INTERVIEW! : A Bottle of Tequila, a Horse and a Bad Night: The Somejerk Interview

Somejerk Can Dance

If you live in Miami, read this site, go to parties and don’t know who Somejerk is, you’re doing it wrong. Not that I’m judging you for doing it wrong, but honestly, with the frequency with which dude either plays, acts the fool in the crowd, or is caught making faces akin to that of a deformed baby orangutan into the camera, there really is no reason for you not to know who he is. But I’m overall realistic, and I know not all of you have the chance of living in this beautiful tropical oasis of awesome. I know some of you are shoveling snow off your driveways and trying to defrost your cars at the moment, and I know you like to feel included. That’s what we’re here for. A friend to the SFC family, Somejerk has been featured on the site before, and in anticipation of the upcoming release of an exclusive mix for SFC vs. Methodus, as well as his “quasi-tour” across the eastern us (dates after the interview) we have scored an interview with Mr. John Gregory, aka Somejerk, because we love to give you that “in” feeling you’re craving so bad.

A graphic designer moonlighting as a DJ, Somejerk has been an active member of the Miami bass scene, either contributing artwork to flyers and website, or performing, for nearly a decade. During his tenure as a performer, he has been known to play everything from garage to electro-house, if its what the crowd wants. Somejerk’s recent Dubstep is Dead mix, which pushes the boundaries and tests the influences of dubstep, is a testament to his varied musical tastes and influences, and is strongly recommended by the SFC staff.

To be honest, John is kind of a jerk. According to him, he’s apparently a genius who can teach himself everything he sets out to, and wants to be “more than just a dj” (whatever that means). He describes his music as “blooming celery in the Armenian sunlight”, and supposedly secretly has a voice which puts Pavarotti to shame. Admittedly, I can’t hate on him too much. His consistent ability to release diversified and intelligent mixes while delivering live sets tailored to his audience has earned him not only accolades, but somewhat guaranteed his place in the evolving scenery of the Miami Bass scene.

Get to know him better.

SFC: First things first, what’s the deal with the name?

SOMEJERK: I use to write graffiti and once, my brother made a comment when I was sketching that people that would see me doing graff on a wall would walk by and say “there’s some jerk writing graffiti on public property” and I was like “ha, ‘Somejerk’, that’s kind of a cool name. I kept it because I started doing graphic design under the moniker and the people said it was a cool name so I figured “why not?”.

SFC: So, you were into graffiti?

SOMEJERK: I was a graffiti writer 15-19 but I stopped to do graphic design instead, because well, basically, I needed money.

SFC: How did you learn how to design?

SOMEJERK: Self-taught. A friend in school game me a copy of the adobe creative suite, and I just started teaching myself web and creative design on and off for a number of years.

SFC: Did the graffiti influence you?

SOMEJERK: My initial fascination in graphic design was from the Ads in skateboard magazines, but graffiti culture also definitely had an influence on me. My biggest influences were Thrasher magazine and Alien Workshop. Particularly, there was this one “hook-ups” ads. It was just this pair of anime eyes, but I don’t know what about it stuck out to me, I don’t even like anime. I mean, I like Akira and whatnot, but I’m not one of those freaks that wants to have sex with dolls.

SFC: So, how did you start Dj’ing?

SOMEJERK: No one played dubstep. And on September 21 2007, Juan had booked Skream and Mala to play what was essentially the first dubstep show in Miami, at the Laundry Bar. I had never dj’d before, and I was designing for him when he was doing Basshead productions. And he asked me if I knew anyone who could play dubstep. No one I knew could do it, so for the fuck of it, I said, “why not?” and went for it.

SFC: So, you taught yourself that too, how did you do that?

SOMEJERK: Well I was living with George Young, so I would watch him, but then it was a process of getting up and practicing for two hours every day. It was a process of literally getting familiar with the music. After that show, I kind of became the go-to person for dubstep, and I barely knew what I was doing. But after that I practiced a lot and got better. But really I wanna get good at making stupid music so that performing live is more interesting. I want to do more than just dj.

We had to break because John pulled ice cream cake out of freaking no where.

SFC: Right, so for new listeners, describe your music.

