Where’s my mail?!!

I’m more excited than ever, “why?” you ask. Because Surkin is back on the market. I know it has been ages since his ‘White Knight Two’ EP, but rest assured Surkin has delivered. But not only that, here is a plethora of other great bangers by great dj’s. What a great way to start off your week. Now get on your SEXY BOOTS!

The Juan Maclean, Mr. Oizo, Tiga, Justice, Kid Cudi, Crookers, MSTRKRFT, The Bloody Beetroots.

[audio:http://www.myndal.com/smileforcamera/audio/j/The%20Juan%20Maclean%20-%20One%20Day%20(Surkin%20Remix).mp3 |titles=One Day (Surkin Remix) |artists=The Juan Maclean ]
The Juan Maclean – One Day (Surkin Remix) (direct download)

[audio:http://www.myndal.com/smileforcamera/audio/u/U2%20-%20Get%20On%20Your%20Boots%20(Justice%20Remix).mp3 |titles=Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix) |artists=U2 ]
U2 – Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix) (direct download)

[audio:http://www.myndal.com/smileforcamera/audio/k/Kid%20Cudi%20-%20Embrace%20the%20Martian%20(Crookers%20Remix).mp3 |titles=Embrace The Martian (Crookers Remix) |artists=Kid Cudi ]
Kid Cudi – Embrace The Martian (Crookers Remix) (direct download)

[audio:http://www.myndal.com/smileforcamera/audio/m/MSTRKRFT%20-%20Bounce%20(The%20Bloody%20Beetroots%20Remix).mp3 |titles=Bounce (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) |artists=MSTRKRFT ]
MSTRKRFT – Bounce (The Bloody Beetroots) (direct download)