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“I was a Bat Whisperer”: Smile for Camera’s DROP THE LIME Interview + Exclusive Mix!

Over here @ Smile for Camera we have had the opportunity to interview some of the best talent in music, (particularly “EDM” or what ever the hell you want to call it). In honor of our flagship weekly event in Orlando, takeovr – celebrating 3 years this Tuesday @ Roxy, we caught up with TROUBLE & BASS founder DROP THE LIME for an interview.

Lucky us, he also gave us an exclusive Smile for Camera mix:

Drop the Lime – SFC Exclusive Mix 



“I was a Bat Whisperer”: Smile for Camera’s DROP THE LIME INTERVIEW



First things first: Obama or Romney? Just Kidding! Let’s talk about music.

Alec Baldwin.


Trouble & Bass recently went thru a metamorphosis of sorts. It’s always been a source of dark dancey-ness, but what lies ahead now that the label has died and come back to life?

We are expanding our musical releases beyond strictly club/ dj oriented sounds. Doing a lot of collaborations with live acts in NYC – Hussle Club, CREEP, Jail Bait to name a few. We are also expanding our merchandise into shirts, Jackets, and T-shirts with prints that revolve beyond our logo. Everything is still dark and dangerous of course.


Any new artists coming to the roster or big projects on the horizon for the core crew?

Besides the collaborations, we are releasing a lot of new up and coming guys like DAMN KIDS, TONY QUATTRO, and a cinematic space soundtrack by this young kid, LAST DEFENDER. Star Eyes has a new EP dropping end of the next month which is also something creepy yet romantically strong.


This is your 2nd time in Orlando, the first as Drop The Lime. What do you want us to know about the set you’re about to drop?

Last time I played I DJ’d as Curses! with the Institubes french house crew. So this time around Expect me to go all over the place genre wise. My dj sets are always a mixture of everything bass heavy, techy, housy, trappy, and then even some rockabilly. just a rowdy time.


You’ve exposed some great music and artists thru TROUBLE & BASS, as well as put out a bunch of your own great tracks. What are you most proud of?

We have always caught an early ear on talent.. did boy 8 bit’s first US release with a Jack Beats remix, Samo Sound Boy, Zombies For Money… all great acts that have grown to do big things now.


You’ll be strictly DJing at Takeovr here in Orlando Tuesday, but you have an extensive live show now as well. What was it like getting all that together?

The full live band is a lot to bring on the road, but so much fun. We have been getting local burlesque and go-go dancers in each city worldwide to keep a different and exciting pace. The full live band show is still evolving, and probably still will continue to through to the next album.


What was the most interesting job you had before you became a DJ/artist?

I was a Bat Whisperer.


Everyone’s a DJ now, we’re sure you got the memo. Any sage advice for those just getting into it?

Don’t imitate whats popular. find a path thats original and stick to your guns. timeless is key if youre truly passionate about being in music. a flash in the pan can only last so long.


What are your thoughts on music blogs and the free promo game? It seems to be becoming standard for a lot of artists to just give away their tunes and try to get gigs based on those.

I’m all for sharing. more exposure means more appreciation, which leads to rowdier partying.


What are the three most messed up things you’ve seen from behind the decks during your illustrious DJing career?

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll.


The dance festival scene has really exploded in America in the past year. Who would play mainstage for your own, fantasy dance festival?

Aphex Twin vs John Carpenter.


They only serve one alcoholic drink at the festival, what is it?

Rye Whiskey.


Thoughts on the button-pushing debate?

Obama or Romney?


You’re in the electric chair, about to be executed for a crime you may or may not have commited. Any final words?

See you soon.


Smile for Camera’s takeovr:  The 3 Year Anniversary w/ DROP THE LIME | 09.18.12 @ Roxy


3 Years of Smile for Camera's takeovr w/ DROP THE LIME

3 Years of Smile for Camera's takeovr w/ DROP THE LIME

News! Icey 2.0 (Music & Interview)


It’s not often you get to speak with someone who basically invented an entire musical sub-genre. When speaking today with DJ Icey, this is exactly what I got to do. Icey is, of course, one of the original forces behind the Breakbeat sound (and more specifically a pioneer of “Florida Breaks” and the Florida scene in general), and has DJ’ed at some of the world’s largest venues and festivals alongside the biggest of A-list DJs. Words can’t even begin to cover the Icey’s influence on music in the Sunshine State and the US. One tiny example: The Chemical Brothers played their first US gig (here in Orlando at the now defunct Edge) at his behest. Alas, months in the dance music world feel like years, and sounds change and evolve, as must a DJ and producer. Icey’s done just that, and will be showcasing some of his new material and style THIS FRIDAY (Jan 13th 2012) at Smile For Camera’s “Fuk’d”. Also on the bill is a young up-and-comer on Icey’s label Zone RecordsMeaux Green!

Soundcloud (everything is free and downloadable!)

Listen to Icey’s latest track while you read:

Here’s a little of what the man himself had to say about his return:

So, tell us a little about what you’ve been up to, musically. We’ve seen a flurry of new material.
Yeah just always banging out tracks, Originals for my Zone Records Indie label and remixes for my DJ sets or to give away on my Soundcloud page. I do a weekly show on Sirius XM Electric Area channel, so I also like to make exclusive content for the show as well.

How would you describe your sound now?
My sound still has it’s roots in my Miami Bass background, the 808 kit, big kicks layered with massive sub bass, etc.. It’s all worked into a down low goodness of booty shaking electro bass, def on the party rocking tip, everything thrown into the mix vibe.

Give us a quick ‘state-of-the-industry”. Who are the producers/DJs/labels to keep an eye on this year?
Very exciting time for EDM. With the advances in digital audio musical production and a greatly diminished learning curve compared to even 4 years ago with packages like Abelton, the playing field is wide open for producers. If you can make that one tune that a wide range of DJs want to play, whether you sell it on beatport or give it away on soundcloud, and be able to follow it up consistently with a handful more of the same caliber, you can fast track to success in the business quicker than at any other time in the history of electronic music. Labels are becoming increasingly less important and have taken a back seat to the Artist. I routinely find gems of tunes i put on my radio show from new producers on Soundcloud. Sadly though to me, the days of someone making it big in the industry strictly as a DJ are over, You have to be a producer now or the odds are extremely stacked against you to take things to the level of a touring DJ. Don’t underestimate Youtube, more EDM music is consumed through Youtube than all the other platforms combined.

