Smile for Camera™ is your source for music news, exclusive artist interviews, and club/party/concert photos for the Eastern United States. We are based out of Orlando, FL, and have correspondents spanning the East Coast, with occasional featured guest photographers from all over the world.

Founded by photographer/graphic designer, Kevin Collier (kcoll) and writer, Melanie Gapany (mgap) in 2008, Smile for Camera was created to capture the excitement, energy, and personality of the most connected generation, hard at play.

Smile for Camera has become more than just a website to download photos from. Our proximity to the scenes we cover has given us the opportunity to present our readers with music from new and emerging artists, to invite our friends, fans and supporters to events we help coordinate, and to bring exposure to important causes such as Habitat for Humanity.


KEVIN COLLIER (kcoll) – Co-Founder / Creative Director / Head Photographer
kcoll@smileforcamera.com // facebook

MELANIE GAPANY (mgap) – Co-Founder / Photographer
mgap@smileforcamera.com // facebook

JASON PECORARO – Artist Agent / Director of Marketing & Promotions
jason@smileforcamera.com // facebook

KATIE EGGER (kegger) – Marketing & Promotions / Artist Relations / Writer / Photographer
kegger@smileforcamera.com // facebook

ALAN MARTELL – Show Production Coordinator / Provider of things that glow
alan@smileforcamera.com // facebook

MICHAEL KHAN – Photographer / Videographer / DJ
khan@smileforcamera.com // facebook

ROBIN OSGOOD – Photographer / Badass Gamer
osgood@smileforcamera.com // facebook

LUIS COLON, AKA MYNDAL – Photographer – Brooklyn, NY


myndal@smileforcamera.com // facebook

ANDREW JAIME – Photographer – Orlando
dr3wsofresh@aol.com // facebook

ROXIE CATHARTIC – Photographer – Miami
roxie.cathartic@gmail.com // facebook

aleeem@gmail.com // facebook

The Smile for Camera team is happy to provide many services to the nightlife industry, including Event Photography, Event Planning Marketing and Promotion, Artist Management, Graphic and Web Design.

Email Us for general inquires – info@smileforcamera.com

Interested in shooting your local events and parties? Smile for Camera is always looking for additional photographers and writers to add to our staff. For more information, email info@smileforcamera.com

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  1. Trey Compton says:

    i was wondering when you are going to post pictures from the mstrkrft and a-trak show in charlotte

  2. Kyle says:

    You guys are freaking awesome

  3. Christina says:

    Hi I was wondering if your company might need an extra photographer.

  4. JOSH says:

    when are the pictures from TIESTO @ FORUM in CHARLOTTE, N.C.10/15/09 gonna be posted up?!?!?!?! I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER! PLEASE POST THEM!

  5. Sara says:

    I agree with Josh!! TIESTO!?!?!??

  6. akeorlando says:

    Just discovered your site, and I love it! Looking forward to getting more acquainted, and hopefully getting involved as well.