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The “Moombah Mafia” headlines takeovr TONIGHT in Orlando!

Well, one of the most anticipated TAKEOVR’s to date is this week on Tuesday August 7th. Dubbed the “Mooombah Mafia” by fans, Smile for Camera Artists BIG MAKK, DR. KHAN, & MA-LESS join residents WINSTON WOLFE, JOEY PARANOIA, & CLIFF TANGREDI for one hell of a night full of Moombahton. More info on Smile for Camera Artists can be found at: Check out the Facebook event page for full details: Event Page.

Here is the cover info and a chance to extend the before-11pm prices!

BEFORE 11PM Pricing

FREE: 21+ Ladies
$5: 18-20 Girls
$5: 21+ Guys
$15: 18-20 Dudes

AFTER 11PM Pricing

$5: 21+ Ladies
$10: 18-20 Girls
$10: 21+ Guys
$15: 18-20 Dudes

***The before-11pm prices will be extended until MIDNIGHT if you wear one of these masks at the door! Choose your own member of the Moombah Mafia!

Simply click on of the masks below to download a PDF version of it.
Follow instructions and be safe with those scissors!

You may also paint your face like a sugar skull to receive the discount until MIDNIGHT! See examples here:

News! Sultan & Ned Sherpard get [fuK'd] @ VAiN! 04.27.12

Sultan & Ned Shepard make their Orlando return this Friday night for SFC, Mindwarp, and Evolve Groups weekly friday night party, [fuK'd] at VAiN Nightclub. Finals are over. Time to get [fuK'd] up!

Cover charge is FREE for 21+ ladies until midnight, $10 for all 21+ after midnight, and $15 for 18-20 guys and girls. If you’re a 21+ dude, you’re in luck, because we have a $5 off guestlist until 11pm. Sign up (21 up guys only) over at

News: ALVIN RISK comes to Orlando – Thursday, June 7th @ Firestone Live!

06.01.12 UPDATE:

ALVIN RISK has been moved to a new venue, Firestone Live on Thursday, June 7th!

Alvin Risk is making his way to Orlando courtesy of LGS Events & Smile for Camera.

More info on the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

News! Nicky Romero coming to Orlando @ [fuK'd] 05.25.12, Smile for Camera, Mindwarp, and Evolve Group team up to bring you the debut Orlando appearance of Nicky Romero! Nicky Romero will get [fuK'd] @ VAiN on May 25th, and so will you! Also on deck are weekly [fuK'd] residents Debo and Littlerok on the mainstage and bigmakk, Dr. Khan, and ma-Less in the upstairs Moombah Room.

FB Event Page
visit SFCEVENTS.COM for ticket info

Terravita will instruct us how to Douglas tonight @ OVRKILL 04.16.12!

Alright people. If your liver for some reason actually HAS a seatbelt, it should already be fastened. Terravita, the dub alias of Hot Pink Delorean, has touched down in Orlando and is set to wreak absolute havoc on our fair city tonight at SFC’s Ovrkill, and the only things on earth known to go harder than their tunes AT the club, are, well, the guys of Terravita themselves AFTER. Their party status has steadily transcended “Wow”, past “Holy Shit”, and into “WTF” territory.

All kidding aside, these guys know how to get down, both behind the mixer and after the party, and tonight will be all the proof anyone in Orlando needs. Ovrkill returns especially for them, on a special day and date, and everyone with a love for dub or a bassplace in their hearts should be there. With dub (dare i say it) ‘anthems’ like the chronically-catchy “Up In The Club” lighting their way, these dudes have been tearing it up all across the map since their last Orlando appearance last year at Electric Daisy Carnival. Drop your usual Monday night agenda, set your alarm for the morning (to call in sick nice ‘n’ early, of course) and make your way downtown to The Social… Tonight’s gonna get messy and you’re going to want to be a part of it.



Terravita - Up In The Club

Zedd - Stars Come Out (Terravita Remix)

California Swag District - Terravita Teach Me How To Dougie (Terravita Remix)

News! FSOB Celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year in Miami

fsob 2012

When I first met Noy, he showed up at my at-the-time-boyfriend’s house in his badass little honda accord. The silver hatchback sat so low on its chassis that we had to get out of the car everytime we came across a speed bump. It was 1999, and that kind of thing was cool. In the back seat of that car, crammed between jnco pants and jelly bracelets, I spent a lot of time fascinated at watching Noy move to the rhythm of the music that he so loved: breaks. Years later, Mitsubishi would release a commercial for the eclipse and I would think of him.

While I haven’t seen Noy since the end of 2003, I don’t think I will forget him, or his car for that matter. The impact that his love for breaks (and the fact that he was the only one with a car) had on me was extreme. Aside from hip hop breakdancers, I had never seen anyone move the way he had, I had never before hear a ‘breakbeat’. With him, we attended so many parties in the heyday of my adolescence: Ranch parties on Krome, Parties with AK1200 in converted strip malls that were packed to the brim, Amoeba that got shut down just when it was getting good, and my very first (the very first) Ultra.