A lot of people are talking about Skrillex and the Grammy nominations. What does that mean to you? What do you think it means to dance music in general?
I think it’s great Skrillex grabbed 5 Grammy nominations, Deadmau5 grabbed 3. The Grammys has always had “dance” categories but Skrillex being nominated in “Best New Artist” is huge, i hope he wins. The massive explosion of dubstep in the last year alone really helped fuel the acceptance of EDM to the masses. 2011 was definitely the year that electronic dance music invaded the mainstream in America, what does that mean to dance music in general, don’t know, the definition of what is considered “commercial” will be challenged along the way. Three years ago there were very few EDM Artists who could tour like a rock band and play concert venues, that barrier has been tossed out the window

What do you think of Orlando’s (and on a larger scale, America’s) current dance scene? Where do you see it headed?
There was def a bit of a dry spell for a handful of years in the US, with the recession, venue closings, venues switching to hip hop formats, new kids coming of age to go clubbing but listening to bands and hip hop and not dance music, that’s all changed. Dance is on a upward spiral all over the U.S. currently, it’s like the rave scene of the 90s on steroids and available to a much wider audience, enhanced through digital and multimedia consumption.


Interview! Star Slinger – It’s All in the Melody

Starslinger interview on Smile for Camera
If I could be a superhero, my name would be Star Slinger. I would be a defender of victims, a protector of the weak, and advocate for a higher literacy rate in inner city school. I would have the ability to fling myself into the freaking night sky and harness the stars in a fishing net I would keep tied to some seductively placed utility belt that hangs off my perfectly sculpted superhero hips. You can see them so easily through my superhero required latex suit.

What am I gonna do with those stars, you ask? Im going to use my super awesome sling shot (in the extended version you learn that there is back-story here – our heroine was actually raised in south America, and taught by her ailing grandfather how to hunt for small birds during their long treks using a slingshot) to take down my rivals with a furiousity previously unseen in this universe. She is Star Slinger, and she is here to save you.

But, I am not a superhero, and that’s okay because I wouldn’t look that good in spandex anyways. Fortunately for you though, the name has been put to good use by UK Producer Darren Williams. As Star Slinger, Williams gained his place in the spotlight when he was approached via twitter to do an official remix of Broken Social Scene. The rest, as they say, is History. But according to Darren its hard work and dedication, even when the result is more than you expected. His music is incredibly melodic and catchy and borrows elements of everything from Hip hop to Dubstep. The transcendental sound places Star Slinger’s music in category all it’s own, something he couldn’t be happier about. His latest release on soundcloud even has some serious tribal drums and horns in a very upbeat and pop inspired incredibly catchy track.

Star Slinger has recently embarked on the US leg of his tour and will be hitting up Miami this Friday October 14th at Bardot and will be in Orlando on October 17th at Will’s Pub, and in NY at the Williamsburg Music Hall on the 28th. Buy Tickets on his Website. To get better acquainted, we sat down at our computers for a little new-age exchange of info for our interview with Starslinger. Check out the tracks after the chat.

MGap:Wiki claims you’re a hip hop producer, yet from what I’ve heard of your work, the bookings you’re getting lately and the people you’re touring with, I wouldn’t exactly place you in the hip-hop category? Where would you place yourself?
SS: I’m extremely hip-hop influenced. If you listen to the whole of Volume 1, it is very apparent. I’m also very eclectic though. I choose to live in a cultural city & I like variety in life so I think that comes out in my tracks. I’m influenced by everything and anything that uses melody and rhythm in a good way. The people on my current tour are also very Hip-Hop influenced too, but I think we are all more eclectic than to be called just Hip-Hop artists. Plus we don’t solely make beats for rappers. I’d call myself eclectic personally. I’m happy my music isn’t easily categorised.

MGap:Where musically do your roots lie? What moved you while you were developing your musical style?
SS: My dad listened to lots of Beach Boys & The Beatles. My mum had lots of funk and soul records from her youth. I listened to a lot of BBC Radio 1 late at night as a teen, and read lots of album reviews. I guess you could say I’m rooted in pop music but I’ve always made the effort to see what else is going on.

MGap:The internet, twitter especially, have been pretty pivotal in your success. Did you ever imagine you would be asked to do official remixes in 140 characters or less?
SS: I didn’t. When certain people hit me up on there, I do a double take. Its all very surreal to me! Like I was listening to Donald Glover’s mixtapes and then he hits me up a year later on twitter. And even stranger with Broken Social Scene… I heard You Forgot It In People like ten years ago and fell in love with it, then Justin Peroff hits me up. Insane.

MGap:So what is your process? Do you hear a track and think “oh, this would would sound great like THIS”? or it is more of a trial and error process? How do you go about remixing artists whose music you wouldn’t tradionally listen to but have a mass appeal?
SS: I am inspired by melody… and how things sound as a whole rather than the specific details. I can hear beauty in a chord change in a cheesy song… Or I can hear how genius it could be if it was arranged in a slightly different way. I do definately have some idea before I start, but mostly these days I’ll just remix something without even thinking about what I’m gonna do with it. I try and keep it spontaneous and limit the amount of time I spend on it… I like everything to come quick and natural so I don’t allow myself too long on something. I think when you do that, things get stale and boring.

MGap:What is your favorite remix you’ve done so far and why?
SS: My personal favourite is probably my Remix of The Morning Benders – Cold War. I managed to chop guitars and pitch them into suonding like some crazy synth you can’t quite put your fingers on. Also I think the melody I made sounds very humane! When I play it live and the bass drops it sounds very uplifting to me and I get goosebumps. I think thats when you know you did something good.

MGap:So last yea, you start this project, by October you’re already up on pitchfork and the guardian. How has the quick claim into the spotlight affected your music?
SS: It doesn’t affect you. It gives you a bigger platform. Why should it affect what you do? I’m making music for myself and whoever is interested is a bonus. So I have just been thankful this whole time for all the press.