SOMEJERK: That’s the most horrifying question you could ever ask someone. I don’t know. Blooming celery in the Armenian sunlight? Well, there’s a lot of bass. A lot of blooming sounds. Some people wobble, I bloom. I’m actually starting a new genre called ‘bloomstep’. It’s more positive than dubstep, more… I don’t know, I’m mostly known for making things that are on a more ambient or chill side. All I know is that I get really bored with synthesizers.

SFC: So, any vocoders in your future? Vocoders are not synthesizers.

SOMEJERK: I should be using my voice, I took vocal lessons when I was younger and everything , but I don’t even want to be putting that on record. But seriously, sometimes, I feel that beats can’t express what I’m feelings. I wanna add some level of emotion into dance music or electronic music. I mean, I sing over my music sometimes, but I don’t record any of that.

SFC: What kind of music did you grow up on?

SOMEJERK: I’ve Always listened to music since my first memories, I guess I grew up on psychedelic rock, jazz, reggae, punk and hard core and metal core bands like The doors, weather report, Steely Dan, Bob Marley, King Tubby, NoFx,Op Ivy, Poison the Well, Freestyle Fellowship…I can keep going.

SFC: So the New Times, huh? Did you see that one coming or was it kind of an awesome surprise?

SOMEJERK: I really have no idea. I didn’t ask anyone to vote, I didn’t even think about it. And then Jason Jimenez from Get Low sent me an email congratulating me and I was like “what the fuck are you talking about”, and I think that was right when I got fired too, so it was pretty interesting, since I was already making the transition into freelance, I don’t know..but yeah, I didn’t really tell anyone to vote for me. It was actually chosen by the staff and everyone, and I had no idea about it, so it was really flattering. Like, wow, people are actually paying attention.

SFC: Now that people are at attention, what are your plans for the future?

SOMEJERK: My goals for now are to collaborate with as many musicians and artists as possible because I think that in order for things to keep progressing and moving positively there needs to be new energies moving in all the time, and I think the best way to do that is to get myself and my friends to work together. And most importantly, promoting to the same circles over and over again, always kills things. They don’t reach out to new circles, new crews, new kids, and nothing grows.

SFC: Now, answer quickly

1. When thunder happens, who ate tacos?
The loudest.

2. When did you find out that santa wasn’t real?
When I found all of our presents wrapped in trash bags, in the shed, when I was probably 8. It sucks being nosy.

3.What is the square root of a unicorn?
A bottle of tequila, a horse and a bad night.

4. The keebler elves take on the oompa loompas, give us a recap of the fight:
Neither get laid, both die of diabetes.

5. Why don’t lizards grow up to become dinosaurs?
Because Jesus.

6. Who framed roger rabbit?
I think it was the red head?

7. So, what’s the deal with white lighters? Or people? Whatever you prefer to answer.
My last lighter was brown and so was my last girlfriend. Next.

8. So, what will it be, the red pill? Or the blue pill?
White blotters.

9. No, really…what is the deal with white people?
According to Africa, we’re mutants.

10. If you could have a magic or super power, what would bit be?
To be able to wake up.

11. What are you listening to right now?
All of my Company Flow tunes on shuffle.

12. Does this feel like a myspace quiz yet?
No, I’m not wearing pants.

13. Now tag 7 of your friends or your wish won’t come…jk….boxers of briefs?
Boxers, briefly.

somejerk – dubstep is dead mix ( by somejerk

“This is mix is by no means the headstone on the tomb of our beloved dubstep music, but I chose the tracks that were used for very particular reasons – I want people to understand, embrace and love the different strands of music that have stemmed from dubstep, and to understand that it is simply a permutation of bass music. ”

To learn more on Somejerk visit:
his website
his twitter
his facebook

Catch Somejerk playing –
1.22 – “Synergy” – Sarasota, FL
1.28 – “Winter Heat” – w/ 6BLOCC – Miami, FL
2.4 – Tony 2 Tall’s Dirty Thirty @ Electric Pickle – Miami, FL
2.7 – Konkrete Jungle – NYC, NY
2.8 – Bass Embassy – Worcester, MA
2.26 – Von D at Loft 168 – Miami, FL
2.27 – Flux Pavillion – TBA – Miami, FL

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  1. LizzMonaco says:

    8. So, what will it be, the red pill? Or the blue pill?
    White blotters.

    13. Now tag 7 of your friends or your wish won’t come…jk….boxers of briefs?
    Boxers, briefly.


  2. mgap says:

    because, jesus

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