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After hearing FIGURE’s single “Walrus” I was hooked immediately. Like a swordfish in the Atlantic Ocean, as soon as I thought I had something great, my head jerked around and I was in for the ride of my life. With heavy basslines and continuous fist/fin pumping, (this can’t really be happening action) I knew right then I had to figure FIGURE. The young Indiana gentlemen explains it all. From his residencies to his love for Kelly Kapowski. If Louisville, Kentucky can have a great electro scene, why the hell can’t we? It all boils down to one thing…support!

SFC: Hey, its Hugo from smileforcamera.

FIGURE: Yo man!

SFC: How ya doin’?

FIGURE: Good good. Just emailing out a new promo track. I had the worst interview like three months ago.

SFC: Haha how so?

FIGURE: She asked me like, ”what was my nickname in grade school? Haha.

SFC: Hahaha, what was it, did you even have one?

FIGURE: No. ah. I was just the geek.

SFC: Indiana right?

FIGURE: Yea, I move around a lot too.

SFC: Why so?

FIGURE: For shows and exposure. I’ll get monthlies and shit in random places and just move there. I’m 23 and this is the first time in my life I have ever been in a lease. Ah! I hate it. Thanks alot for this man! (for the interview)

SFC: Oh no problem, “Walrus” did me in man, that shit’s so dope! That little solo in the middle, what is that, a sax?pump

FIGURE: Thanks man. Haha yea, from an old jazz cut.

SFC: So when’s your next big show?

FIGURE: Umm, well every week I play normally. I haven’t had a weekend off in a long time.

SFC: At a residency you have there?

FIGURE: I run a couple monthly’s in Louisville, Ky. which is actually a really cool place. They’re the main nights in the town. I have a couple residency’s there too.

SFC: Do you plan on ever going on any sort of tour?

FIGURE: WakingHype, That’s my blog, it has a lot of my flyers from the last 2 months. Yea, I had one planned with The Bearries but they pushed back their tour. But I could plan one right now really, I can afford it. But with all these dates on the weekends here, I’m making great money, so I’m just stuck between a rock and a hard place about leaving for more then a weekend.

SFC: (while looking at the flyer and noticing a Saved By The Bell theme on one of the flyers) Do you have love for Kelly Kapowski?

FIGURE: omg dood, I love her so hard!
(The next 10 or 15 minutes involved trying to find out her real name and google imaging her n00dz, haha. It’s Tiffany Amber Thiessen for you concerned readers)

SFC: What’s one of your favorite parties you’ve thrown in particular?

FIGURE: Shake it! And Pumps and Dunks. They’re both in Louisville. Last month was the first Pumps and Dunks. But with every party we do, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. We don’t need them to get bigger, we have been solid here for about 4 years, but new kids just pop up every week.

SFC: How far is the drive?

FIGURE: Almost 2 hours. Then 3 hours away is Evansville Indiana, where I have some residencies too. That drive is the most boring shit ever!

SFC: That’s not too bad of a drive. So the scene in Kentucky is great? Out of all places, who woulda thought? People have been telling me about how Charlotte can’t/won’t be successful at having a weekly, their excuse is that “Its Charlotte.” If Kentucky can have a dope weekly, so can we.

FIGURE: Yea man. The Louisville scene is realllly dope. There are a couple colleges, great music stores, good health food culture, and good bike scene…everything! And the dj scene is just the funnest shit ever.

SFC: You gotta start somewhere.

FIGURE: Yea man, use us as an example. And here they don’t stand for shitty mixing. They’ll boo you off real fast, but they love new shit. Like I could drop an Usher remix into a Crookers remix into a Tiga track, and they love it! Or I could play Boys Noize all night. Doesn’t matter as long as it’s dope.

SFC: Oh, so they love the hyphy stuff?

FIGURE: Oh yeah man. I can drop like an 80 bpm Glitch Mob track and they dig it. They love it, they love everything from Justice to some hard Jack Beats to Chromeo to Proxy. And facebook is our savior for shows. Sometimes we don’t print flyers, just a facebook event, and like people having their profile pics on myspace as the flyer and all the parties get fire limit.

SFC: See that’s what charlotte needs, people who support it like that, ya know?

FIGURE: Yea man, no bullshit, I would def hate on it if I thought it was not in order.

SFC: Well bring a bus down here and help Charlotte learn how to roll.

FIGURE: Dood, I’m so down. I’ll tell you this though, dj talent wise, Action Jackson, my roommate (he isn’t sitting by me or anything) is sooo fuckin’ raw! Like how good he is at mixing, he changes songs every 40 seconds and you don’t even notice it happening. Like, a capellas looping into instrumentals into full tracks into random classics.

SFC: How long have you been djing?

FIGURE: 8 years, freshman year of high school I bought my own tables.

SFC: What were you playing 8 years ago? I’m sure you weren’t out at clubs, so did you do house parties and what not?

FIGURE: I did turntablist work for so long. I used to travel and dj with Cas One, a really good rapper from the town I grew up in. We kinda sounded like Eyedye and Abilites, people said. But we were different, that’s the closest thing to what we sounded like.
I would make beats for tons of people, tour with him, do battles, do battle routines at shows and shit. I made a great name for myself for that ish. Before myspace was the way to get famous. Then I just started really diggin’ this music.