MGap:How do you feel you have changed or evolved in the last year?
SS: I feel I have been allowed to be more pro since Volume 1. I’ve been travelling all around Europe & now I’m touring US. One year ago I was working in an art house cinema… Now I’m travelling the world doing what I love. Its fucking amazing.

MGap:What can fans expect to see during one of your performances?
SS: Dudes throwing me free Snapbacks, weed, weird girls dancing on stage.

MGap:What’s next for you once the tour is over?
SS: Gonna reinvent the wheeel. Nah more of the same. Grindin on an album, then touring EU some more.

MGap:What is the one thing you aim to accomplish during a performance?
SS: I want people to dance and forget shit while they’re in the venue. Getting crunk advised.

Answer quickly:
Favorite Michael Jackson song? Speed Demon
You’re on death row in a state that hasn’t abolished the last meal law. What do you order?Bibimbap.
Best processed cheese product? Not a big fan of processed cheese and can’t recall many products.
Toilet paper: over or under? Under, are u crazy?
Whats your favorite song to sing in the shower? Teki Latex – Zodiac

And Now, the music…
This da new joint:
Trombone Shorty – Do To Me (Star Slinger Remix) by Star Slinger

This that summertime shit:
Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks (Star Slinger Remix) by Star Slinger

This that shit to make babies to:
Gold Panda – Marriage (Star Slinger Remix) OUT MARCH 1st by Star Slinger

This kindof is too:
Star Slinger – Baby Mama by Star Slinger

You can find additional tracks on his His Soundcloud. For other information, check out his website

Interview! P Thugg from Chromeo

Interview w Chromeo

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that nothing good ever came out of Canada. Aside from having the longest unprotected border and the sweetest syrup money can buy, Canada gave us hokey and a myriad of South Park jokes in addition to blessing us with the musical stylings of two dudes that call themselves Chromeo. Its almost enough to want to forgive them for confusing ham for bacon.

Thanks to their mutual love of funk music, friends David Macklovitch (Dave 1) and Patrick Gemayel (P-Thugg) spent their Canadian adolescence collecting classic rock and funk records, cultivating their musical talents and learning to build talkboxes from scratch. Then they became Chromeo, and thanks to their catchy tunes, wicked videos and the fact that Dave’s brother happens to be Fools Gold Label head (and DMC Champion) A-track, the duo quickly rose to dance-club fame.

Recently, Chromeo released a video for their newest single off their album “, “When the Night Falls” and I had a chance to have a telephone chat with r. P Thugg about their long musical history, the lessons they have learned and his affinity for the Talk box.

The video is pretty neat too, I’ve included it after the interview. You should probably watch it. Chromeo plays in Miami at the Fillmore on the 20th and Orlando at the Beacham on the 21st with Mayer Hawthorne and Breakbot. Apparently they have a thing against NY tho, cuz there are no NE tour dates, really.

Chromeo Tour

Now, without further ado, the Interview you actually came here for:

SFC: You’ve been releasing music w Dave 1 as Chromeo for 10 years now. What are your fondest memories?
Dave1: There has been so many of them, so many good moments. But If I had to choose, I would say our latest accomplishments: performing on Conan, on Letterman, and then festivals like Sasquatch and Coachella. Then there are the moments like Live from Darryl’s house and when we actually performed live with him at Bonaroo. Its all been really amazing.

SFC:Looking back on those last 10 years, what are the top 3 things that you have learned from being in the spotlight.
Dave1:Well, Im not really sure. We never really got into living that whole lifestyle that comes with the spotlight. Like, after a show, ill go to the back and do our accounting and call my mom to check in. I guess what I’ve learned is that business is business. And how to put a show together. We do a lot of the show design and stuff ourselves.

SFC:How has being around the electronic dance music scene played a part in your history? Was it something you guys were always into or did it just happen that way?
Dave1:We grew up in Canada, which is far from the same culture that people our age had in the States. Dave and I met in high-school and we started a funk band. At the time, no one was really into funk at our school, but we really loved it so it was cool that we were both into it. Funk wasn’t popular so we became friends through going our search for music. Bands like Parliament really became the foundation for what we do. But in the car and stuff we listen to classic rock and all sorts of things.

SFC:Speaking of your music, you just released a new video on MTV, “When the Night Falls” which features a slew of being violently impregnated, seemingly from your music. What message were you trying to convey?
Dave1:There isn’t really a message, its really just an idea that Daniels, the Producer had. We thought it was really spooky and funny and that it would kind of fit. It was realy just for shits and giggles though and we thought it was amazing. We always like to push the envelopes when it comes to the videos that we release, you know, it’s a big part of what we want to do.

SFC:You guys are speaking to each other in French in that elevator scene, and you speak really well, I didn’t know you spoke French!
Dave1:We both grew up in Canada and there’s a lot of French speakers here, and English isn’t my first language. Its actually harder to imagine myself speaking to Dave in English than it is in any other language.

SFC:You in specific are credited for playing not only the keyboard and synthesizers, but perhaps most notably, youre known for your use of the talkbox. How did you get into these kinds of alternative instruments?
Dave1:Well, when I was discovering music I would collet a ton of records, and Zapp & Roger were the only ones who were doing things with the talk box. It was so different, and I loved it and wanted to recreate it. They had laid down the core for what it was I wanted to do. You have to keep in mind I was 15 at the time, there was still vinyl around and we didn’t have the internet, so I didn’t know what this thing was, just the sound it made. I had to ask around, and actually talk to people to try to figure out what it was I was listening to. It wasn’t until I stumbled across a “projects book” that had plans inside it on how to build a talk box and I had to try it. So I built my first talk box and played with that for a while. Then after a while I finally knew what I was talking about, and asked the guy if they had any for sale, and they actually had some old one covered in dust in the back and that was my very first purchased talk box. From there I just kept playing with them.

Do you play any other musical instruments?
Dave1:Well I’ve been in plenty of bands, so yea, lots of instruments. In our funk band, I used to play the Bass.

