“Hennessy & Chicken” – THE QUANTUM THEORY Interview + Mix

QUANTUM THEORY | 01.08.13 @ takeovr



Recently, over a bottle of Hennessy & a whole Publix Roasted Chicken (Lemon Pepper), we caught up with Smile for Camera Artist QUANTUM THEORY. Here’s how that convo went:


SFC: Yo.

QT: Please don’t talk with your mouth full.


SFC: So what project is open on your Mac right now? What kind of vibe is coming up for some of your future releases?

QT: Right now I have an electro project open that I’m putting the finishing touches on. I’ve never been one to pigeonhole myself with genres, so you can never know what to expect from me.


SFC: Why the name QUANTUM THEORY? Any other aliases you care to tell the world about?

QT: Quantum theory is all about the interaction of energy and matter, which I’ve always been fascinated by. Plus it sounds cool. Quantum Theory is my most recent moniker. I’ve been putting out music for a while, and have used many different aliases for many different genres. Just Jason, Latenight Society, Soulpatch and Atmosphere are some of them.


SFC: Seems like the “cool genres” recently went from electro to dubstep to moombahton to trvp. 
So what’s next?

QT: I hate music classification. When it’s good, it’s good. I like that I’m seeing a lot of boundary pushing, a lot of producers are taking sounds from one genre and putting them into another. I think that’s cool.


SFC: Please feel free to rant on the seemingly non-stop tirade from a few cliques of people (most non-producers) that claim that “real DJs don’t use computers live”.

QT: Please pass me the Hennessey. I used to have a purist standpoint to djing until I started showing up to gigs, after lugging a huge case of records, sometimes completely across the country, and there would be no turntables. Or the needles would be missing. What a mind fuck! I switched to CDs and now I use Ableton with a controller most of the time. People are afraid of change. I embrace the advent of new technology and feel it only opens up new avenues for a good dj to be better. I do, however, think it’s important to learn how to DJ traditionally.


SFC: Other than EDM, what are your musical influences.

QT: I listen to almost all types of music. Kraftwerk, The Cure, Daft Punk, Led Zeppelin, Phoenix, De La Soul, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Bjork, Foo Fighters… I really could go on all day.


SFC: What is your favorite show you ever headlined or supported. Why?

QT: Probably an underground, after-hours party in a basement in San Francisco. Crazy vibe, great guy to girl ratio, and everybody being themselves completely tuned in to what I was playing. That, or a party in Belgium called “What’s Cookin”. There was a huge glass skylight over the dance floor and you could see all the stars while you were getting down. Those Europeans sure know how to get down. Takeovr is also, hands down, one of the funnest parties to play. I’ve never seen a Tuesday go off like that anywhere in the world.


SFC: Weirdest thing you ever saw at a club. Go!

QT: Pregnant women. That always freaks me out.



QT: Yes. Yes I do.


SFC: There was a console video game released in 2010 for both the PS3 & XBOX called “Quantum Theory”. To date, how much have you made on the royalties?

QT: There was?!?!? I’ll have my lawyer get on that!


SFC: What’s your opinion on Tiesto?

QT: Not my cup of tea. To each his own.


SFC: Dillon Francis seems to like cats. What’s your favorite animal.

QT: I’m an animal lover. I keep an aquarium of African Cichlids and have a boxer named Jack. He’s the bees knees.


SFC: Excited for your upcoming gig @ Smile for Camera’s takeovr in Orlando @ Roxy? 
(you better fucking say YES!)

QT: This will be my 5th time headlining takeovr and I’m extremely excited. The crowd is awesome and I feed off of their incredible energy.


SFC: What’s the last song you played for yourself before this interview?

QT: Bauhaus – Bela Lagosi’s Dead


SFC: Tell us about Sweet & Low. Go ahead. No shame with self-promotion.

QT: Sweet&Low is my second record label. I started it as a way to release the new style of music I was creating. I’m also surrounded by amazing talent and wanted to give them a voice to be heard. Last year I only put out 2 EPs on S&L, but plan to have a more aggressive release schedule for 2013.


SFC: Which do you prefer and why: mega-festivals like EDC & Ultra, or giant one night indoor events like the Sensation parties?

QT: I like them both, but prefer one night indoor events for the sense of intimacy they provide.


SFC: Mmmmmmmm. How’s this chicken?

QT: Free, so I like it a lot.


SFC: Who is your favorite artist with which to collaborate?

QT: I love to collaborate. It offers an amazing opportunity to create something that doesn’t exist in one person. The whole push and pull of it all is fantastic.
I really enjoy working with a few people lately. My friend Miguel from DC, My partner with Latenight Society, Romano, and also Winston Wolfe and I have been spending a decent amount of time in the studio lately.


SFC: Colorado & Washington recently legalized recreational marijuana use. To which state will you be moving?

QT: I have summer homes in each.


SFC: Favorite craft beer?

QT: Stone – Ruination


SFC: That one song that gets overplayed – which is it for you?

QT: Express Yourself… great song, but it needs to go away.


SFC: You have a forthcoming release on Smile for Camera, “XTC”. It not clear AT ALL where you got the inspiration for that title. Care to elaborate?

QT: Come to takeovr.


SFC: Please pass that bottle of Henny over here. Wait. That’s wasn’t a question.

QT: Wait your turn.


SFC: If you HAD to go to a trance show, who would you want to see?

QT: Let’s not and say we did?


SFC: What’s your favorite new release right now?

QT: Borgore and Carnage – Turn Up

SFC: Any last words for all your adoring fans, Mr. Theory?

QT: Laugh more. Hate less.


Lucky for you, QUANTUM THEORY was nice enough to put together a mix for us – getting everyone hyped for his headlining spot this Tuesday (01.08.13) @ Smile for Camera’s takeovr.  Take a listen.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/73908771%3Fsecret_token%3Ds-ddWke" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

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