Explorer, you’ve probably heard of Moombahton. Our own John SomeJerk has done several great posts that should have brought even the most clueless up to speed. (Check them out here, here, and here if you need a primer/refresher). That being said, if you do know anything about Moombahton, you know the genre is ‘in a stage’ right now. If it were a person, it would be a mid-teenager: energetic, brash, headstrong, and just becoming mature enough to sit at the adults table. This summer the sound has literally exploded all over the world, with major players in the EDM game taking notice, and starting to take part as well. However, it’s the grassroots/punk/DIY attitude of some of the genre’s best and brightest that make it so exciting. These young producers have come out of the gate full speed, and just by listening carefully to any one of their progressions as an artist, you can see some seriously amazing music on the horizon, waiting to be made.

And with that, I give you BIGMAKK. This guy’s part of the wave of Moomba talent coming out of south and central Florida. Today, he released his ‘Moombahmakk’ EP for free DL, and every track is worth a listen. A nice thing about this EP is that it branches out over a classic moombahton sound, moombahcore, and even kind of a ‘minimal-bahton’ sound. Lots of big classy reverbs and prime sound quality (something I’m a feind for) make it an easy one to play.

Being from Orlando myself, I got a chance to talk to BIGMAKK. It’s evident from our conversation he’s one of those guys to keep an eye on. Cool and inspired, he makes tracks for people to have fun and GET DOWN to, and a listen to his catalogue just illustrates the high expectations of his musical future. Down below is the entire Moombahmakk EP, available for DL on his Soundcloud, a track co-produced with David Heartbreak, and a preview of his upcoming release on Burner Records. Go turn the lights down and the bass up, and enjoy with someone you like to grind on.


Download the EP via Zippyshare


BIGMAKK & Heartbreak – Beautiful Noize DL LINK IN DESCRIPTION by BIGMAKK

BIGMAKK – Hear Me Now *Preview* Coming soon on Burner Records! by BIGMAKK

Mega-Post! It’s Bart B More, Amsterdamnit! 2 Years of Takeovr!

The end of Saturday/Thursday was a dark time for Orlando nightlife. The clouds had gathered because there were only so many songs released in the 80’s and eventually you can hear them all, and you need something, different. Smile for Camera’s Takeovr has brought a much needed new light to Orlando, and has grown to become Orlando’s #1 Club night not one, but two years in a row! They took a doucher of a club, and turned it into something awesome. At the heart of it all have been Cliff T, Joey Paranoia, and Winston Wolfe, the three unassuming dudes who came out of nowhere to lead and DJ Orlando’s most excitable night. Together, they and Smile For Camera are giving you a show to celebrate the official 2-year anniversary of a party that isn’t just a dance night, but an entire epic experience.

Bart van der Meer, AKA Bart B More, is well on his way to being Holland’s finest export! There must be something in the water over there. For years Bart has been bubbling under in the Dutch scene with a refreshing sound that blends big room electro and jackin’ beats. He has consistently been crafting dance floor destroyers that have received massive support from prominent DJ’s, such as Laidback, Luke, Diplo, Crookers, Switch, A-Trak, Tiesto, and Boys Noize, etc. What makes Bart’s live sets special is his capacity for diversity, blending together a plethora of different styles and genres into his main-room sound.

One of Bart’s biggest supporters is Boys Noize, responsible not only for pushing BMore’s tracks like crack, but also for the invention of one of dance music’s most interesting phenomenons, the “Brappp Sit Down” Youtube it OR look below. Skip to about 1 minute if your ADD kicks in. I want Takeovr to make this type of video. Who thinks we can do this? Just make sure when you sit down at Roxy you are able to get back up, I know a lot of you have balance issues.

For more information about the event check out the facebook event page HERE! Pregame your ears with the 6 free tracks below and the 2 vids. Check out AC Slater and Bart B More this weekend in Miami OR on September 20th, come to Roxy in Orlando and make your ‘Bodywork’ and ‘Drop Acid’…. jk… maybe.

Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork

Bart B More – Brap (Original Mix)
Bart B More – Traction
Baskerville – Devils Town (Bart B More Stuiter Remix)
Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (Bart B More Remix)
Teenage Bad Girl – X Girl feat. Rye Rye (Bart B More Main Remix)

Sitdown at Berlin Festival from Jeroen Er on Vimeo.