SFC: Alright, now answer quickly:

1. Whats your favorite remix of your own song? Don’t Turn the Lights On by Aeroplane
2. Have you ever met Rick Ross? No, but we have friends in common
3. Whats the deal with the beard? I dig the look
4. Whats your favorite strip club? La Caleche du Sex in Montreal
5. Pizza or Tacos? Pizza, for sure.

Interview! Blatta and Inesha: Respect their Authoritah!


Blatta & Inesha have been churning out techno & bassline hits from their studio in Sicily since 2004. Their odd and opposite musical backgrounds have been the fuel for creating what is today Blatta & Inesha. The Italian duo have come a long way from the days when one half of B&I was one of the biggest Italian hip hop djs in the ‘90s. Dirty suspicious techno and electro house is what exudes from their sound, spawning releases on Kitsune, Mental Groove, Dim Mak, Lektroluv, Warehouse, Crux etc… and the Orlando electroheads finally have the chance to hear them in person.

Originally, Smile for Camera decided that their eclectic style would be perfect for playing our weekly masquerade night, Battyfang. Although they still would be perfect for playing to the half-naked girls that inhabit Battyfang, we were sure the club just wasn’t big enough. So, SURPRISE!!! We made the decision to move Blatta and Inesha to the party that takes a doucher of a club and turns it into something fucking awesome, Takeovr.

On July 26th, 2011, that’s right, THIS TUESDAY!!!!, Blatta and Inesha AND of course, the Takeovr residents, Joey Paranoia, Cliff T, and Winston Wolfe will WOW you like you have never been WOW‘d before.

For more information on a night you probably won’t remember, check out the event page.

I was fortunate enough to have an interview with Inesha and he said he will be bringing “tons of new tracks, so get ready to bounce… and ladies don’t put too much clothes on please,” their “stickers will cover you up!” Read the rest of the interview below AND…

Prepare yourself with their music, watch this video, and check out how cute the guys are right here. ;)

Blatta & Inesha – Senegal by BLATTA-INESHA

StereoHeroes – Night Hawk – B&I rmx by BLATTA-INESHA

Pink Is Punk – Club Sandwich – Blatta & Inesha rmx by BLATTA-INESHA

SFC: I bet a lot of your interviews start with this question, Why the name Blatta & Inesha?

Inesha: :) Blatta means cockroach in italian…you make your own conclusion! Inesha is just my nickname i have had since i was a teenager…it’s just a twist of my real name, it doesn’t mean anything…and anglophone people don’t know how to pronounce it…

SFC: For new listeners, what does your music sound like or relate too?

Inesha: Electro-Techno! right now we are so into this new wave of techno that is growing in europe made by “electro” producer like us who can’t stand that trash-dutch-fidget-dubstep sound anymore.

SFC: Is being a DJ as magnificent as everyone makes it out to be?

Inesha: It’s super fun but in my personal experience I’ve learned that if you aren’t David Guetta or Bob Sinclair, it’s definitely not what people expect and it’s not the vicious glam world everybody imagines…it’s great but it’s not a lot of money and when you get to go to an exciting new city most of the time you don’t even have the time to check it out because you are in the club or hotel the entire 16 hours you are there. Also during the week, you spend your whole day in the studio and sometimes you don’t see the sun for days and on the weekend, your ass is constantly on an airplane, shitty sandwiches at the airport and when you finish your set, most of the time it’s too late and you gotta run to get your flight to the next city with 2, 1 or zero hours of sleep. So, despite what people think it means no girls or crazy sex and drugs after parties.

Btw I’m just saying that because my girl might read this…

SFC: What lies in the future of Blatta & Inesha?

Inesha: We are working on our album…very loooong process! :)

SFC: What is your favorite part about touring?

Inesha: I love to try new food… I would love to make one of those culinary-world traveling tv shows like Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain one day but with a dj point of view. The dance music world is a crazy world…imagine how many weirdos we get to know and how many crazy things we hear or see during our tours that those “normal” tv guys don’t get to see…

SFC: You’ve played a wide variety of venues and festivals, What was one of your most memorable gigs and why?

Inesha: It’s so difficult to answer to this one…Marsatac festival in Marseille – France last year was great, World dj festival in Korea this year was great too even if after 30 minutes into our set it started raining like a muthafucker and the stage was uncovered…you can image the mess!

Festivals in general are fun for the big number of people and healthy for your ego! LoL but personally I’m more a small club person, so every time the sound system is good, the air is moist and smokey, people are jumping to our music and girls are sweaty is my favorite gig!

SFC: There is now a Blatta & Inesha blog/website running, can you tell us a bit about what you will be doing with this?

I wish I had more time to take care of it…but check it out if you have a minute … basically we give away tracks, mixtapes, pics, etc…soon you’ll also be able to buy our t-shirts and merchandising in general.

SFC: What is your worst “while-on-tour” horror story?

Inesha: every time there is a train strike in France we have a new horror story…and it happens very often or at least every time we play there…which it happens very often as well! LOL

SFC: If not this, what would you be doing?

Inesha: i would be a chef, a beer brewer, a secret agent, a professional tennis player or a porn actor. Or if it would be possible I’d love to be Eric Cartman from South Park.

SFC: How has your American tour been going? Favorite experience?

Inesha: So far very good! Definitely the best American tour we ever done…we are playing in bigger venues compared to the past tours and I can see our name has gotten more popular in the US, also it is always a pleasure to see friends that we don’t get to see very often…and I’m very glad to see how good people respond to our sound!

SFC: Any specific things you want to do that you haven’t been able to do in the US?

Inesha: I’d like to change this stupid rule that make clubs shut down at 2am!!!

SFC: What’s in store for the people of Orlando when you come to Takeovr next week?

Inesha: We have tons of new tracks so get ready to bounce…and ladies don’t put too much clothes on please, our stickers will cover you up!

SFC: What keeps you going?

Inesha: Coffee and cigarettes!

SFC: Any Last Words?

Inesha: Kids: there is life after dubstep!

Quick Questions:

During performance, Boxers or Brief?

Inesha: Dude we are Italian…boxers don’t exist!

SFC: Whats in your wallet?

Inesha: I don’t use wallets anymore…I’ve lost too many of them.

SFC: How many times have you been naked in public?