Since I’m no good at defining music, I’ve gone and gotten a definition of the sound from a professional in the industry. As it turns out, “a “Break” refers to a “break beat” which is the part of a funk, soul or rock beat in which the drummer would play a little harder and more stylized. Producers took these small sequences of drums, usually no more than 4 to 16 counts and looped them. From there every style of music from hiphop to house, dubstep and of course, breaks and electro, utilized these patterns and sounds, each in their own style that defines the genre”. While breakbeats have gone some serious change from the time of Noy’s Honda, where he moved to midi-sounds accompanied by robot sounding vocals (think power96′s electronic dance music broadcast circa 2000), the evolution of the genre has allowed for the inclusion of many new variations of the sound. Which is where FSOB comes in.

When FSOB first made it’s mark, it had one clear and concise goal: To educate the masses on what Breaks are by delivering the best of the best in the genre. Fast forward to now, and FSOB is *the* breaks event during conference. Last year, we got a chance to sit down with the party’s co-founder, Glyn Morgan, for an interview discussing the history of the party. I strongly suggest you check it out if you’re interested in learning more about thefsob flyer party, and the man who made it happen. This year, the heavy line-up has a lot of buzz going and Glyn sat down with to discuss what the event holds for it’s attendees. read that interview here.

If I had to choose one word to describe FSOB it would be ridiculous. With five rooms blasting top quality sound out of dynacord systems packed with a line up that rivals Ultra, the event is gearing up to celebrate its 10th anniversary this upcoming Friday at MEKKA with all the stops pulled. Headlining acts include some of the biggest names in the game with returning favorites LTJ BUKEM, and Stanton Warriors are being joined by first timers at FSOB Plump Djs, and boasts exclusive performances from Foreign Beggars, Dj Icey, Mt. Eden, and a special live set by Araabmuzik in addition to many many (MANY) more.

You can check out photos from last year’s event here . Tickets are still available for this year and can be purchased online at wanttickets for $50 general and $80 VIP and timeslots are available on the event’s facebook page.

You do not want to miss this. Seriously, dont make me tell you twice. And if you see Noy, tell him I said ‘Thank You’

Protip: Since youre probably going to need some recovery time from Smog v. Basshead, make your daytime activities count. Staying well hydrated is very important when you’re set on doing back-to-back mega event hopping. Also, be sure to arrive EARLY. Mekka is located in the heart of Miami’s poppin downtown club district with the Vagabond, Club Space, GoldRush and a bunch of smaller venues all relatively close by with their own events going on. Parking will get tough early and I promise that Miami’s parking authority has ALSO been waiting for this since last year.

Music! Headliners Galore @ Smog vs. Basshead

smog vs basshead
Last year, SFC was honored to be invited to photograph both Smog vs. Basshead and FSOB. What we learned is that packed between the two events is every single powerhouse dj who has either already made their mark on the scene, is trending now or that will be blowing up soon in almost every electronic bass heavy genre (read: not too many house or trance headliners, sorry guys, but you will always have Club Space).

This year will be nsmog basshead 2012o different, and as FSOB gears up to celebrate its 10th anniversary on Friday, Smog and Basshead have teamed up for the third time to bring miami the biggest collection of heavy hitters of bass under one roof. Low-end afficionados will find themselves right at home in Mekka’s many cavernous rooms.

The event will bring together the biggest artists from national labels and recording crews UKF, Smog Records, Basshead, Metalheadz Music, Trouble & Bass, with some of the best local talent from crews hailing from NYC, WPB and Miami’s bass scene.

To get you psyched and ready for Thursday, check out some songs from some of the artists performing below, and make sure you check out photos from last year’s madness.

Tickets are still available for the event, and can be copped thru wanttickets for $30 for general admission. So break open your piggy bank, die hard bassheads, this is where you’re going to want to be come Thursday night.

Pro Tip: Mekka is HUGE and this place gets packed. Make sure you designate a meeting spot as it is somewhat easy to lose people and hard to hear cell phone calls in there.

News! Spencer & Hill Pre-Miami Banger at Takeovr this Tuesday!

The WMC/Ultra Week festivities start in as little as 24 hours for some people, and almost everyone wishes they were already just THERE. Of course, many of us have to head down to Miami mid-week, or maybe even tough it out till the weekend. The fact is though, we’re all ready to party. And, like last years show with Dada Life and Mustard Pimp, SFC’s got your pre-WMC/Ultra Takeovr party fix, creating a bridge between your life in Orlando and the days of anarchy that await you in South Florida. This year we have Spencer and Hill, a pair of German, big-room tune crafters whose tracks land in the sets of every mainstage DJ in the world and whose work with sample/Virtual Instrument company Vengeance Sound has helped redefine the way EDM sounds altogether. These guys are pure professionals, guaranteed to bring a wealth of experience rocking dancefloors worldwide to the dead center of Takeovr, just in time to save you from freaking out because you’re not in Miami yet. Below are a few tunes and vids from S&H to get you primed and ready for the fire they’ll be unleashing for all of you (and of course Cliff T, Joey Paranoia, and myself) on Tuesday! Peep ya there!
Smile for Camera’s takeovr w/ SPENCER&HILL @ Roxy | 03.20.12 FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE