The following articles were authored by Jon-Bergquist

Last Call For Star Trek: The Exhibition



Star Trek has delighted millions since 1966, unfortunately for Paramount Pictures the franchise has primarily appealed to a relatively small demographic due to the societal stigma that Star Trek just isn’t cool. At least that was the case until J.J. Abrams rebooted the franchise in 2009. Paramount Pictures implemented a very clever marketing strategy to promote Abrams’ Star Trek picture, which boldly took Star Trek where it had never gone before, hip NY and LA nightclubs. Major music industry names like DJ AM, Steve Aoki, and Friendly Fires were brought in to perform at Star Trek Dance Parties. Paramount’s ploy worked and they won the hearts and minds of the tastemaker crowd.


Kennedy Space Center should have looked at that marketing strategy and taken notes. Star Trek: The Exhibition, the largest collection of Star Trek relics and replicas to ever be put on display has been at Kennedy Space Center since June, yet few people seem to be aware. With the loss of revenue due to the retirement of the shuttle program one would think Kennedy Space Center would make a serious effort to promote Star Trek: The Exhibition in an effort to drum up some business. Instead they made a gaffe and decided to ambiguously package the exhibition as Sci-Fi Summer. They almost got it right when they extended the exhibition and dubbed it Star Trek: A Fall Celebration. The exhibition runs through October 31st, so you better hit warp speed down to Kennedy Space Center if you plan on checking it out.


The exhibition includes a replica of the original Enterprise’s bridge complete with a captain chair that guests can actually sit in. Guests can also checkout replicas of the Engineering and Sick Bay sets used on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The signature outfit Ricardo Montalbán wore in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is on display as well. There is also a motion simulator ride and a live show.



Star Trek: The Exhibition
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
State Route 405
Orsino, FL 32899
9am – 6pm
Though October 31st
$43 + tax for adults
$33 + tax for kids

AntiBabe 1996 – 2010

AntiBabe is an Orlando based and sexually charged performance art troupe and fashion design company owned and operated by Jodi Thomas. AntiBabe has brought its unique production as far as Las Vegas and have appeared on HBO’s Real Sex. After 14 years Jodie has decided it’s time for Antibabe to answer the final curtain call. Many of our readers were only 4 years old when AntiBabe was founded in 1996, which really emphasizes just how long 14 years is. Their farewell performance is tonight at 57 West. I encourage everyone to go, as AntiBabe deserves a proper sendoff. I have the utmost respect for Antibabe’s longevity. Of all the parties and promoters Orlando has seen, Antibabe has outlived them all.

November 26th
Black Friday: AntiBabe, Inc Retirement Party
w/ DJ Sandy, DJ Raven, DJ Martyr, DJ Spank

$5 – 18+

57 West
57 West Pine St.
Orlando, FL 32801

- Jon Bergquist

6th Annual Orlando Puppet Festival

Orlando Puppet Festival

The Orlando Puppet Festival has undergone some changes both structurally and internally since Heather Henson and Jamie Donmoyer founded it in 2005. However, its mission to expose audiences to the versatility of the art form and inspire fledgling artists to emerge remains the same. With a surname like Henson, it’s no surprise that Heather would be a proponent of puppetry. Over the years she has brought many world-renowned puppeteers to Orlando, such as Phil Huber, who did the marionette sequences in Spike Jonze’s masterpiece Being John Malkovich, as well as John Tartaglia of Avenue Q fame. Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, who plays Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street, has also performed at the festival several times.

Originally the festival only lasted a weekend. This year it has expanded to sprawl out over the course of nearly two months, from October 13th – December 10th. The complete schedule can be found on their website. Traditionally the festival began with an opening reception and exhibition at the Gallery at Avalon Island. The gallery opening came a bit later this year and is taking place tonight. The exhibit is called Crime and Puppetment, which is a rather cute play on words of the title of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment. The gallery exhibit runs through December 10th and admission is free. Prices for other festival events vary.