Do people in group-sex count as public?
SFC: Did you ever sleep over at a girls house, and wake up and find you were actually sleeping with your mother?

Nope, but I woke up a couple of time with somebody else’s mom!

2012, what’s going to happen?

Hopefully we’ll be rich!

Want more Blatta and Inesha?!
My Lady Don’t Mind EP (March 2011)
Burn Paris, Burn Mixtape #3 (May 2010)
Blatta & Inesha

Mega-Post! Interview w/ Le Castle Vania: Blondes Have More Fun


Atlanta based and internationally known, Le Castle Vania, commonly known as Dylan Eiland, quickly escaped the local trappings of his hometown in Georgia to play music around the world. Atlanta’s burgeoning music scene allowed him to develop his passion for music and nightlife, and he soon gained notoriety with his riotous DJ sets and penchant for production, which made him a household name in the dirty and distorted, indie-electro scene. But what exactly is different about him? Besides his hair being a little bright to go along with his awesome video-game like appearance, he founded Always Never, an electronic music record label and music/nightlife event production company and started the party Fuck Yesss that is the first Saturday of every month in Atlanta. With that and touring the world, he still has had time to DJ along side some of today’s hottest acts, such as Justice, MSTRKRFT, Simian Mobile Disco, Busy P, Uffie & Feadz, Kavinsky, Soulwax, Surkin, Para One, The Presets, Steve Aoki and Crystal Castles. Just look at his everyday life.

Since 2006, the DJ formerly known as “Lies In Disguise,” started his first project under the now iconic name Le Castle Vania, and remixed Snowden’s single “Black Eyes” and the track received heavy support from the blogs and in the clubs. Needless to say, he hasn’t looked back, releasing countless remixes and original tracks, all being banger after banger, while touring non stop through every continent, except the North and South Poles.

Tonight he’s playing in Orlando with Vaski and Sluggo on so here is the Facebook Event for our Orlando readers and because I love you all so much, I gathered a few of his tracks, both old and new and put them all together for you to easily listen and download. I was also lucky enough to snatch an interview with the man himself and LCV tells us how excited he is to play for Orlando, his wish to work on films, along with what lies in his future. Check it out.

D.I.M. – Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix)
La Roux – In For The Kill (Le Castle Vania Remix)
Le Castle Vania – Zero Machine
Designer Drugs – Back Up In This (Le Castle Vania, Rrrump, Computer Club Remix)
Fukkk Offf – Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)
Kill The Noise – Hey You (Le Castle Vania Remix)
Snowden – Black Eyes (Le Castle Vania Remix)
Grum – Go Back (Le Castle Vania Remix)

Rrrump – Chubby Decker (Le Castle Vania Remix + Street Lurkin Remix) *Preview* by Le Castle Vania

Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive by Le Castle Vania

SFC: How did you get started as a DJ? Most DJ’s we talk to just kind of “fell into” the job . Was it your childhood dream? Or did you suck at video games??

I started Djing back when i was 16 around the same time i started producing and writing my own music. I saw djing as the best way for me to share my music with people and it just become something i have been really passionate about ever since.

SFC: For new listeners, what does your music sound like or relate too?

I think my sounds has kind of continued to evolve with me as i have evolved as a person but as a general description i would say that my sound is a fusion of indie rock and electronic music elements… but really there are a lot more elements and influences mixed in there if ppl really want to get a feel for my sound they should just grab some free downloads over on

SFC: When did you start doing remixes and putting together your own beats?

like i said I started learning and teaching my self back when i was about 16 but things didn’t really take off for me until around late 2006 when i started the Le Castle Vania project. 

SFC: It’s been a fast rise to prominence as an internationally touring DJ. What was the turning point that launched you from working on project and events in Atlanta to the international stage?

Yeah everything really popped off with the first remix that i did under this moniker. It was a remix of a song called “Black Eyes” by an indie rock band from my home town of Atlanta. I just did the remix as a favor for a friend, the singer Jordan and sent it out to a few other DJ friends from there it just spread around the web and ended up really taking off. From there I started getting hit up by other djs and labels to do more and more remixes and release and each opportunity lead to another… and here we are.

SFC: Besides your party FUCK YESSS, which is based in Atlanta, what are some of your favorite and most memorable parties you have played?

oh man there have been so many good ones i guess i would have to say The Music People parties in Sydney Australia, The Discotheque Party in Cape Town South Africa,  Control at Avalon in Hollywood / LA, Blow Up in San Francisco, Voyeur in San Diego and just  recently the Zombie Party in Madrid Spain!

SFC: Do you know intuitively which songs to drop based on the crowd/where you’re playing or does it take you some time to figure out what they like?

i guess thats all a matter of opinion… i just know what feels right to me… i don’t necessarily play to please everyone in the crowd… I just play what feels right to me and what i enjoy and what i think best carries the energy of the party and show i am trying to give. That’s not to say i am one of those coolie hipster djs that ignores the crowd either tho… I just try to give a show that is unique to myself and the sound of my project whie at the same time really rocking the party and putting out a high energy sound. 

SFC: DJing, Producing, Party Promoting, running a label, blogging, constant travel involved with all of these jobs, how do you manage it all and what is the hardest part about being you?

I honestly have no idea how i’m doing all of this haha it definitely gets pretty hectic sometimes but it never really feels like work because i love it all so much… the hardest part is definitely just keeping up with everything that and trying to manage to still have a personal life… that obviously gets hard with all of the traveling and touring. 

SFC: What lies in the future for Le Castle Vania?

Musically i have been working away on a big release to contain all original material from myself i have yet to decide if this will be a full album or an EP but this is probably the most exciting project that i have been working on. I really feel like this release is going to really broaden my sound as an artist and really show a much fuller view of my musical sound and vision… the sounds is more focused on song writing and has less of a club oriented sound and is more like a record you could listen to around you house or in your car but still has dance floor appeal as well. This release is also going to have some really cool collaborations with other artist friends but i don’t want to give too much away just yet!

I also have some cool remixes coming out for some cool european based labels. The first is a remix that i have done for Stereoheroes – Wild Child to be released on banger focused record label Freakz Me Out Records. I have also done a remix for John Lord Fonda – Sound Of A Melody to be released on Vitalic’s record label Citizen Records. 

on the tour front i just signed on to be a part of the amazing ID Festival tour ( which is basically like the Warped Tour of electronic music and DJs which will be hitting 20 cities around the US the tour’s line up is amazing and it’s first touring festival of it’s kind in the US and is the biggest Electronic Music / DJ Tour ever so I’m obviously really excited to be a part of it! 

Following that tour i have been been asked to support the rock band Circa Survive on their upcoming tour. We have not confirmed this tour yet but i am a big fan of the band so i am hoping to actually build a live show for the tour so that i can perform my songs in a full live set up and hopefully Dj some after parties after the shows on that tour as well. 

aside from those two major tours i am always playing out in the US on the weekends and have trips lined up for Australia, Asia, Europe, and Mexico  

On Label front we have several really cool releases forth coming from new artist on my record label Always Never Records (

SFC: What do you do when you actually are at home? Where is the best fried chicken in Atlanta?

I’m a huge fan of cinema so i watch a lot of films when i have free time… tho to be honest most of my time at home is spent in the studio and working on the back end side of my work… stuff like running the label, tour promotions and doing interviews like this one haha

SFC: What is your greatest on-tour horror story?

oh man i’ve been stranded in countries where i don’t speak the language more than once… one time i was somewhere btwn Paris and Amsterdam when the train broke down and i had to find my own way to the show in which was outside of amsterdam and another time i was stranded in mexico by a promoter that went awol and i had a flight to catch on the other side of the border and over 2 hours away… both of those cases were pretty nightmarish. I have a lot of other crazy stories but thats a whole other interview in it’s self haha

SFC: What’s it like to have hair brighter than the sun?

Blondes have more fun, so i’m having A LOT of fun!

SFC: How excited are you to finally play in Orlando?

Man i am always really excited to play in new cities… it’s always cool to share my sound and getting to party with new people is always fun!

SFC: Any Last Words? :)

Listen to Always Never Records and come party with me sometime when i am in a city near you!

Quick Questions:

SFC: Anything specific on your wish list?

i wish for all sorts of things… i’m really looking to work with more cool vocalist and musicians. I also want to start working on films one day.

SFC: Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but people don’t point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?

I do… no just kidding 

SFC: Why does Donald Duck wear a towel when he comes out of the shower, when he doesn’t usually wear any pants?

Have you ever seen a wet duck penis? I haven’t but who would want to? lets just be thankful that he sports the towel.

SFC: How come lizards never grow up to dinosaurs?

don’t make me get all science nerd on your readers right now. i’m supposed to be trying to sound cool here haha… i kid.

SFC: You haven’t lived until….?

You’ve been interviewed by the lovely Katie of Smile for the Camera of course ;)


DJ Falcon + Thomas Bangalter Together (Le Castle Vania + Computer Club’s Summer Bootleg Mix)
(April 2011)
Le Castle Vania’s Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Vol. 2 (February 2011)
N.V.D (Le Castlevania and Computer Club Remix) – Deiselboy
(October 2010)
Le Castlevania – Nobody Gets Out Alive (Noisia Remix) (June 2010)

Le Castle Vania on Soundcloud
Le Castle Vania on Facebook
Le Castle Vania on Twitter
Le Castle Vania on Myspace

Interview! Flux Pavillion: It’s a Circus in Here

flux pavillion SFC interview

Just before all the crazyness that goes down in March took place, I got the chance to have a one on one session with UK dubstep producer Joshua Steele, better known to the world as Flux Pavillion. Also known as Bubbles, as well as Josh Extravaganza, Steele is also the vocalist in a local 10 piece jazz/funk band and was formerly the drummer of Indie/Rock band Real Rabitzkin.

Still we know him mostly thanks in parts to tracks such as “Cracks” and his remix of the 2010 WMC Anthem “Gold Dust”. The man has been on the scene since 2008, when his friendship with Dr. P brought along the inception of Circus Records, a label now synonymous with that ubiquitous heavy hitting dubstep sound. Yet, his sound, doesn’t quite align itself with that of his label mates, and that could have something to do with the fact that Steele, a musician before being a producer, prefers to work “musically” rather than create using “mad sounds”. Listen to a Dr. P track, then follow it up with a Flux track, and you’ll know what he means by “mad sounds”

Yesterday, he, alongside label mate and Circus Records co-founder, Dr. P released “Circus One Presented By Doctor P & Flux Pavilion sampler” that is now available on Juno and is available for pre-order on iTunes, with a full release slated for May 1st.

Be sure to check out the release, along with the tracks below the interview.

SFC: Where do you call home? And what makes it home? Is that where you are now? If not where are you and what are you doing there? Your cat misses you. Go home.
FP: Wherever I lay my phone that’s my home.

SFC: To someone who has never been exposed to your music, how you describe your sound to them? What Dj or producer would you classify yourself with musically?
FP: It’s pretty energetic and upfront at the face of it but I like to work musically rather than lots of mad sounds so it comes out sounding quite epic most of the time. musically im inspired by so much I couldnt possible name one producer! Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Dre, Basement Jaxx, Chemical Brothers . . . hopefully one day ill feel comfortable classifying myself with some of those

SFC: How did you get started as a DJ/producer? Most DJ’s we talk to just kind of “fell into” the job. Was it your childhood dream, or did you fail astronaut camp?
FP:well working in music was always a childhood dream, I think its the only thing I could ever do. But the DJ/producer thing just kinda popped up out of nowhere, I’d always made beats in my spare time but never thought i was any good

SFC: I’ve read that you’ve played in some bands in the past. What kind of music did you perform?
FP: Ive played in all sorts of bands, most recently a 10 piece jazz/funk band on vocals, but played with one band for about 3 years called ‘Real Rabitzkin’ and the stuff we were writing was actually pretty similar to my more recent stuff, kinda epic and energetic.