SFC: What about your album ‘Midnight Risks’?

FIGURE: Midnight Risks was done, but i kept moving on production to the point where when it would’ve came out…it didnt sound like anything i was making at that moment…so i scrapped selling it..(still yet to be posted on blogs in full..or any mastered version) and kept making newer shit. So I’m just sitting on the record right now and since then, my style has changed to this bassline stuff and it’s so much better.

SFC: Have you talked to anyone about signing? I think you could totally roll with the ‘Machines Don’t Care’ crew.

FIGURE: No, nothing Imma take for sure. Dood I know, I just want to put out music!

SFC: are you gonna be at WMC (Winter Music Conference)?

FIGURE: I was, but that Bearries tour got pushed back. I can leave anytime I need, really.

SFC: Yeah, I guess that’s the good thing about being young.

FIGURE: Yea man. I’m so humble always. The only time I’m like cocky is for 2 sec. when I do some crazy double drop mix that blows shit up. I’ll just be like,” whhhatttt!!” and I’m done.

SFC: What are you working on right now?

FIGURE: Well I just finished a new track today that sounds like someone is cutting between a huge dance synth track to a bassline warping track. I’m really digging the tracks that sounds like they actually change into another song, then return to the first drop, then bring them all back in a way, that make sense? I’m just making noises that I think sound really good to me and working them.

SFC: Do you see your style changing in the future like it has since you’ve finished Midnight Risks a year ago?

FIGURE: Oh yeah, I’ll def be working with time signature changes and massive tempo changes that aren’t just double time flips. I’m going to start using a lot of different genres scales and what not. Something happened to riffs and breakdowns in music, I don’t know when it stopped exactly…people just paste a white nose crash (guilty) and chop some drums up faster than better, and boom…there’s your little blogged-ass breakdown that you need these days. Music should come back to music sometime soon. Not saying I’m going to bring it back, I’m not at that level at any means. All these remix only artist are killing things…in a bad way. People like Lee Mortimer and Crookers, all those guys can make og tracks and remixes all day, but hypem is flooded with horrid remixes and mash’s that are clever for a week, then they are stale. The classic sound is def coming back with people like Hostage and just all the Bassline community redefining it all again.
In the time kids were searching for months for that “Kids” remix by Soulwax, they could’ve started their own band to be remixed or made an EP.

SFC: Do you see yourself joining them one day?

FIGURE: Well I hope I would like to be played by the people that I play. I have some ”well known name” friends that play my tracks that I’m not going to name for the sake of name dropping, but I would like to get some attention from my musical elders sooner than later.
It’s all about who you know, and living where I do, we are loved by so many people around here, but it’s like we are a secret over here. The internet posting revolution can only take you so far.

SFC: Ever thought about moving again to bigger your name or would you feel disconnected from the people who come see you every week?

FIGURE: Yes, I’m for sure moving soon. I was thinking about moving back to Phoenix. I have a lot of good friend who run the dj scene there. I’ll never move to LA, all of my friends that are just famous as shit, make horrible money playing there. It’s not a focus on money only, but i don’t feel like being grouped with little 17 year old Johnny with an American Apparel full fit and his mac to match just because of his hookups. Living somewhere with a good scene and being about to leave town when you need is where it’s at!

SFC: Doesn’t sound bad at all. Pays the bills and gets you by. Any last words to the people alllllllllll over the world who may be reading this?

FIGURE: Buy more music from the artist your playing and support your local talented music scene. Big ups Midwest!!! Go to shows!

SFC: Hahaha, you satisfied with that?

FIGURE: Someone fucking sign me!

Here are a couple great tracks that I haven’t posted yet. Make sure to get the previous ones if you haven’t already. I included a couple great bonuses from his roommate Action Jackson, MMmmm Smokey Robinson, wha wha! Also, big ups to our FL homies over at PennedMadness for providing these dope Action Jackson tracks for us. Check em out!

[audio: |titles=Shell Shakes |artists=FIGURE ]
FIGURE – Shell Shakes (direct download)

One of my favorites from the unreleased album, ‘Midnight Risks’
[audio: |titles=Steaks and Vodka |artists=FIGURE ]
FIGURE – Steaks and Vodka (direct download)

[audio: |titles=Tears Of A Clown (Action Jackson Remix) |artists=Smokey Robinson ]
Smokey Robinson – Tears Of A Clown (Action Jackson Remix) (direct download)

[audio: |titles=Out Of Touch (Action Jackson Remix) |artists=Hall And Oates ]
Hall And Oates – Out OF Touch (Action Jackson Remix) (direct download)

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  1. casOne says:

    Figure seriously desserves all of the attention he has been getting lately. I’ve seen him dj a million times and every time I felt like my body was going to explode afterwards from how excited I was. He keeps the shit fun.

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  3. Gary Woodard says:

    I remember downloading fruityloops maybe on joshs comp when he was a freshman and he is and always will be one if not my only best friend, he has worked hard for all of his shit.I can honestly say he will be big and he wont stop until he is,i love him in this most non sexual way well maybe sometimes a little sexual,hahaha, but being real he is a great person in general!

  4. hugo says:

    FIGURE got the panties droppin’

  5. Manley says:

    Can we get a little credit link sometime?


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