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Moombahwhat?! 13

Greetings moombahtonistas. This is the 13th edition of Moombahwhat and it’s quite a heater. As the spring time fades away summer reveals itself, lots of music is being released from some of your favorite big name producers as well as some new stuff from up and comers such as myself!

To celebrate reaching 1111 followers on Twitter, and just to give something away because I’m like that, I decided to release my “Don’t Stop EP” for free via the 11-11 Agency, home to Mary Anne Hobs, Lorn and many others. You can check out the post here and download the music right below.

Coming up this Friday in Miami is our seventh edition of Moombahton Over Miami!

As per usual I will be serving up a healthy dose of tropical bass mixed with a little disco and hiphop. Alongside me, somejerk, will be Ashworth, Never Yawn and Kracker Jax and the party will be doubling as the Bastard Brigade release party. Inside are resident boss DJ’s Rob Riggs and A-Train.

The party is free if you RSVP to and you can enjoy $1 beers until 11pm as well as $5 rum and cokes all night.

You can listen to my set from the last Moombahton Over Miami below and download here.

About to kick off their Bros Gone Wild Tour, both Bro Safari and Sazon Booya have posted brand new promo mixes today! Check them out below in the mixes area.

The tour supports their T&A “Bros Gone Wild” EP that was released a short while ago.

Make sure you buy that shit if you haven’t already – keep the bros fed so they can keep going wild.

I’ve been digging around for a minute to bring you the dopest in tropical bass and here’s what I’ve come up with:

Download here.

Moombahwhat?! 12

Yo yo yo. We’re in mid-March which means the countdown to this years Winter Music Conference is becoming intense. With just another few days before shit hits the fan, all DJ’s, producers, labels and even party goers are getting prepped and stepping their game up. I’m not going to be too wordy with this post because I have my own game to continue to step up, so here’s some music for you to listen to. Hopefully I’ll see you on the streets and on the dancefloor sometime in the coming weeks!

I originally had a Mos Def song at the beginning but SoundCloud wouldn’t allow me to upload it. Recorded live at The Vagabond in downtown Miami on Thursday February 23rd, 2012 at Moombahton Over Miami 5.

I am still pretty stoked about this set, about a third of it is all original from yours truly and you can download it by clicking here. Make sure you check out some of my other mixes as well as my original music here.


Right now some big things are happening for Bro Safari. Probably my favorite producer in the moombahcore genre, the dude’s latest EP, hilariously entitled “Bros Gone Wild”, has been climbing the charts on Beatport. Released by T&A, BGW boasts original production from Bro Safari and remixes from ETC! ETC!, Le Doom, Jay Fay, Sazon Booya and Codes that almost out do the originals. Buy the release here and support the bros!


While you’re shopping on Beatport you should also purchase the latest offering from Munchi, his “Moombahtonista EP” released via Mad Decent. You can catch Munchi at Smile For Camera’s Saturday, March 24th poolside event! RSVP here.


I forgot to mention that El Cuco Recordings had a couple of new releases out – make sure you snatch them up at Beatport or via your favorite online moombah peddler. My favorite moombahton released this year comes from the mysterious Santeron:

“Imagine how surprised we were when this CDR arrived in the mail all the way from Cuba. He has dial up and found a way to us, so big the fuck up! Shit was even written in pencil. We look forward to releasing many of this man’s productions. Thank you all so much for the love and continual support.”

Also recently released are the heavy moombahcore tune “Bullfighter” and polar opposite, smooth-as-fuck “Too Soon Too Forget”. According to Mendez, the head of El Cuco Recordings, “This song is what inspired me to form El Cuco Recordings with Sluggo & Nerd Rage. When I first heard it I was completely taken over by the tempo and overall vibe. Watching all the beautful people around me dancing, the lights, the sound….I fell in love and never looked back.”


Here’s a couple of new mixes:


And a bunch of free tunes!


That’s it for now. Tune in next time for more Moombahwhat. If you’ve got content you’d like me to push, please send to patternawareness at gmail dot com. Please keep in mind I can’t post everything but I will do my best.

Moombahwhat!? 11

What’s good moombah fans.

This edition is the 11th of Moombahwhat. As we approach what is essentially Christmas to dance music fanatics, people from across the world are gearing up for Miami Music Week. MMW is the “fancy” way of saying Miami Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival with just a small mouth full of words. We’re not waiting for MMW though – as indicated by this coming Thursday’s Moombahton Over Miami.

The Thursday downtown Miami staple party known as (((SHAKE))) presents the 5th installment of Moombahton Over Miami. As per usual we will be rocking tropical vibrations via the patio of The Vagabond, with selectors somejerk, Chismosa (Gooddroid), Mango Troops and Sonic Relief.

There’s going to be three areas of music this night; Miami rap and bass groups O’Grime, Metro Zu and Lower Case, and resident DJ’s Rob Riggs, A-Train and Ashworth do their thing in the side room.

No cover with rsvp to, $1 Colt 45 Tallboys 10-Midnight! $5 Rum+Coke all night!
I’ve been hard at work finishing a lot of music and getting my new label going. Signaflo will serve as an outlet for my audio production as well as my friends. The first release is a moombahton EP produced by myself, somejerk, and it is called “Tropikilla”.

“Tropkilla” is set to be released sometime in mid-March, via all major digital distribution channels. More information and a song give away will be included in the next Moombahwhat post.

Speaking of Miami and MMW, today the bros at Ultragore and El Cuco Recordings put up a teaser event invite for their event on Friday the 23rd. So far there’s not much information but knowing the artists associated with the label, it’s sure to be one of the heaviest events of MMW.

To get an idea of what to expect from this party, check out the labels’ sounds:

El Cuco Recordings on Soundcloud
UltraGore on Soundcloud


Released January 17th, Jon Kwest‘ – “The Last Don EP” is a staple in my slower tempo sets. The title track encompasses Kwest’s signature sound – tribal drums, trancey lead synths and sporadic bits of sampling that push the tune along. Tactic’s remix picks up the pace a bit, speeding things up for any dance floor that loves house music. “Scratch Riddim” kinda threw me off at first in the way it just drops into the song without a typical overextended intro for DJ’s. The minimalism of this tune makes it fun to mix. The Jay Fay remix certainly compensates for the spaciousness of the original – the first drop is so tense I thought I was having an anxiety attack waiting for the beat to come in.

“Stabbin Cabin” rounds out the EP with a smoothed out run through various jazzy pieces of sound. The Gulls remix of “Stabbin Cabin” focuses on pounding drums and a vaguely tropical melody, with visions of the beach and sugary rum beverages.

My pick of the release is the dark drum and bass inspired “Whaddatt”, recalling the days of dark tearing synths and the ubiquitos “yea / uh” vocals. Often utilizing elements of sound from jungle/DNB, this is Kwest’s signature sound. Guapo Feo’s remix takes the tune into moombahcore territory with the lead synth crunched out and battling sirens.

You can download Omar Comin’s remix of “The Whiste” for free here and purchase the EP via iTunes, Juno DownloadAmazon and all fine digital retailers.


Two of the original moombahton bad boys – Pickster & Melo – have released their classic “Too Soon To Forget” via El Cuco Recordings, who both describe and forewarn “a smooth vibe before all the forthcoming heavy tunes.” You can purchase the tune via Beatport. The tune is receiving support from Nadastrom, Munchi, Bro Safari, David Heartbreak, DJ Sabo and more so you know it’s quality.


Bombaman has been on my map for a minute, I’ve been playing a ton of his bitcrunched dubstep tunes for years now really. Recently it seems he’s decided to slow down the pace a little bit and have his own take on the slower side of the bass spectrum. Listen to these couple of tunes from the Canadian bass maker and note that the mix, “Bombaman Mix for 106 FM Isreal”, runs through a few genres in it so be ready for anything!


Check out Vicious Viv’s submission to the SMOG Versus Basshead mix contest – “Gotta keep it @ 110bpm! MOOMBAH!” she notes.

Lastly, here’s a couple of my favorite moombahton tunes at the moment.

SAC! Joman – Daymanstep


Moombahwhat?! #10

What’s up party people. I don’t know about you but I’ve been busy as shit since the last post. I’ve been preparing to launch my new label, finishing music and getting all of the not so fun stuff out of the way. I don’t want to talk about it until it’s 100% ready for launch but you should expect to be able to purchase music from me staring early March from all of the major outlets. Forget about the future for now – let’s focus on what I have in store for you within this 10th edition of Moombahwhat?!.

This Thursday at the Vagabond we’re going in on another edition of Moombahton Over Miami! I’ll be rocking the back of the patio of the Vagabond alongside Ashworth, Jungillshadow as well as Bric & Reemz.

Below I’ve posted mixes from all of us. Moombahton has been on a steady incline in Miami, more people are getting into it daily and you can really tell by people’s reactions on the dancefloor, or in this case, the dance patio, it’s going to pop off super hard this year at WMC!

Local media outlet Miami New Times called Moombahton Over Miami one of “Miami’s 12 Bands, Producers, and Promoters Set to Take Over the Scene in 2012″.

somejerk’s minimix for Tropicult by somejerk

Moombah Mondays – Vol 2 – Baja Panties Edition by Bric & Reemz

Ashworth’s Moombahsoul Mix by ashworth

Live from ((SHAKE)) at The Vagabond 11-3-11 by Jungillshadow

Right now I’m vibing the fuck out to this new Sabo mix. I guess most people will label this sort of stuff as moombahsoul or chill, but to me it really reflects what I listen for in this music. It’s deep, it’s got a couple rhythms working together and will undoubtedly fill a dance floor.

Here’s a Deep Moombahton Mix i made for Shir Khan’s Berlin radio show. It aired on Tuesday Jan 17th and then streamed for a week. This is the original recording without the commercials and German overdubs. Tracklist is below. Enjoy mi gente!!

1. Far Nearer (Nadastrom & Sabo Moombahton remix) – Jamie XX
2. Burnt Sunflower – Deco
3. Crystalline – (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix) – Bjork
4. I Get Lifted – (Special ReKwest Sabo Dub) – MAW feat. Barbara Tucker
5. Rehab It – Wool
7. Siempre (Sabo Deep Moombah mix) – Tal M. Klein
8. All My Zeroes Are Greater Than Your One – Disgraceland
9. Next Level (Sabo’s Moombahdeep Edit) – Layo & Bushwacka
10. No Turning Back (Jonny Chino Moombahton Edit) – Gui Boratto
11. Stuxnet – SaBBo
12. Steal Drums (Lazaro Casanva Moombahton Edit) – The Martin Brothers
13. Rej (Sabo Moombahton Edit) – Ame
14. Dubabluma – Nadastrom
15. Soy Como Soy (Sabo Moombahton Edit) – Makossa & Megablast
16. Hey Hey (Sabo Moombahton Dub) – Dennis Ferrer
17. Dub Child – Maya Jane Coles
18. Dusted – Nadastrom feat. Sabo
19. The Wilhelm Scream (Cousin Culo Remix) – James Blake

Bonus – free tune from Sabo.

Planet Rock (Sabo Elektric Remix) by SolSelectas

Now here’s the goods!

Jamsha (Tan Lindo y Tan Pato) prod by Jamsha y Eggi Ruz by jamsha

Showtek – Fuck The System (Noizekid Moombahton Bootleg) by Noizekid

Vato Gonzalez – The Moombahstard by Mixmag

Es Gibt Kein by docadam

Sluggo+Nerd Rage+Terrabad – I am Captain – Mendez Moombahcore Remix[FREE DL] by Mendez (ElCucoRecordings)

Drake ft Lil Wayne+Tyga – The Motto(Mendez Rework) by Mendez (ElCucoRecordings)

Count and Sinden – After Dark feat. Mystery Jets (Zifra vs. Chazzymax Moombahton Refix) FREE320FULL by Zifra aka Electrobank

Aquasky & Meat Katie – Overneath (Zifra Aeskapading Moombahton Edit) FREE320FULL by Zifra aka Electrobank

Stinky Soul – Wicked World (Zifra vs Moombahton Monster Reloop) FREE320FULL by Zifra aka Electrobank

Oliver Twizt – Love Trip (Aniki Bootleg) by aniki

BabySTEPS – Adversity (Original Mix) by babySTEPS

The Squatters – Monster (The Squatters Moombahton Mix) by The Squatters

Miles Dyson – I-tune [F3RAL Remix] by F3RAL

Blans – Tell You Why (Preview) by djblans

Blast [Original Mix] by F3RAL

Teen Wolf & Shelco Garcia-Chavo (Original mix) by TeenWolf

Cumbiaton Grafitero-(Original Mix) Dj Dice Beats by DJ DICE (CHICAGO)

Moombahwhat?! #9

It’s been a month since I’ve last written this Moombahwhat column and it’s safe to say a lot has gone down in the Moombahverse. As the sound has become a global phenomenon, making it’s way from small clubs in Washington, DC to the main stages at music festivals outside of the United States, it’s evolved into something that people to either love or hate – seemingly without much middle ground.

Locally, here in Miami, we’ve certainly seen a rise in interest in our beloved genre. On Thursday, July 29th at the Vagabond, your friends at (((SHAKE))) will be doing another Moombahton Over Miami event. I’m honored to play yet again, along with my Miami Moombahtonists Never Yawn, Ashworth and Stereotype. You can download my set from the previous Moombahton Over Miami here.

Orlando is popping off as well – I know that I will be playing a bit of moombahton at Ovrkill, the New Years Eve party going down at the Social. Featuring your favorite Orlando DJ’s, the Smile For Camera family (Cliff Tangredi, Winston Wolfe, Joey Paranoia, Blood Eagle, Quantum Thoery, Dr. Khan, Ma-LESS and myself somejerk) will be rocking until 3:30am!

Slow Roast boss and turntablist extraordinaire Craze celebrated his birthday at Grand Central with his friends, who happen to be the biggest names in the moombah-game right now. Nadastrom (Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom, duh), Heartbreak, JWLS and my favorite of the night, Bro Safari, rocked the crowded downtown Miami venue like people had been into this music their whole lives, or perhaps had been waiting for it, with hips gyrating, (some people’s) jaws grinding and not a single person standing still while the sounds (and smells) of tropical bass permeated the air. It is unfortunate to mention that right before Craze was about to do his thing a beer spilled on his laptop, pretty much destroying it, from what we could observe from the crowd.

Craze's birthday at Grand Central, Miami

Yesterday MixMag released Generation Bass’ “New Wave of Moombahton” compilation, which features music by myself (somejerk), Carrier & J-Trick, gLAdiator, Cabo Blanco and many more over the span of 35 tracks! It’s 100% free and represents the spectrum of sounds that have become moombahton music.

Generation Bass has been a leading factor in the rise of moombahton globally, releasing compilation after compilation of tunes from new producers from around the world, exposing new sounds, usually without the need for purchase. It should be noted that the website/blog is also a legit label, releasing groundbreaking, genre defying music from artists like Mossilator and Lord Cry Cry.

somejerk – Busy Riddim (Generation Bass) by somejerk

Cabo Blanco – La Fiesta by Cabo Blanco

2Deep – Carnaval (MOOMBAHTON) OUT SOON!! *Generation Bass:New Wave Comp* by 2 DEEP

To promote the mix, San Antonio, Texas’ Vicious Viv has compiled a mix of all of the songs!

Generation Bass Presents:: New Wave of Moombahton Vol. 1 by ViciouzViv

It seems that the biggest trend in moombahton, other than over-using dutch house synths, squeeks and vocal pitch bending, is releasing free compilations of music, usually with some sort of a theme. Dave Nada, the apparent inventor of this genre, gave away his first moombahton productions and thanks to him, many others have followed suit. These sample rich compilations haven’t all been that well received, though. Recently Jon Kwest curated “Jon Kwest Presents: LIGHTER! Moombahton Vs. Jungle/DnB” which is essentially a bunch of classic jungle and drumnbass tunes chopped up and retooled with a tropical 2012 update. As someone that has been listening to drum and bass for 14 years, I was skeptical about what I was going to hear, despite knowing the high level of quality that Jon Kwest represents amidst a sea of lazy, half-assed creators of “edits”, but was very happy to hear that the tunes were respectfully reworked into something new while recalling the early to mid nineties vibage.

For me, as a DJ that is constantly combining one sub-genre of bass music with another via my DJ sets and mixes, these songs are great tools for moving an existing scene of people in a new way, and exposing the newly forming moombahton scene to my beloved jungle music. Unfortunately some of the producers of the “original” tunes were not so pleased about this and threw a bit of a fit. I won’t get into details of who said what but I will say that I find it disappointing to see some of my favorite producers, whose music is largely sample based, often utilizing entire phrases of music or melodies from existing popular artists, would attack a new generation of producers because they felt that they were impeding on copyright (and ego, more so in my opinion). I mean, I get it. You help to create the biggest form of electronic music in the 1990′s, you were seen as innovators in your time and you want to be recognized for this and not have your legacy tarnished by some new jack producer that’s pushing a style of music that you possibly find to be disposable. But how would you have felt if the Winstons wrote you a letter telling you to stop sampling their music? Or if Ghostface Killah showed up at your door and told you that he didn’t like you using his voice in your track?

I should note that the release was free – Jon Kwest is not charging anyone to download these remixes and I seriously doubt that someone is now going to reconsider purchasing a classic drumnbass tune from Beatport for $1.49 because there’s now a free moombahton remix of it. But whatever, perhaps I can’t relate. I didn’t produce the tunes, press them to vinyl and distribute without permission from the original creator of the music that was sampled while charging for purchase. Regardless, I find it disappointing that representatives from a genre that is completely based on sampling existing genres would fail to recognize the continuing cycle of evolution of electronic dance music and marketing of this music and culture, and would fail to take advantage of the opportunities of this burgeoning scene.

Jon Kwest is from Washington, DC and is quickly rising as a leading name in moombahton, due specifically due to his remixing and edits of classic tunes, most of which are given away. Here’s a couple more of his compilations as well as some new singles he’s recently given away on his Soundcloud.

Jon Kwest – Weekday Warrior by Jon Kwest

Jon Kwest – Like Taking Candy From A Stranger by Jon Kwest

Drunken Monk (Get The Fuck Out) by Jon Kwest

Flying High by Jon Kwest

Crazy by Jon Kwest

Moving along on my quest to bring you the freshest and best I present El Cuco Recordings latest offering, which became available for purchase yesterday: “Gojira” from .357 Magnum which features remixes by Sazon Booya and ETC! ETC!. “Gojira” is a moombahcore slammer, definitely leaning to the edgier, harder sound that El Cuco Recordings has become synonymous with. The Sazon Booya remix flips the tune a bit, adding some bit crunched talk box style wobbles. The ETC! ETC! remix is my pick of the bunch – the hardness of the original is kept but the rhythm is more of a steppy, tropical march that I personally prefer in my moombahton.

.357 Magnum – GOJIRA – ECR005 – Teaser Mix [OUT 12-23-11] by El Cuco Recordings

Also from El Cuco Recordings is LeDoom’s 3 track EP “Doombah”. “Cumbiatron”, which was co-produced with Tony Mundaca, is a squelchy carnival rhythm while “Wangas” aims straight for the bro’s with it’s talk box lead wobble. The title track reminds me of a rave inside of a video game that’s about a haunted house with lots of lazers and 8bit ghosts calling out.

LeDoom – DOOMBAH – ECR004 – OUT NOW by El Cuco Recordings

And now….a bunch of dope, free tunes. Which is what I know you’re here for, but I’ve gotta at least try to kick some knowledge ‘pon de massive, while exposing you to the freshest sound around.

Bro Safari- Da Worm (JEFF002) by Mad Decent

Hxly – Four Point Oh (Arehouse ‘Unofficial’ Moombahcore Remix) by AreHouse

Panda Da Panda – Vem E Du (Boyfriend & Ophex remix) by BOYFRIEND

Wale ft Big Sean x Wes de Graaf – (S)light Work by Wes de Graaf

Dillon Francis & Diplo – Que Que (Corrupted Data Remix) by CORRUPTED DatA

Chong X, Babylon Rocker & Sister Nancy – Bam Bam Stalagton by Praggatronik Army

Horsey (The Hi-Yahs Remix) by The Hi-Yahs

My Goodies (Anxious Moombah) by ANXIOUS_G

Still Hustlin (RS & AV Moombahton Bootleg) [Funny Project FREE DOWNLOAD] by Robin Sebastian&Allegro V

Moombahwhat?! 8

Welcome to the 8th installment of Moombahwhat!?

Before I delve into my picks from the last two weeks I’d like to share a remix that I’ve done of the classic Beastie Boys tune “Slow and Low”.


I will be releasing a slew of remixes of classic dancehall, drumnbass and dubstep tunes in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow me on SoundCloud, Twitter and like me on Facebook to get the goods.


Click here to download the tune.


Mendez’s “Adventures In Ultracore” EP has been released and it’s currently climbing the charts on Beatport, currently in the top 20 Dubstep releases! That’s a good look for the movement and a clear indication of the continual rise of moombahton.

Make sure you get your hands on this banging EP from the head of El Cuco Recorings. Also from El Cuco recordings is the heavy “Respect Mine” EP from Richie August, who is one half of the dubstep duo Hulk (along with Claw) and of course my favorite EP from the last 6 months, “Future Primitive” from Bro Safari and UFO!.

Download Mendez’s remix of Villains – “Control the Future” for free!


Up next we’ve got a mix from Pickster, part of the Arizona Gunslingaz.

“I feel like Moombahton is gonna help Bridge the gap for EDM and Club/Dance Hip-Hop,” says Pickster. “With new artists like “Wale & Big Sean” already working with Diplo on Moombahton tunes (Slight Work), Add to that the surplus of Hip-Hop infused Moombahton Remixes coming out, And I feel we could very easily see some Moombahton tunes in the Hip-Hop clubs & Top 40 Charts in the near future, weather you like it or not.”

Download this mix and if you’d like to see the tracklisting and hear more from Pickster go to his Soundcloud page. The dude Pickster is also giving away a remix of J. Cole’s “Work Out” so hit this download link too!

Pickster – They Playin My Shit (Moombahton Mix 2011) by PicksterOne


…and as usual, here’s a bunch of free tunes!


Multiplier – Wah Wah (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Multiplier

Radiola vs SaBBo “Respire….. Tempo de Rubbin” (Telefunksoul Moombahshup 2011) by M.Telefunksoul

Play Button – Sooner or Later (Original Mix) [Free Download] by Play Bu††on

Dev – In The Dark (KRAYMER & TIGRE HOODS Remix) by Tigre Hoods

Hijo De Puta (Original Mix) (Moombahton) DL in Description by AreHouse

Mikix The Cat (Creampie Moombahton Edit) – Deep Down by Creampie44

Moombahwhat?! part 7

Hello party people, I hope you’re all doing well. The seasons have started changing here in Miami, which really means it’s not hot as fuck all the time any more. With the changing of the weather also comes my changing of age; this week I celebrate my birthday and my friends at The Vagabond / (((SHAKE))) were awesome enough to let me throw a shindig in their back patio area!

Sharing the line up with me are my drum and bass family Methodus, AlphaXero, Sopheye and Disidente. Jungillshadow will also be throwing down some jams as well. You can peep the soulful moombahton set that he recorded this past weekend at Something Wicked Comes This Way.

Live @ Revolution Live! #somethingwickedthiswaycomes by Jungillshadow


Now before I delve into the music, I’d like to provide a little bit of history for those that are not in the know. Depending on what country you’re in, today is the Day of the Dead, which many people simply think of as being a Latin Halloween. The sugar skulls that represent this holiday have become the visual representation for moombahton. Today is November 1st, which is “Día de los Inocentes” meaning the day of the children. Tomorrow, which is my birthday, is ironically the “Día de los Muertos”. This holiday may appear to be morbid, you know, with all the skulls and shit, but really it’s a about honoring those that have passed on and appreciating being alive. Read more about the Day of the Dead here.


Shazalakazoo (say sha-ah-la-ka-zoo) are from Serbia and make some radical music that combines elements of balkatan and other “ethnic” sounds with the moombah rhythm we’re familiar with, creating something new and fun! Their latest offering is a 6 track EP called Bang! Bang!, being released via Generation Bass.

“The band plays danceable electronic bass music spiced with the sounds originating mostly from their own region – the Balkans. Their interpretation of Balkan melodies, harmonies and rhythm patterns are often intertwined with the influences that come mostly from Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, creating the unique musical blend which they call the Folkstep. These guys are on the forefront of the dance floor and have shifted slowly into Moombahton territory, blending their trusted organic sound with the hard hitting slow beats of the moombah movement!” 


In New York lives a dude named Cody Murray that’s been releasing all sorts of crazy house music for years now. Recently he’s begun releasing music via Craze’s Slow Roast Records imprint and the guy is blowing up. I’ve been pestering him on the internet to make more moombahton music and he’s finally released a new edit! I dunno how much of an effect my annoying encouragements have made, but here’s the tune anyways. “His sound is a little cut n’ paste, a little production wizardry, and a lot of love.”

Make sure you check out Codes music via his SoundCloud.


The crew at Generation Bass have been busy as shit apparently, also this week releasing Moombahluv Volume 2, stating:

“Moombahluv is not really a sub-genre BUT it can be if you so will it to be. It’s for that rainy windswept day when you’ve been blown out or feeling down or are just in the need for some luv & a hug. This compilation is a hug from me to you :-) It’s for loners, just like me, who dream fantastic dreams and feel that anything is possible but always with a sense of vulnerability and humility.”

With edits and originals from David Heartbreak, Direct Feed, Big Makk, Le Doom and many more, you can download the whole thing for free at this link and listen to a mix of the tunes below.


El Cuco Recordings is raising the bar for producers across the globe – every tune, whether they’re from a free release or something you’re buying off of Beatport, is quality from start to finish, content and audio quality wise. This free release of 19 moombahton tunes showcases this standard of quality elegantly, boasting sounds from DJ Melo, LeDoom, Sluggo, UFO!, Teen Wolf, Pickster and many more.

“Tradition and family run deep in the Moombahton scene. The seasonal Moombahton compilations started by Munchi in the Summer of 2010 kicked off a tradition. As the seasons change a different Moombahtonista curates a compilation that takes a snap shot of the scene and the producers making noise at that time. David Heartbreak followed with the Fall Of Moombahton in 2010, DJ Melo with the Winter Of Moombahton in 2010, Lightning Eyez with the Spring Of Moombahton in 2011, and Munchi with Verano Del Moombahton in the summer of 2011. Pickster from Phoenix, Arizona has taken the baton and put together the Fall compilation for 2011.”

You can download the whole shabang here, and you can listen to and download individual tunes below.

Pickster presents The Rise Of Moombahton Compilation by El Cuco Recordings


One of my favorite producer/DJ dudes at the moment is UFO! from San Francisco, who I’ve written extensively about before. The EP that he did with Bro Safari called “Future Primitive” – mentioned in a previous Moombahwhat?! – is a game changer and seemingly everything UFO! rubs his magic on is extraordinary.

This mix, hilariously entitled “I don’t know what to call it”, starts out with some moombahton and moombahcore, making it’s way into dubstep and drum and bass music. In my not so humble and often obnoxious opinion, this is how DJ sets SHOULD be – sonically diverse and interesting, not the same fucking sounds over and over again for 45 minutes. All of you new to the movement take notes once you’ve downloaded the mix and hit up his SoundCloud for more goodies.


That’s it for now! As always if you’re a producer, DJ or label and want me to cover your stuff, hit me up, follow me on Twitter and send me your music via SoundCloud.