SFC: Do you have any formal musical training, or did you learn to play (Guitar) by trial and error process?
FP: yer its all been trial and error really, never had any proper lessons to do anything just learnt alongside friends and picking up tips from each other

SFC: Did you get “DJ lessons”. Or did you practice in secret for years before showing your friends your new ‘skills’.
FP: same thing here, just got some decks when i was about 15 and loved the whole aspect of mixing fresh tunes and playing tracks i wanted to hear, back then i never really thought of it as a possible career haha

SFC: Explain to me your musical production philosophy. Do you sit down and think: “I’m going to make a love song build around that”, or is it more of an improvisational game?
FP: its all about feeling and what youve got in your head that you need to get out. sometimes ive sat down and thought about a specific sound i wanna capture but when its like that its usually an idea ive been thinking about for a year.

SFC: As far as electronic music goes, who are your biggest influences?
FP: Liam Howlett is probably the biggest influence on the way i think about electronic music, but ive always loved french stuff like Justice and Mr Oizo. French producers seem to have a way of writing electronic music that you cant compare to anywhere else.

SFC: What are the tunes that have you jamming out at the moment?
FP: Been listening to alot of Zero 7 and Bonobo the past few days, when im out of the studio i tend to listen to stuff thats a bit more relaxing.

SFC: How is the music performed during a live set different than a recorded track? What can someone expect when going to see one of your performances?
FP: well at the minute i just tend to brock out for an hour and go all in everytime to get everybody moving, but im currently forming a band to take my stuff live so thats gonnna alot more about the performance and the creation of the music.

SFC: What’s the biggest thing you aim to accomplish during a live show?
FP: if i can keep a crowd hyping from start to finish i feel like i have done my job, i try to switch it up from time to time and test out different sounds in different places so if i can tell that some people out there are hearing tunes they have never heard before and go mad for it thats a pretty nice feeling.

SFC: What is your most memorable experience during a gig? Why? On-Tour horror story?
FP: wow touring just molds into one crazy experience can really remember much, having to fly to canada and stay up for 27 hours and then do a show on my own, that for me is a horror story. I did a show with P Money and they had to turn off the music because it was too live in there, they had to get about 4 more security guys and a new barrier os the other one got crushed, that was pretty funny but pretty scary at the same time.

SFC: Do you have any pre-show or post-show rituals that you partake in?
FP: i like to smoke a cigaratte on my own normally before i go on, just so i can focus on the show and what im gonna play

SFC: What prompted the inception of Circus records. How did you and Doctor P hook up? Was it love at first sight?
FP: we have been friends and writing music since we both started when i was about 12, we always spoke about having a mad project where we could just make what we want, then the opportunity popped up and circus was formed

SFC: Of all the things you’ve produced and remixed, what are you proudest of?
FP: I think ‘I Cant Stop’ is one of my favorites of my own stuff definately.

SFC: Any advice for new producers and bedroom DJ’s just getting into the game?
FP:get writing tunes!! best thing to do is just write freely and do what you like to do, dont constrict yourself to a genre before you have found your sound and what your best at.

Quick Questions:
1. What’s the square root of a zoo? a menagerie
2. How many cheese sticks would it take to fill a banana boat? depends on the type of cheese used
3. If you put pistachio, roses, and an encyclopedia inside a blender, what comes out? Breakfast
4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? No
5. Best way to get the last of the peanut butter out of a jar. Compliments
6. Best song to sing in the shower? anything by Queen
7. Best prank you ever pulled? Taping a friend up and dumping him on a doorstep
8. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?? Chicken
9. Where in the nursery rhyme does it say Humpty Dumpty is an egg? its on the commentary in the dvd extras

music for your eardrums:

Flux Pavillion – Voscillate (Vaski Remix)

Flux Pavilion – Digital Controller

Flux Pavilion – Fucking Noise

Flux Pavilion – Normalize

Flux Pavillion – How Rude by sstteerrnn

Flux Pavillion – Lines in Wax (Feat. Foreign Beggars) by TeeRaze

Editor/Writer/Mgap’s Choice: Soundcloud, because this shit is so good it deserves your money
Flux Pavillion – Haunt You by P-REX

For More Info:

Circus Records
| Facebook
Flux Pavillion on Soundcloud
Flux Pavillion on Facebook
Flux Pavillion on Myspace

NEWS! OMFG!! Dada Life AND MUSTARD PIMP at Takeovr?! (Interview + More)

We announced Dada Life was coming to Takeovr a few months ago and I know all of you started getting super stoked because not only was it was the same week as Ultra and you were ready to pregame for a week of fuckin’ AWESOME music, but it was also a pregame that involved a whole lot of Dada and ‘cookies with a SMILE’. Then OMFG!?! That’s right, Mustard Pimp was added to the flyer. When I was brainstorming about how exactly to go about telling you how bamf Mustard Pimp is, I was actually interviewing Baron and asked him what I should say. He made it simple by just telling me to say that he was “single and famous and his partner eKa got a girlfriend” and that, of course, he’ll “wear a metal shirt.” It’s a perfect way to describe their insanity. That and, “plus coming from Melun, a shithole, 30 miles away from Paris, and being proud of it!”

But if you don’t exactly understand broken English, or don’t know anything about the scene in Paris, then I can tell you that Baron and eKa of Mustard Pimp, inspired by metal, rock, and other notable music that they’ve tuned in to, are an unclassifiable French dynamic duo who have experimented with eclectic styles in their tracks. And lucky enough for Takeovr, the duo just released a killer EP and that’s just the beginning of Mustard Pimp’s year. Their first full length album “No Title of Purpose” is set for release on Dim Mak in May! I was lucky enough to interview Mustard Pimp to give you some more information on who exactly Mustard Pimp was and to have them tell you themselves, how excited they were to play in Florida again.

SFC: I’m sure you get this question a lot, but we have to ask, why the name Mustard Pimp?

MUSTARD PIMP: Even google translate doesn’t know, we neither

SFC: What kind of Musical background do you have as individuals, growing up? What do you share as a pair? Does this background affect what you play now?

MUSTARD PIMP: I (Baron) was a DJ for years before this project, eKa was playing guitar in in a bands in France, then we started this project and here we are, nothing really fancy. As a pair we mostly share rooms, economic class seats, headphones when we decided to break ours regularly, room service, some common alcoholic friends and finally train to go back home in our suburban shithole, and how does that effect us? I’ve never really asked that to myself so far.

SFC: You’re coming out with a full album in May, you just released you latest bangin’ EP, you’re playing Ultra, and touring the world, what else are you going to do this year? Do you have time to breathe?

MUSTARD PIMP: Lot of stuff I believe, got 3 more singles to release out of the album, restarted to work on remixes, thinking about next productions (even if it’s not for now) and that’s mostly it for the moment. Don’t have a lot of time to breathe, yeah lately, because this time of year is usually busy, but don’t complain, it’s always better than an office job!

SFC: What’s it like to work with Jimmy Urine? Is he as awesome as we imagine? (Mindless Self Indulgence)

MUSTARD PIMP: Didn’t had the chance to met him yet, but it was awesome, everything came fast and everything worked very well. Since we are huge MSI fans here that’s was a great experience.

SFC: What steps do you take when you’re building a set for a gig? Any staple tracks?

MUSTARD PIMP: Well we’re trying to always bring fresh stuff in our set, and don’t play mainstream stuff, we have maybe 2-3 “hook up” tracks and few tracks we’ve been playing for a year, but I spend a lot of time listening promos every days to always bust the small unknown producers or unknown track to try them live. It’s always better when you have a crowd reacting on a new track than a track that everybody plays, for us that’s one of the main job of a DJ. We also plays since months now new tracks from the album and few unreleased remixes.

SFC: In your opinion, what differentiates the American audience from the European audience that you play for. Do you prefer to perform in front of a certain group of people and if so why….if not, tell us about the kinds of crowds that you don’t like playing to.

MUSTARD PIMP: Well, one or two years ago there was a difference I think ,now parties in North America are really sick. After you never know, sometimes you think a night will be crazy and it wasn’t that good and sometimes you don’t expect anything and it’s crazy. That’s also a great thing about this job because you never know what can happen before going on-stage, and that’s worldwide. And what kind of crowd do we like? Banging and a dancing crowd of course, if not, we’d start now djing minimal.

SFC: You’ve come a long way since the last time I’ve seen you guys. How excited are you to play in Orlando and then right after Miami and then Ultra?!

MUSTARD PIMP: Well this year will be different, last year was really ghetto, had our “squat” flat ,was always too drunk during day to enjoy nights, lot our pass to ultra and played few empty pool party, but had fun at least! This year should be great yeah, Ultra is world famous and we play on a huge stage, and since the time we have to come to Florida we get to go to Orlando too! Should be a very interesting weekend.

SFC: We heard you hate dubstep, haha, why?

MUSTARD PIMP: Well I like few dubstep tracks since I’m an huge Drum n Bass, Big Beat, Breakbeat etc fan. The only thing that sucks is the too fast hype that went around it, everybody became a wannabe dubstep producer even if they started in another style (where some of them were really good in their original style), so the market been saturated very fast. I don’t care that much, everybody listens to what they like, it’s just I’ve been a bit pissed to receive 50 dubstep promos every day and after I said it on twitter, everybody thinks I’m the biggest dubstep hater, but that’s cool, that just means I can regularly do some dubstep jokes without being categorized as an heretic.

SFC: What inspired you to do your Catastrophe Mixtape Series that your fans look forward too and love so much?

MUSTARD PIMP: We were used to make mixtapes pretty often, so we just decided to make our own series, that makes more sense.

SFC: What do you do when you actually are at home?

MUSTARD PIMP: Producing, listening promos, eating, trying to beat the world record of front wheeling with a scooter, building a real size godzilla with pistachios shells, crooking old people by selling them fake chimney sweeping (this album costs us a lot), taking care of our Romanian hookers etc, well living the life.

SFC: Do you ever fight while on tour?

MUSTARD PIMP: Trying to not

SFC: What is your greatest on-tour horror story?

MUSTARD PIMP: One day during a long flight I went to the bathroom, then I looked at myself at the mirror, and I was Mel Gibson.

SFC: Time to promo and name drop… Any Last words?

MUSTARD PIMP: Sylvester Staline, Guantanamo Baywatch, Injured Ninja, Cornertable.

Quick Questions:

SFC: Favorite Drug?

MUSTARD PIMP: Sunflower seeds.

SFC: Why do people point to their wrist when asking for the time, but people don’t point to their crotch when they ask where the bathroom is?

MUSTARD PIMP: I personally point my butt when a DJ is playing minimal or trance.

SFC: Why does Goofy stand erect while Pluto remains on all fours? They’re both dogs!

MUSTARD PIMP: –> zoophily experiences during WWII

SFC: Can blind people see their dreams?

MUSTARD PIMP: Can blind dogs can also see their dreams?

SFC: If a cat always lands on its feet, and buttered bread always lands butter side down, what would happen if you tied buttered bread on top of a cat?

MUSTARD PIMP: I’d just hope the cat dies, for the fun of it.

SFC: What color would a smurf turn if you choked it?

MUSTARD PIMP: Mole brown

SFC: If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still have monkeys and apes?

MUSTARD PIMP: So people killing all monkeys and apes in Africa are racists?

Facebook Event!!!
Presale Tickets!!!! (They will be more expensive at the door people)

So, Dada Life and Mustard Pimp are combining forces with our residents, Cliff T, Joey Paranoia, and Winston Wolfe on March 22, 2011 for what I believe, will be our biggest Takeovr yet. If that line-up isn’t enough for you, then get this. We’re giving shit away. Not the usual stupid glowsticks or balloons either! It COULD be tickets to the Dim Mak party at the Cameo in Miami OR it could be herpes. I think you should come and find out. I mean who wouldn’t want to see an act in the video below?

AND Here’s a recent track for you….

Mustard Pimp – Money Shot

AND check out the Mustard Pimp and Dada Life archived posts below to excite you so much you pee your pants. See you Tuesday Orlando!!!!

Mustard Pimp – Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 6
(March 2011)
Mustard Pimp with Jimmy Urine (of Mindless Self Indulgence) – Money Shot EP! (March 2011)
Mustard Pimp – Rock, Paper, Scissors EP! (June 2010)
Dada Life – White Noise/Red Meat EP (February 2010)
Dada Life – Ho Ho Ho December Mix (December 2010)
Martin Solveig ft Dragonette – Hello (Dada Life Remix) (October 2010)