Among this year’s events I personally recommend attending the following, Crime and Puppetment, Bird Machine, Puppets From the Edge, and Snow.

6th Annual Orlando Puppet Festival
October 13th – December 10th

Click here for show times,
venues, and admission prices.

- Jon Bergquist

Editor’s Note: The festival has been extend to end on December 12th instead of 10th. Enjoy the two extra days.

Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey

Have you ever wondered what The New Yorker’s comics would look like if Tim Burton illustrated them? If so you maybe interested in the works of Edward Gorey. He was the author and illustrator of over a hundred macabre books and was a major source of inspiration to Tim Burton. Although, his humor was dark it was exquisitely droll. Gorey’s influence on Burton is most apparent in his book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories.

Tim Burton is hardly the only person who was inspired by Gorey. The Internet is teeming with Gorey fan art, including a rather humorous retelling of the classic Star Trek episode The Trouble With Tribbles, complete with Goreyesque illustrations and captions. The popular webcomic The Perry Bible Fellowship has also paid homage to Gorey. More notably, Nine Inch Nails’ music video for ‘The Perfect Drug’ was deliberately crafted to resemble his illustrations.

Last year Marvel released a series of fine art comic covers to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of Wolverine. Gorey’s style was used in this campaign. The styles of Dali’, Picasso, and Van Gogh were also used, thus garneting prestigious company to his name.

The Orlando Museum of Art is currently showcasing a large collection of Gorey’s pen-and-ink illustrations in an exhibition titled “Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey”. The exhibit runs through the end of the month.

Orlando Museum of Art
2416 N. Mills Ave.

August 13 – October 31
10am – 4pm Tuesday – Friday
12pm – 4pm Saturday & Sunday

$8 Adults / $7 Students

- Jon Bergquist

2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift

A hodgepodge of a film titled 2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift will screen at Will’s Pub on Monday, August 9th. The entire feature is a mashup of bizarre found footage resulting in a product that is weird for the sake of being weird. You can either blame or thank Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim for this. If you plan on attending be sure to get there early, as our friends Blood Eagle will be DJing at 8pm.

Here’s a pertinent excerpt from Kipling’s poem The Conundrum of the Workshops:

When the flush of a new-born sun fell first on Eden’s green and gold,
Our father Adam sat under the Tree and scratched with a stick in the mould;
And the first rude sketch that the world had seen was joy to his mighty heart,
Till the Devil whispered behind the leaves, “It’s pretty, but is it Art?”
— Rudyard Kipling

2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift
When: August 9
Where: Will’s Pub
1042 N. Mills Avenue
Admission: $6 advance / $8 doors

- Jon Bergquist

Star Wars Celebration V

The improbable occurred the other day while I was driving down Colonial. I saw a giant billboard baring the image Billy Dee Williams advertising something other than Colt 45. This could only mean one thing. Star Wars Celebration V was mere days away.

Celebration emerged as a Star Wars convention in 1999 as a marketing ploy to promote The Phantom Menace. The convention has taken place in a US city every two to three years since then. There were also two overseas conventions, which took place in London and Tokyo. Approximately 35,000 people attended Celebration IV, which was held in Los Angeles in 2008.

As the attendee numbers may suggest, this isn’t your average convention where the biggest guest from a Star Wars film is the guy who played Chewbacca. The main event for Celebration V is a live one-on-one interview with the man who both created and destroyed Star Wars; George Lucas conducted by Jon Stewart of The Daily Show.

Additional big name guests include Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich, supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Dave Filoni as well as a rare meet and great appearance by Princess Leia herself Carrie Fisher. Ralph McQuarrie will also be there in person along with over 100 of his original concept designs for the original Star Wars Trilogy. Many of which have never been seen before.

The convention will also feature Star Wars Speed Dating, which will surely prove to be equal parts hilarious and horrifying. If a couple feels they have truly made a connection during their speed date they can head over to the Celebration V Commitment Chapel where they can exchange vows in a non-legally binding marriage.

Star Wars Celebration V
When: August 12 – 15
Where: The Orange County Convention Center
9899 International Dr.
Adult Four-Day Passes – $128
Thursday Pass – $48
Friday Pass – $48
Saturday Pass – $54
Sunday Pass – $48
Kids Four-Day Passes – $54
Kids One-Day Pass – $27

For those more in tune with the dark side of the force there is an unofficial after party called Dark Side Grotto at the Rosen Plaza Hotel. Perhaps attendees will get the opportunity to dagger some Twi’leks. DJ Nelson Flux will be providing music for the evening, as The Max Rebo Band was unavailable.

Dark Side Grotto: The Unofficial Celebration V After Party
When: Saturday, August 14, 10pm – 2am
Where: Backstage @ The Rosen Plaza
9700 International Dr.
Admission: 21+ Only
$10 with costume
$12 without costume

- Jon Bergquist

Moroccan Summer Nights

Of all the countries represented at Epcot Center, the Kingdom of Morocco clearly got the short end of the stick. It seems that despite having more than 12 centuries worth of history the best imagineers could come up with is a meet and greet with Aladdin, who’s tale takes place in Iraq. A true travesty for the land that is home to Casablanca. If you happen to be in the Orlando area this weekend and would like to experience a more authentic take on Morocco, the International Academy of Design & Technology is offering just that. Their Moroccan Summer Nights soirée takes place this Saturday and a plethora of festivities and cultural commodities are promised to be in store.

When: 06/26/10 – 4pm-8pm
Where: International Academy of Design & Technology
6039 South Rio Grande Ave.
Admission: FREE

- Jon Bergquist

Forthcoming Orlando Art Happenings

B-Side Artists 3rd Annual Art Show
June 17 – July 12
City Arts Factory
No Cover

If you don’t already know who the B-Side Artists are, you must be new in town. Comprised of several members of Orlando’s underground art community including Swamburger, the lead MC of Solillaquists of Sound, the The B-Side Artists took their moniker from the golden days of the music industry. In pre-Internet times before mp3′s were passed around like a flask at grad night, a b-side was the primary way music that was perceived to be “less than conventional” was brought to the masses.
These guys can be found doing their thing almost every night. Whether it’s out on the streets or in a nightclub, they’re out there. Opening Reception for the B-Side Artists 3rd Annual Art Show is June 17 from 6pm – 9pm. It will showcase new works form Swamburger, G. Lemus, Tobar, Tr3 and many others. Mobile Art Show #10
aka Jack Fields | Blood-Death of the Heart Beyond Space

June 17
U-Haul on the corner of Orange and Pine
7pm – 9pm
No Cover

Local artist Jack Fields is throwing every puppet, toy, crochet blanket, and plastic monster he’s ever created into’s rented U-Haul. Knowing Jack personally I can attest that this is going to be quite a spectacle.

Davinci Could Dance
June 17
Suite B
$5 Cover

Art show showcasing the works of Laylah Madi, Josh Jackson, Celeste Brown, John Park, Ilana Fein, Raymond Klecker, G. Lemus, plus Smile Famliy Favorite Queso will be there. Smile photos from past Davinci Could Dance shows can be found here.

Fashionably Alive: FLA Artists for the Environment
June 19
$10 Cover

This is a fundraiser for the environment. All proceeds will be donated to The Amazon Conservation Team & the National Wildlife Federation. The B-Side Artists, Ernie Turner, and Nate Jones are among the featured artists for this event. Hosts include Miss Africa USA Finalist Amanda Wamunimya, International Model Dominique Diroff, and Champion UFC Fighter Seth Petruzelli. The list of entertainers goes on. Seriously, this sounds like it’s going to be insane. Especially since they will be partying on the roof as well.

- Jon Bergquist