(Secure Recordings)
Drop The Lime & Bart B More – The Bass! (August 2011)
ThreEPs & a weird-ass Skrillex video (August 2011)
TAI – Big Bass Drum EP! (April 2011)

Music! Spank Rock – Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar LP

Five years after storming onto the indie dance-rap stratosphere with Yoyoyoyoyo, Naeem Juwan, aka Spank Rock, returns with the equally amazing titled sophomore LP ‘Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar.’ Due for release on September 27th via his personal imprint Bad Blood Records, the LP features production work by Spank Rock collaborator XXXChange, Boys Noize, N.E.R.D./The Neptunes’ Pharrell Williams, N.A.S.A.’s Sam Spiegel, and Chris Rockswell. Also, Philly dance queen Santigold and New Orleans MC Big Freeida lent their voices for guest spots. If that isn’t enough to excite you then you should probably check out this awesome video and the ‘Energy’ previews below. :)

BNR065: SPANK ROCK – ENERGY (PREVIEW) by Boysnoize Records

Moombahwhat? Part 3

In this third edition of Moombahwhat?, I’m going to do like I did the last time and cut the chase and get straight to the meat; pull all the vegetables aside and get to the point. Here’s what’s going on the world of moombahton!

Digital Manges – Sharkslayer Dub (Nader Moombahton Edit)FREE! by Nader

Basement Jaxx – Jump & Shout (Prodjé Moombahton Edit) by prodjé

Laidback Luke & Diplo – Hey! (Super De Mario Moombahton Remix) by >Super_Mario^

Uffie ft. Pharrell – ADD SUV (D!RTY AUD!O Moombahton Bootleg) by D!RTY AUD!O

Tonic – Pokay (Moombahton Edit) by E R A K .

Im Really Hot (Mackai Moombah Remix) – Missy Elliot by Mackai

Take No More – Original by Mackai

Yea, I know, that’s a lot of tunes. And yes, I know, you want more, being the audio glutton that you are. Here’s a couple of dope edits from Orlando, Florida’s ma-LESS, as well as a mix from her.

Meaux Green – Major (Ma-less Moombahton Edit) by ma-LESS

Lazy Flow – Tokyo Express (Ma-LESS Moombahton edit) by ma-LESS

Moombah-maLESS Summer Mix by ma-LESS

That’s all for now! If you’ve got music you’d like featured, please leave a comment.

Music! Korn feat. Skrillex – Get Up (Autoerotique Mix)

You’re gonna love it or hate it: An Autoerotique retouch of that Korn/Skrillex track you’ve heard about but probably couldn’t bring yourself to listen to. I like this one a bit more than the original, which is to say that I actually like it at all, mainly for the Autoerotique influence. It DOES, however, have an L.B.I. and an L.B.O. (Long Boring Intro & Long Boring Outro, respectively). The drop is there, so i could see this track working in a few places. It’s got a big, aggro sound that probably could flip a club over if employed properly, but the end kinda just trails off and is definitely guilty of having one kick drum too many. You decide.


Korn feat. Skrillex – Get Up (Autoerotique Remix)

Music! Meat Katie – Bizarre Is Beautiful (Blatta & Inesha Remix)

“Bizarre is Beautiful” huh? Well that is definitely true with this new remix from Blatta & Inesha. These guys have been to the craziest party in Orlando “Takeovr” and I have fell in love with the music even more ever since then. I love the up-tempo beat and the piercing synth that makes me want to party all night ’til the morning. Call it what you want, but this death-electro type track is a MASSIVE tune that is going to be a big club-banger and a satisfying purchase. The track will be released on September 13th on Meat Katie’s label, Lot49. Check it.

Meat Katie – Bizarre Is Beautiful – Blatta & Inesha rmx by BLATTA-INESHA


Lot49 Soundcloud

Blatta-Inesha Soundcloud

- Robin Osgood

Music! Crizzly + Kids At The Bar – Like Dat!

Crizzly and Kids At The Bar pair up to make yet another dubstep track. Listen, I really don’t mind dubstep. I mind the naive children who think music is ALL ABOUT DUBSTEP. I don’t go out looking for it when I’m blogging but I stumbled upon this track is to good not to give to you. Yeah, GIVE meaning completely free. The beauty of this track is it starts out sounding like a great house anthem. It has really catchy, crowd-pleasing synth, but then the break comes along and completely shatters any thought of that. In drops grin-producing, ear-shattering, dirty dubstep bass, coupled with high pitch synth… Yeah. Awesome, too bad Crizzly didn’t have this to play when he was at Bassmelt in Orlando… Can’t wait to hear it outloud. Check it out. – Kegg

Crizzly + Kids At The Bar – Like Dat