Music: Moombawhat? #1


If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you’re probably aware of moombahton and know the legend of it’s creation. You may have already fallen in love with what many are calling the sound of summer 2011, or you may be a punk ass hater and insist that reggaeton, and thus anything produced as a result of it, is garbage. Either way, the sound is exploding globally, and is easiest described as a combination of reggaeton, Dutch house, dancehall and hiphop. Within the moombahton movement however, there are two main sub-movements called moombahsoul and moombahcore, each with their own styles, but with common producers and fans.

So far this summer, I, as somejerk, have released two mixes that focus primarily on moombahton:  Heartbeats Unlimited Mixtape Volume 3, hosted by Miami’s Sopheye, and my live set from July 3rd when I opened for Feed Me, 16bit and others. I will be playing a mostly moohmbahwhatever set this coming Thursday, July 28th at Get Low in Miami, so come drink malt liquor, dance your ass off and make some bad decisions!

Heartbeats Unlimited Mixtape Volume 3 by somejerk

somejerk live at Revolution, Ft Lauderdale 7/3/11 by somejerk

Now onto your lesson this week. The first tune I’d like to discuss is called “Wombats” and it’s from Bro Safari, who is Knick from Evol Intent and Ludachrist, and Nerd Rage, who is apparently from Tampa. The first drop sounds like the tune could be used in a Scion ad – commercial (er, Dutch-housey), clubby but still dirty and edgy enough perk my ears.


Bro Safari & Nerd Rage – WOMBATS! by El Cuco Recordings


As mentioned, moombahton has a couple of children, or siblings, or whatever familial related analogy makes you the most comfortable, one of them being moombahcore, which is a bit darker and heavier and less of a dutch house influence. This tune, produced by Bro Safari and Le Doom, calls upon the neurofunk era of drum and bass, with it’s twisted wobble sounding like a tornado battling Noisia, Ed Rush and Optical.


Bro Safari ft LeDoom – Tempora by El Cuco Recordings


You’re still here! Great. We’re going to chill out for a second with another tune from Le Doom. This one is a remix of a James Blake song. I am a huge James Blake fan and get really pissed off when people remix his music because, in my fan-boy induced opinion, his music is perfect just the way it is. However mister Le Doom has managed to rework the classic CMYK, rendering it into a rum drenched, knee bending, grinding on someone’s hot wife while her husband is in the bathroom sort of affair.


James Blake – Cmyk (LeDoom Remix) by LeDoom

Now before you get too relaxed, here’s a couple more of the heavier tunes I’ve been feeling more than pretty much any other bass genre.

Terravita – Teach me how to Dougie (LeDoom Mix) by LeDoom

EatEmUp & Sluggo – OMFG by El Cuco Recordings

Nerd Rage & Sluggo – El Cuco by El Cuco Recordings

If you’re paying attention then you’ve probably noticed that a good amount of these tunes are free releases form El Cuco Recordings, which is a label that was started by Mendez some time this year, which was prompted by Lex One of Wizard Sleeve asking his thoughts on the budding genre. “I started to research and came across the artists Heartbreak and Munchi. Those guys made some sick edits of popular dubstep tunes and create a sub genre called ‘moombahcore’. Munchi’s remix of Datsik’s Firepower pretty much changed the game when it came out.”

Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi



Once Mendez was bit, he spread the virus to dubstep producer Sluggo, which yielded the duo to produce the bro-step influenced “Caderas”. Thanks to hella love from blogs across the globe, they founded El Cuco Recordings along with Nerd Rage.

” Our goal is to debut on Beatport as it’s own genre not mixed in with Electrohouse or Electronica as it is now.” With artists such as Bro Safari, UFO!, Sluggo, Nerd Rage, GENR8, Blokhe4d, Pickster, Melo, Riot and Mendez himself slated to release, (actually as soon as this coming Wednesday with the AZ Gunslingaz EP) the future for El Cuco Recordings  is unbound.


Moombahton was invented by Dave Nada, as moombahcore was created by Munchi, with moombahsoul being created by another Dave, this one David Heartbreak. He released the Moombahsoul compilation earlier this year to huge acclaim, inspiring many to upload their own “moombahsoul” tunes to SoundCloud, semi-instantly flourishing almost as quickly as moombahton had started to just a short while earlier. As you can probably figure from the name of the genre, the sound is generally more relaxed, “sensual” and chill as fuck. I am aware that I said the same thing three times, but when you download and listen to this compilation, Moombahsoul 2 which boasts production from Sonora, Heartbreak, Nadastrom, Craze, Munchi and others and was released just today – you’ll know just what I mean.

Sonora & Mundaca – Love You Down by SONORA

Sonora – Amor De Selena by SONORA

Tactic – I Don’t Wanna Be Right by Tactic

Craze & Heartbreak – Summer Riddim by CRAZE

9 Responses to 'Music: Moombawhat? #1'

  1. KatDemp says:

    I have been Moombah-Schooled. ;) <3

  2. ma_LESS says:

    I cannot stress how happy this post makes me! :-) Big ups to Somejerk

  3. Kegger says:

    holy. crap. wow.

  4. Mango Troops says:

    Somejerk & Sopheye are definitely moving things forward here in Miami, as is Mango Troops In Puerto Rico all things Moombah have been labeled as a cheap rip off of Reggaeton on the Islands dance scene, which was a shock being a ex Reggaeton Producer with the late GETLOW a.k.a Chaka in Puerto Rico. I would have thought it might take some time to let the party goer’s get the music & feel the vibe, but even so. Dance Radio hosts , which will go unnamed on the island have gone on air saying that Moombah is a joke & will die soon, when i first heard Moombah it made me reminisce of the beginning of all things Moombah & Reggaeton which came from Underground the first Puerto Rican,Panamanian & Dominican Gangster Rap & Reggae in the early 90′s .Underground was essentially Caribbean Dancehall, Latin style. A handful of people have trying to push the scene on the island since 2010 to no avail , but last was the first ever all Moomabah event , thanks to the godfathers of Moombah on the island MODABOT & this week is the second event , while Dave Nada & Munchi where creating the genres of moombahcore & moombahton, this duo where mashing up reggaeton acapellas over popular dance tracks & making their own edits at the same time. This year MODABOT put out the first all Puerto Rican moombah mixtape featuring all original material from Puerto Rican Moombah artists .Big up to somejerk for the much needed post!, big ups to Miss Sopheye & the my Miami Moombah heads!!..VIVA MOOMBAH!! Puñeta….

  5. Dr. Khan says:

    This post made me cream my pants. i’m glad you made this jon so people can stop asking me “what the fuck is this moombahton thing you keep talking about?” cuz you described it in the best way possible!

  6. Mango Troops says:

    where’s my post ?

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