Photos/Review! Fool’s Gold Scion CD Release Party @ The White Room (miami) 10.21.08

Review by MGAP

A four hour drive to Miami is never fun, regardless of how many times you make it or how used to it you are, and you rarely have an excuse to be excited about it. Unless, that is, you hop in your car knowing that four hours is all that stands between you and a showcase of amazing Fools Gold artists ready to show off their stuff…FOR FREE. This past Tuesday marked the first of four parties dedicated to the release of the new Fools Gold Scion Remix Album, a two CD collection of the biggest Fool’s Gold tracks.

Nick Catchdubs was amazing, Treasure Fingers kicked ass, Jokers of the Scene killed, and Nacho Lovers sorta blew my mind, a lot. Each artist brought their favorites, played tracks off the new album, and shook the shit out of the White Room on an otherwise boring Tuesday. Seriously. If you live anywhere within 250 miles of either Philly or Baltimore, and you are not delivering a child, on house arrest, or hooked up to an iron lung, you have absolutely no reason no miss these events.

Now, I’d like to share with you a letter that I wrote to the city of Miami, immediately after my latest visit.

Dear Miami,
You were cooler when I was 15. You were cooler when staying out past 2 at a nightclub to watch a group of musicians kick ass was actually the thing to do. You were cooler when we used to go out to the car at 3, drunk and stumbling, to find the last few coins stuck somewhere in between the car seats with the hopes of buying another drink, if not at least add money to the meter.

Now, I know you’re mad. I left you without a lot of notice, for Orlando, but that’s not reason to act like a baby and leave a club at 2am. That’s no reason to greet artists with distracted conversations and leave them performing to empty dance halls.

Miami, you have a responsibility you may not be aware of. People think you’re cool. They look at you in your little bikinis, your pastel colors, your famous beaches, your lights and your stars, and they think you’re the shit, so they come visit. And then they get there and you don’t care. You ignore them.

What makes you think they’re gonna keep coming back?

Ug. Anyways…Kevin (kcoll), Evan (e.strange, Orlando Crush DJ), and I were one of the very few people (there was like five audience members in total) remaining at the end of the night at 4am…hell, even at 2:30am. Nacho Lovers were essentially playing for us and the rest of the Fools Gold crew. I have to give them credit for still spinning some tunes even though they could have closed up when Miami left. I think they appreciated us sticking around, because Nick is throwing up an “O” in one of the last pictures in the set. Ha! Reminds me of the time everyone was chanting “Orlando! Orlando! Orlando!” at the Flosstradamus show in Tampa!

If there are any readers out there in Philly or Baltimore, even one, go to one of the remaining two shows!
Tuesday, 10/28/08 – The Barbary – Philadelphia, PA
w/ Nacho Lovers, Treasure Fingers, Trackademicks, Sammy Bananas
Wednesday, 10/29/08 – Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
w/ Jokers Of The Scene, Trackademicks, Nick Catchdubs, Sammy Bananas


Click any to peep the full gallery!

The man himself, Nick Catchdubs

Treasure Fingers

Crowd getting down

More getting down

Mooooore getting down

Jokers of the Scene, overlooking the crowd getting down

Jokers of the Scene, B&W style (i love b&w)

Miami couple, sitting down

Blowing the camera a kiss

Obama supporter

Orlando’s E.Strange feeling the vibe

Nacho Lovers, mixing business with pleasure

Reppin’ the Smile

Me, Nick, Treasure, Jokers, and a random Miami girl I don’t know, repping the O!

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  1. Docta Dawe says:

    I’m soooo mad this review wasn’t on my site!! I wanted to go baddd but couldn’t make the long journey. I am a bit disappointed to hear about the Miami crowd bailing early. The Fools Gold party during WMC was going strong past 5am. Shame on you MIA party goers!

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  1. [...] – there was even a dude who made his own fool’s gold with rocks and spraypaint. More pics at Smile For Camera. Afterwards I gambled (poorly) with DJ Contra on Connect 4, and we hit the beach for some [...]

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